It makes your soul boil when they start telling you that you need to slow down. You like to be the leader, you weren’t born to follow the pack and if someone tries to curb your impulsive side, it makes you so angry that you don’t want that person in your life, why? If it’s only going to clip your wings. Another thing that hurts you is lying, dealing with people who aren’t honest and don’t have the guts to say things straight makes you feel undervalued. You don’t stay with someone like that.


The person who really knows a Taurus knows they like to put honesty first. That’s why they hurt you when they tell you you’re lying. The last thing you want is to be treated like a fake, which is why you’re very careful with your feelings. Another thing that also makes you feel very bad is when they dare to say that you are slow. You’re not, laziness isn’t even included in your life, it’s just that you like to be methodical and not hitchhike. If the other can’t understand that you’re not ignoring the details, that’s their problem.


The moment you share with a Gemini, you realize that they are a very intelligent sign, their conversation jumps from one subject to another, because they know everything. For absorbing information, no one beats him. So when we insult his intelligence he feels very bad, it’s like questioning how far he’s come. He does not speak just to speak, he has arguments. Another thing he hates and also hurts is hearing that he is a social butterfly. Gemini, you’re tired of dealing with people who downplay your level of commitment because they think you’re going to get bored and leave in no time. If Gemini promises you fidelity, don’t doubt that he will comply.


You can’t help it, Cancer, you have something inside you that helps you connect in a supernatural way with the other. He knows when you are sad, angry, happy, don’t try to hide it, because he will still do everything to take care of you. That’s why it hurts him so much when his company and guidance is rejected. Minimizing his initiative definitely breaks him. In fact, another thing that hurts Cancer is when they say they are too needy. They cannot judge his way of loving just because he is very sensitive and loving. If you don’t know how to love beauty, then let Cancer do it, because they don’t do anything wrong.


A Leo has his word, he is not one of those who walk around promising the Moon to everyone who crosses his path. He is a being full of generosity and loyalty, if he tells you that he will be with you against all odds, so it will be. However, what hurts him is that they take advantage of it, that they only approach him when they need him to resolve their lives. Leo, he is not stupid, do not try to see his face, because he wants reciprocal relations. Another thing that hurts him is feeling ignored, it’s not that he wants to be the center of attention all the time, but it’s not worth being left on his own when He is always there. It’s not that he’s demanding, he wants worthy people by his side.


Come on, Virgo, he can understand that you don’t share his outlook on life, but that doesn’t mean he’ll allow you to criticize his. This is a sign that likes order, likes to follow a line in everything and likes cleanliness. If you manage to invade their space and not follow the rules, it’s like telling them that you don’t appreciate all their efforts at all. Similarly, another thing that makes him feel hurt is when they are rude for no reason. Virgo always tries to be polite and has no problem getting along, but if you offend them and expect them to respond with a smile, you’re doing a lot of wrong.


It is very rare for Libra to toe you off for no reason, their empathy prevents them from having this type of behavior. On the contrary, it scales things and always analyzes in depth. This is why he feels hurt when he is treated unfairly and judged long before he meets him. Another thing that breaks his heart is seeing that his groups of friends or his family are not able to carry the party smoothly. Libra, is too harmonious, dreams of the day when you can see everyone you love enjoying the moment, at least not making bad faces. This frustrates him, he doesn’t understand how they can’t put love first.


It is true that Scorpio is an intelligent and strong sign that cannot be manipulated by anyone. His character is fearsome, but with only those who have hurt him, then you will know his callousness, as he sees no reason why he has to invest time in someone who doesn’t value him. What hurts him the most is the lie, discovering that he is part of a secret burns his soul. Another thing he hates is when his loyalty is questioned, no matter if they say it in a playful way, it hurts him, as he always tries to be very careful. Scorpio is suspicious and that’s why when someone tells them something, they do whatever it takes not to disappoint them. He knows what it’s like to be betrayed and he won’t be the one to do it.


The sense of humor of a Sagittarius knows no bounds, they really have an ability to break the monotony and make forget the worst sadness, even for a moment. He’s an expert at stealing smiles and that’s why he feels hurt when told that his jokes aren’t well received. He doesn’t do it with the intention of offending anyone and the fact that he’s being excluded hurts. Another thing that can hurt him is when he realizes that there is only interest on his part, when he has to stand behind his friends so they can see each other. He’s the one who sends messages, the one who ingeniously goes into the details, the one who’s there when things go wrong, but who doesn’t care?


It’s very hard for a Capricorn to feel offended by someone else’s behavior, but something that bothers them is when they start to do less. Keep in mind that this is a sign that doesn’t miss anything, they remember everything as if they were living it at the time. If you want to eliminate him from your life, just say so, but don’t play this game of ignoring him because he will be hurt. Another thing he definitely hates is when people talk about him behind his back, more than pain he is disappointed to realize that the person he calls a friend turns out to be worse than one of his enemies. So don’t ask him why he’s so quiet about his emotions.


Something Aquarius values ​​above all else is his authenticity, he’s someone who isn’t used to following anyone’s parameters, he doesn’t care if they fit in or not to others. Therefore, it hurts when they bother to compare it. He’s different and he knows it, he doesn’t want to be better than anyone else, it’s already complicated enough just to be. He doesn’t want to tolerate unsolicited criticism and had better walk away. Another thing that hurts him is when he doesn’t see empathy in the other, it seems like he’s the one who has to adjust to their way of thinking and that’s when he feels his existence is minimized, he isolates himself before rejecting him more.


A brand that can’t help letting its creativity speak. He is the one who is inspired by everything he sees, feels, hears. Pisces, you have intensity in every pore and you love it. That’s why he can get lost in music, painting and any other type of art. This is the reason why he feels hurt when his works are depreciated, because all his emotions are captured there. Another thing that hurts him is that they call him temperamental because according to them he doesn’t know how to handle his ups and downs. It’s frustrating that the other is not able to put themselves in their shoes for a second and that the best they can do is to criticize and humiliate. Your problems are no less important simply because the other person minimizes them.


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