What Your Sign Needs To Hear Before Christmas 2022 Arrives

Needs To Hear Before Christmas

What Your Sign Needs To Hear Before Christmas 2022 Arrives

An eve that comes like a flare of illusions, the kind that shakes you, the kind that makes you wonder if you’re doing things right or if it’s time to go back. Periods in which reflection becomes your best company and also tears appear without warning because it hurts to see the sky and miss those who are no longer there. You are not alone, I will tell you what your zodiac sign needs to hear before Christmas rolls around. 


I know that one of the most terrifying things is the fear of missing out, so don’t judge yourself for experiencing that feeling. You’re worried that you’re right in the middle of everything and that you’re not really moving forward as planned, but I promise you, you’ve made giant strides. You already took a lot of weight off your shoulders, don’t let your thoughts erase your calm now. 


Perhaps it took you a lot of time, tears, and energy to realize that family ties are not always the most beautiful in this life. You have built your own circle, the people who fill you with joy and with whom you can be yourself. Those kinds of connections have become your best impulse when it comes to going out to fight for your goals, don’t let go, that’s it. 


What you are going to read next may hurt you, but Gemini, someone has to say it. The people who really love you will be with you when you need them most, without demanding anything in return. Remember that your heart is like a treasure, you have to protect it from those who only benefit every time you give in to their requests. 


It’s okay Cancer, you’ve set yourself limits all year long and you’ve done it wonderfully, but it’s possible that you’ve already crossed the line, it’s okay if you say yes more often. Trying new things can be the ideal excuse to get out of your comfort zone. That doesn’t mean you have to put your dignity or peace of mind at risk.


Sometimes, by being involved in your routine, you forget the most important thing, what is really inside you. You are the one with whom you spend the most time, do not leave yourself for later, you deserve a lot of attention and especially understanding. You know that your energy has no limits, but resting doesn’t hurt you, demanding yourself at an uncontrolled level hurts you. 


I’m going to tell you without fear, because that’s how you should read it, it’s time for you to let go of all that bunch of insecurities that all do is break your calm. Definitely, people are not going to stop loving you for putting you as their first option and if someone decides to leave, it means that the relationship they had was never genuine. 


I understand that you have so many plans and that you don’t have the day to do everything, but that’s your main problem, so much pressure ends up frustrating you. The worst thing is that you assume responsibilities that do not correspond to you and people abuse that your heart gives way. It is time for you to prioritize your time, little by little you will arrive, do not run. 


One of your biggest mistakes is underestimating the emotions of others. You get the idea that they will not understand you and you prefer to hide what you feel. However, that is taking you away from friends and causing you to lose the ones you already have. Scorpio, it’s okay to feel vulnerable, you’re not the only one fighting a thousand demons, don’t worry. 


Tell me, when was the last time you talked to someone you love very much? I’m not talking superficially, about those nice conversations that invite you to find out everything about the other person, from her favorite color to the reason she cried yesterday. You may be surprised by the answers and the other person will appreciate feeling so valued. 


One of the most valuable things in this life is learning to let go, the moment when everything falls apart and you accept even the most terrifying things that life presents to you. Changes have their good and bad sides, but always remember to stay with the lesson, it is the key to everything. Honor every knot in your way, you will see how everything flows. 


Even if it’s hard for you to accept, people aren’t always going to be nice to you. As positive as you are, it’s not healthy for you to go around with a blindfold on. Malice may be surrounding you closer than you imagine, so you must stop being harsh with yourself, self-pity will be your best weapon. Pay attention, if something tells you that it is not good, run away.


Instead of wasting time finding out what the other person’s intentions are, what I recommend is that you focus on what you want because as long as you are true to your essence, everything else will be superfluous. If people are bad and approach you with the intention of hurting you, set limits and walk away, don’t wait for anyone to change. 

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