Taurus Your Greatest Defect Is Your Greatest Strength

Your Greatest Defect

Taurus Your Greatest Defect Is Your Greatest Strength

When you meet Taurus, you realize that he is too controlling. He wants to have everything under his control. He would never accept that something was going to go wrong and above all, that it was his fault. Taurus prepares for the greatest winter, even though he knows that he will never arrive that winter. For all this,  he is also a fairly far-sighted person and somewhat demanding with money and his savingsHe wants to save and save his money for what he can spend in the future. He doesn’t realize that sometimes, it’s best to enjoy the present and live in the now. He finds it difficult. He wants to have everything under control and always prepares for something that he doesn’t know if it will happen or not. But just in case…

Many times you want to control everything and want to reach places where you won’t be able to reach. But the younger Taurus is like that, and it is also quite difficult to make him change his mind and that is why it will be much better to let him make her life as he/she wants.

When Taurus matures they will use that control, but in a more rational way. Over time he has learned not to take things so seriously, to live more in the present and not to obsess so much about the future. He has learned to live day to day, yes, with her/him being the one in control of everything possible. Now, he is a cautious adult, but without going overboard.

He knows how to manage his savings as best as possible but he also knows how to treat himself when he needs it most. He has also learned that no matter how much he wants to do things well and control them, many times not everything goes the way he wants and that it is not his fault. That there are other reasons that also influence and that not everything has to be controlled. Taurus has a hard time accepting his flaws, but once he does, he tries to improve and turn those flaws into virtues. He always gets it, because if he sets his mind to something, he will end up getting it, no matter what.

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