Ranking Of The Signs That Are Too Good For This World

Too Good For This World

Ranking Of The Signs That Are Too Good For This World

Although it is hard to accept it, every day we live with double-faced people, who are only seeing that you take a wrong step to make fun of your misfortune. Such is life, not everything is rosy and one has to learn to live with thorns too. There are signs of the zodiac that are flatly too good and cruel souls know it very well. I speak of those who lack malice because so much innocence harms them. It’s like they put themselves in the lion’s den. This is the ranking of the signs that are too good for this cruel world, starting with the best ones and ending with those that have a bit of mischief (not too much)…

1.- Aquarius  

Well, they say that people speak more ill of what they do not know. Aquarius is one of the most judged signs of the zodiac, but the one that gets into conflicts the least. He does not allow the bad vibes of others to interfere with his way of seeing life. He is a very kind person, his intention is never to harm others and if he can give them a hand, he does. His energy is devastating, it fills you so much with peace that the hours go by chatting away. What he hates the most is drama, he really prefers to be alone than with people who anguish him. In fact, Aquarius cares more about disliking a dog than a person. As long as you don’t get into his life, nor in the world he makes you. 

2.- Libra 

You are the type of person who does not want fights, the simple fact of knowing that someone intends to argue with you for hours makes you sick. It is not that you avoid the situation, it is just that it is enough to say the most important thing and let go. You don’t get hooked on the same thing, your light is not there to get dirty with it. It is clear that you are not an angel, you have your character, but as long as people do not betray you, speak ill of you or harm any of your loved ones, you carry the party in peace. You have a hard time finding your balance, Libra, to let anyone come along and shake it as they, please. You are understanding and compassionate, you do whatever it takes to help others and you don’t care if they recognize it or not, what you give is always from the soul. Without a doubt, having your friendship is a hug to the heart. 

3.- Taurus 

If there is someone in this ranking who disguises himself perfectly, it is you. There are many who can point out that you are a cold, distant person and that you are always thinking about your benefits. However, only those who have the privilege of knowing your sweet part know that you are one of the most valuable people in this world. You do not tolerate any type of abuse and if you have to put your hands in the fire for someone you love, you do it. Fortunately, your foolish side always gets what it wants, and when it comes to achieving your goals few are on your level. Before losing control, you analyze the pros and cons. You are too smart a person to waste time on revenge or arguments that lead to nothing. 

4.- Sagittarius  

Yes, he does not have the best character in the world, it depends on the way you treat him so that he presents his worst or his best face to you. However, that does not mean that there is evil in his heart, on the contrary, Sagittarius is a sign that can fall into the innocent because he believes that everyone is capable of loving like him. However, he is very hard when he realizes that it is not like that, that is when his bad temper puts you in your place. Sagittarius, is not stupid, he has the gift of feeling bad intentions, but even if he gets angry, he does not do it for a long time. He is one of those who prefer to put everything in the hands of karma, because in this life, in the end, everyone has what they deserve. 

5.- Cancer 

It’s not something you do to look good with people, it’s part of your personality. Cancer, you like to help, truly love and you don’t have time to judge anyone’s life. Being a good person is part of your essence, however, they often take advantage of your kindness. There are many people who know that if they ask you for a favor, you will hardly refuse. Be careful, because they are the ones who are used to taking your measure. If you’re too good, people humiliate you, ask you, yell at you, and do what they want, because they feel sure that you won’t move a single finger to defend yourself. Once in a while, it’s okay to prove them wrong. Most know the sweet Cancer, but no one has encountered the anger you can keep. If they keep looking they will find you and they will not like it one bit. 

6. Virgo 

Let’s see, Virgo has found the middle ground between evil and innocence. Life is like that, from time to time you have to show your bad face to set limits so that they don’t want to manage you as if you were a puppet. As long as they respect your individuality, you won’t have a problem, but… when you feel overwhelmed and desperate, you are capable of showing your cruel side. You are not weak in those situations. Also, your memory is an expert in storing things that cause you pain, if they hurt you they will have to face the Virgo who says things without filters and with the intention of making you cry. He doesn’t say much though, he hits you right on that side that mercilessly tears you apart. Really, don’t test his patience because you’re going to regret it. 

7.- Aries 

Boy, boy, we are entering the zone of the signs of the zodiac that are not going to let their innocence make them feel less. Such is the case of Aries, the one who is pure fire if he wants to and is capable of shaking you with just one look. When he’s upset he doesn’t even need to express it, because it shows in the way he looks at you, his gestures, his breathing, everything. He is not one of those who tries to pretend that nothing is happening, on the contrary, he confronts you and does not stay in peace until he has the victory. He is a warrior, he has it from birth, if you make the rage button turn on, you better be very prepared for the consequences because he is not one of those who forget overnight and does not touch his heart when he sees you begging. 

8.- Leo 

Leo’s malice is quite cautious, the truth is that he has that spark that always makes him walk through life with a smile, that you don’t expect at the least expected moment to end up tearing you apart. Leo has one of the most beautiful hearts in the zodiac, he is dedicated, and sweet, but… he is also crazy, impulsive, and intense and when his ego sets his mind to it, he is capable of reaching heaven. Normally, he doesn’t look for trouble but doesn’t think he’s going to sit idly by either, if you damage him he’ll probably damage you twice as much. He has the gift of control, he is used to taking the reins in everything and that can be quite dangerous because he can manipulate you and you don’t even realize it. He’s going to shake you without lifting a finger and you won’t like the result. 

9.- Gemini

Hopefully, you are lucky enough to get to know the tender, pleasant and social side of a Gemini because if you happen to know the malice that is in their soul, you are going to pray that it is a nightmare. Geminis, do not beat around the bush, say things as he feels them, if there is something in you that he does not like, he will tell you without hesitation. If that implies that your tears are present, that is your problem, because it is not here to please anyone. When you treat him well you get the best of his personality, he is able to hug you without knowing anything about you, but he can also break you in the blink of an eye. If he feels threatened his poison button is activated, and you have no idea of ​​all the information he stores. He can wear you down so emotionally and mentally that you will end up asking for forgiveness. 

10.- Pisces 

What did you expect? Surely, seeing Pisces in the first places surprises you. People are used to hearing about his sweet side of him, the one who lowers his gaze, the one who forgives, and the one who strives to find a good point in others. However, he has an unpredictable side of him, the one that when he gets hurt he becomes another. Do not underestimate a wounded Pisces because he will give you the surprise of your life. When he befriends the grudge he forgets the innocent and tender side of it. He is not here to tolerate betrayals, much less minimize something that hurts him. That Pisces was already in the past a long time ago. Now, he is able to embrace the malice in him and makes you regret what you did to him. You are going to know the most infernal side of him. 

11.- Capricorn 

For you, turning on your malicious side is not very complicated, it is not that you are the same devil in life, but you are not going to allow anyone to see your face. Woe to that person who puts your bad temper to the test, because he has no idea what he is getting into. You are the one who takes cautious steps, you are not in a hurry, but whoever does it to you pays for it. At the most unexpected moment, you pull out your claws, even when it seems that everything is fine, yet you don’t forget. A Capricorn’s heart can be so icy, depending on how you treat it. Don’t expect him to receive you with a bouquet of roses if all you do is criticize and attack from behind. His pride doesn’t understand reasons, so get ready, because it will leave you breathless. 

12.- Scorpio 

One day Scorpio said that he would never let anyone humiliate him like in the past. He promised to love himself, respect himself, and put himself above everything. He learned that being mean from time to time is necessary to survive in a world full of piranhas. They say that he is the worst of the entire zodiac, the one who exudes danger at every step and who can make you end up on the floor crying in pain. Sounds overly dramatic right? Scorpio does not invest his time in anyone, there are criticisms that he releases because he is not going to argue with so little. However, when you damage him in a calculating way, he perceives it, and then you will have to hold on to your peace of mind because I doubt very much that you will have it for a long time. He will tell you things that you will remember until the last of your days. 

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