10 reasons why most men can not handle an honest woman

1. She is not afraid, to tell the truth. Even if it hurts, even if it’s dull, even if it’s not the most popular opinion, it’ll always say it for what it is – and that sometimes rubs men in the wrong direction.

2. She asks the hard questions. Questions that people find uncomfortable or “too deep” for some men or that they like to avoid.

3. She awaits the graduation and asks for it. An honest woman will give honest answers, even if she will be hard on some people; and she expects exactly the same thing. She would rather know the truth and draw the line instead of being ghostly or deciding for herself.

4. She expresses her wishes in a relationship. She is not afraid to say what she wants or what depresses her. She does not play it safe when it comes to her feelings. She speaks openly and freely about her and that scares off some men.

5. She believes in true love and runs away from the games. An honest woman does not tolerate a dodgy partner or someone who leaves them in the dark about why she’s always struggling with “modern dating.”

6. She is not afraid to talk about her past. She is not afraid to talk about private things that have happened to her or that have made her what she is. Many men think that they have ‘luggage’, but the truth is that we all have luggage. An honest woman just does not mind talking about it.

7. She will not gloss over anything. She will not tell you that you are her world or her god if she does not really feel it. She is not the kind of woman who tells you what you want to hear to strengthen your ego, she will only tell you how she truly sees you without exaggerating.

8. She’s calling you when something’s wrong. She will not let go or pretend that nothing has happened, she believes in the power of communication and is always ready to explain herself and to listen attentively to what others have to say.

9. She will also be honest about her mistakes. She does not really hide that she’s not perfect, either, and she’ll be the first to point out your mistakes or her own mistakes.

10. She may be “difficult,” but her love is worth it. Because she is often dull, people confuse her with hard, heartless, or indifferent, but the truth is that she is only honest because she is real and also looking for something real. Her love will always be pure and honest, and her loyalty is second to none.


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