3 mind games that ALL narcissistic men play in relationships

How do you know that you are with a narcissist? Let me count the possibilities!

First, never make the mistake of thinking that you can change it or help it. Unless you are a trained psychiatrist and he has been looking for you directly so that you can help him with his mental disorder.

Make no mistakes – this is a personality and mental disorder and only a psychiatrist can help him if he wants the help.

Since we have clarified that now … what games do all narcissistic men play in relationships?

Game # 1: Mr. “Strong sense of self-Importance”

Here is a scenario: Woman asks the man if he wants to make a much-needed vacation with her. Mann replies, “Do you have any idea what would happen if I leave my job now?”

Narcissists believe that the whole world falls apart without them … or at least they want you to believe that.

When he speaks, only his own name falls. He’s bragging about what he’s going to buy next, or where he’s going, what he’s done, who he’s spent, how much money he spent. Rarely will he ask questions about you or your life.

The entire conversation is usually one-sided and is about him and his achievements. Daffodils tend to present themselves as conceited and cocky. Should a person not sit down immediately, they become impatient and can even get really angry – even if the place is full!

The narcissist may think, “Do not they understand who I am?”

Game # 2: “Mr No compassion for you or anyone else “

Here is a scenario: Woman tells man about a study buddy who has a difficult time with a cancer diagnosis. The man replies, “Well, he’s right, he smoked for 10 years before he stopped. What did he expect? “

Here we have zero empathy, but worse is the humiliation of the person when she is already down. This is a huge warning sign that you are with a narcissist.

To humiliate others makes the narcissist feel better. But deep in the soul, they feel inferior, even though they are superior to everyone around them.

Game # 3: Mr. “Fragile Self-Esteem”

Here is the scenario: Mrs. (who is a personal trainer) lovingly suggests a more effective way to do sit-ups, because she knows that the man wants a strong body and knows that he can do sit-ups in some way Way that will not give him the results he wants.

The man replies, “What are you talking about? I make them perfect and besides I do not have to do them at all. I look great for a guy my age. Look, you could do a lot to lose some weight. “

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Again, we have someone who does not respond in a way that shows interest and/or gratitude for help, but the narcissist responds critically, hurtfully, and demeaning. This is classic narcissistic behaviour.

And there are other warning signs!

A narcissist is usually very charming and quite intelligent. Often they promise you sun, moon and stars. They know which keys they need to press to “catch” you in their world to do what they want.

The moment you stop doing what they want, they get angry. If you decide to leave the relationship, they will throw you away and then tell everyone that they’ve bullied you.

Although you are a victim of narcissistic behaviour, remember that the narcissist was also a victim. He really needs help.

I prefer to say, “Love man, change behaviour.” But remember that the person must have the desire to change.

To love this person does not mean that you have to stay in that relationship. You can love the person and still go. You can love her and help her seek professional advice.

If the person does not want help, then you can pack your things and move on to a better future. If he/she seeks advice, a good specialist can really help.

In my experience, there is a tremendous chance that a person has influenced narcissism at a very early age by a caregiver.

If you or someone you know and love has the symptoms of narcissism, you should seek professional advice.

Remember that you are a wonderful being made of love and light!


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