The Feelings That Each Sign Must Overcome Before Starting The New Year 2022

Overcome Before Starting The New Year 2022

The Feelings That Each Sign Must Overcome Before Starting The New Year 2022

The end of this year is approaching in which, and surely, you have laughed, cried, forgiven,


Surely you have been angry with a large number of people throughout this year and, worst of all, you have acted on impulse on more than one occasion. If you know you went too far, take the step and ask for forgiveness. Your peace of mind comes first and if this means that you have to apologize to this person to start the New Year with peace, do it. 


Taurus, leave behind that person for whom you still have feelings. It is very difficult for you to let go of relationships, but you should know that when they end, it is for a reason. It does not matter if it is your ex-partner, a friend, or someone in the family, if you see that this relationship is not working, it is better to end it. And, if it’s already over, it’s better to forget it. Make an effort and do not bring past relationships that are over to your present.


We know that someone has broken your heart or that your feelings have been hurt and, therefore, you have not just enjoyed these days. Christmas is to be happy, so you should spend these days with those who support you and make you smile. Pity for what was or hate for what they did to you won’t make you feel better. End these feelings before you enter 2023. 


These confinements that you like so much are also the ones that cause you feelings of grief and dissatisfaction. We know that being at home is something you enjoy, but spending time away from those who love and care for you is also not good for you. Cancer, if there is something that you must learn from this year and forget about the next, it is everyday life. It is not about spending all day away from home or with friends, but it is true that you should open up a little more to the world. 


Leo, forget about these feelings of inferiority that someone once wanted you to feel. This is not for you, we know. You are super strong and no one can beat you, but this feeling that someone can be better than you kills you day after day. If you want to start the year off right, focus on what you want to achieve and forget about this person who wanted to make you feel inferior; Forget the resentment. 


Virgo, forget about this person you loved or admired so much and who has betrayed you. People with bad intentions or who try to manipulate you should not be part of your day-to-day. We know that it is difficult for you to let go, but missing this person, beating yourself up for what you could have done, or wondering what you did wrong, are not going to solve anything for you. Make a clean slate. Leave this feeling of guilt behind and start the new year strong. 


Libra, routines, and your feeling of order. We know that you love knowing, at all times, what you should do. Keeping a well-planned agenda makes you feel safe, but it also deprives you of many experiences. Let go of this need for order and begin to enjoy more the little things that come out moment after moment. Open yourself to explore and innovate a little.


This revenge that you have pending only makes you look back and, above all, diverts your attention from what is really important in your life. We know that the thirst for revenge is in you when you feel betrayed, but also that this can affect your health too much. Do not hesitate for a minute: do a relaxation exercise, review everything you have done and forgive others. You will enter the new year much happier and more content.


Let others criticize you, don’t get upset about it. You are the sign of the flow with life and you are usually a very happy person. However, when they label you irresponsible, not worrying about things, and dumb, this marks you. And this feeling is what makes you look back more than you should. Or what makes you feel very upset more times than you deserve? Forget about all that: let them say what they want. You forget the grudges, leave space with these people and focus on what makes you happy.


Capricorn, this feeling of “not having been good enough” must disappear from your mind right now. You always give your best and it bothers you when you see that you can’t reach everything, which makes you overly demanding of yourself. And, at the same time, this only generates stress and feelings of inadequacy. These are the ones you should get out of your life if you want to start the new year giving it your all again.


This patriotism that is in you has distanced you from many people. You know it well. It hurts that these are gone from your life, but you have made the mistake of re-prioritizing your independence with whom you should not. No problem. It’s okay to want to be independent, but you should also be open to sharing more with others. For now, get over any guilt or helplessness you may be feeling and set new goals for the coming year.


This feeling of apathy and sadness that you feel for something or someone is what you must leave behind. We know that you have worked hard to make things work out, but life ends up deciding for you. Whether in love, work, or family, when a relationship should end, it ends. And you shouldn’t feel bad about it, inferior or undervalued. Forget what was and look to the future with hope and faith.

and learned a lot. However, there are feelings, grudges and other emotions that remain locked up in us and these are precisely the ones that do not let us move forward. We want to talk to you, then, about the feelings that each sign must overcome before starting the new year. 

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