These Are the 4 Most Stable and Mature Zodiac Signs | Here Is How It Affects Your Relationships

While each of the 12 signs in the zodiac has certain qualities that define it, all the signs belong to the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Ancient astrologers divided the signs further into modality. A modality is how a sign functions in relation to the world aka “modus operandi.” The three modalities zodiac signs are divided into are Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable. There are four signs in each of them, which is made up of one sign from each element.

The Fixed signs are the most stable and smack in the middle of every season. They are grounded and have solid aims they go after. These are the people with to-do lists and can be relied on completely. On the negative side, they might be a little tightly wound up and may find it harder to relax.

Here are the four Fixed signs in the zodiac and what it means for your love life and relationships:

1. Taurus

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While each of the signs has its own way of going about dating and relationships, they have similarities too. Taurus, an Earth sign, is innately slow when approaching love and it takes them a while to fall for someone. If you’re a Taurean, you’re not the kind to jump headfirst into a relationship without sampling the wares first. You like being sure of the person you pick but once you do, there is no moving you from their side. Sometimes, that can happen even when the relationship is no longer working.

2. Leo

Passions run high in the love life of the Leo, a fire sign. If you are this sign, then you are likely to enjoy the company of a partner who is just as fun as you. You want to live big and expect your partner to understand that. From your partner, you expect attention and compliments to keep the relationship alive. While Leo, like other Fire signs, is known for jumping into love fast, they are also very loyal. You want your partner to feel as loved as you do.

3. Scorpio

The mysterious Scorpio, a Water sign, is a lot like the Taurean in their approach to love. You take a long and hard time falling in love because not everyone understands you. You give your partner as much time to understand you as you take to get to know them. However, once you fall in love things can speed up. You don’t hesitate in committing to them as soon as possible but sometimes your enthusiasm and passion can come off as too intense or possessive as well. Just like the other Fixed signs, you are one of the most loyal partners a person can have.

4. Aquarius

The water bearer, an Air sign, doesn’t like getting tangled with anyone emotionally since their need for independence is high. However, the Aquarius is not averse to finding the right partner, provided they understand your need for space. You seek adventure, friendship, and fun in your relationships. You want a solid friendship with someone before considering a romantic partnership. You are probably more likely to want to explore the world than put down roots somewhere.


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