What Color Candle Should You Light At Christmas 2022 To Make Your Wish Come True?

Make Your Wish Come True

What Color Candle Should You Light At Christmas 2022 To Make Your Wish Come True?

The days are numbered, the arrival of Christmas is on our heels, and the pressure is felt, last minute shopping, decorations, and preparations for dinner. Among so many earrings, it is very common for you to put aside the most important thing, the cleansing of energies. One way to attract positive vibes is by lighting a candle so that love, money, health, and happiness are not missing from your table. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what color candle you should light at Christmas to make your wish come true:


You are now just about to finish the Aries year, you deserve a break, lower your intensity two stripes and drop all those loads that do not allow you to move forward. Peace is what you need, this Christmas light is a purple candle, it is the one that will keep your eyes alert, but your spirit strong. If you find a smell of lavender, the effect will be much better. 


I know that your plans never give up, you may stop for a while, but it is only to gain a stronger impulse and keep moving forward. You are a meticulous, hardworking sign and you love the good life. If you want your whims to be fulfilled regarding money and luxuries, do not hesitate to light a golden candle to attract that and more. 


Without a doubt, you started 2022 with all the attitude, but as the months progressed and when you faced various disappointments, your desire faded. Gemini, never allows someone to cloud the most beautiful thing you have. It is your inner power that will lead you to success, trust what is in your mind. Light a yellow candle to increase your creativity. 


In short, you try very hard for yours, it is your protective instinct that does not allow you to see anyone in bad condition. However, there are times when you take the bread out of your mouth to give it to people who don’t even have the courtesy to thank you. I recommend that you light a silver candle so that you don’t lack money and stability allows you to set limits. 


Fortunately, you have never been one of those signs that sit idly by waiting for everything to fall from the sky. On the contrary, you are intelligent and hardworking and highly value your independence. Keep it up, if someone leaves it’s because he just took advantage of you. Light an orange candle, it is the one that honors luck, and it will be a plus for all your energy. 


Normally, you are always on your own business, you don’t like wasting time on nonsense and if someone tries to get in your way all the time, you better leave. You are a meticulous sign, you choose your friends very well, but… there are those who hide very well. For prevention, light a brown candle, it is to protect yourself, it will give you peace of mind and it will increase your confidence. 


Your heart is good, you don’t go through life expecting to look good with anyone, because you put honesty and compassion above all else. However, there are those who take advantage of this and only come to fill you with their negativity. The best thing is that you do not trust Libra completely, you never know the true intentions. Light a pink candle to cleanse yourself of all envy. 


In truth, it was a chaotic year, with many unexpected tests, but as you could, you fought until the end. You know your heart was broken a few times, but you hid it because you didn’t feel safe around some people. For this reason, I recommend that you light a red candle, it is the one that will show you the correct path to having loving and respectful relationships. 


What an experience you lived through in 2022, despite the fact that there were many tears, you also enjoyed laughter and those are the moments you decide to keep. You are used to not getting hooked on the bad and that is why you are doing well in life. So I recommend that you light a green candle, to attract serenity, health, and generosity. 


You are one of the signs that do not give in easily, criticism from people who are only looking to harm others slips past you. You have overcome so many things that by now it would be absurd if you care about what 2023 has in store for you. Keep it up, Capri, but you should light a gray candle, it’s the one that will lead you to have the fortune you’ve always wanted. 


Look at yourself, you put up with bad faces, hints, and living with people you don’t like and still keep a smile on your face. You are admirable Aquarius, you do not allow anyone to stain your goals and that will lead you to success. However, if you light a white candle, you are going to purify yourself completely, and let your soul heal. 


A fluttering of emotions is how you could define your year. Undoubtedly, some people who you thought would be with you forever left and others arrived and became important pillars in a short time. For this reason, what you need now is peace, the certainty that everything will go better. Light a blue candle to calm your feelings. 

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