The Cruelest Side Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

Evil and goodness, the two sides, the ones that can make anyone tremble. Souls who go around trying to do their best, but sometimes our dominant side comes to light, the one that doesn’t understand reasons, the one that hurts, the one that terrifies, the one that often embarrasses us. This is the cruelest side of each zodiac sign, it sure surprises you.


Aries is the one who knows the art of power. He is the one who has a fiery soul, he likes things to be done as he wants and they can get very stubborn when it is not. The moment Aries loses control, their bad temper is present and they are not one to go quickly. When they get angry they are very temperamental and do what is in their power to manipulate and be victorious. Aries is the person you do not want as an enemy, because he will do the opposite of what you say, he is the one who knows how to make you feel very bad in seconds.


Behind a patient and meticulous personality lies the same danger in person. Taurus can be very stealthy when something bothers them, but if they are insistent, anger is present. He is not the one who is waiting for revenge, on the contrary, he trusts that karma comes sooner or later. However, when he gets angry it is synonymous with a bomb of emotions, there is no one to stop him. It is best to walk away and give her space because it can be very hurtful. 


Geminis have a very cruel side, one that is not seen with the naked eye, because they do not like to show their vulnerable side. When this sign gets angry, it shuts up, it is one of those thatanalyzes the discussion in detail to later give you your weaknesses. He is very intelligent, he is not the type of person who loses control because of his temper. On the contrary, he may seem very friendly and even funny, but when you least think about it he will tell you things that will make you cry.


Cancer can become the sweet little sheep that does not break a plate. Because it is actually a sign that exudes kindness, but when someone comes into your life with bad intentions, you better be careful. Cancer discharges all its negative energy and loses its sanity. He can become very spiteful, he does not forget overnight and his best weapon is silence, he takes you out of his life.


Leo is a sign that exudes brilliance in everything it does. However, the evil in his being is also great. He is the type of person who is terrifying just to see him in a bad mood. It is fire in the full extent of the word and when it attacks it does not listen to reasons, its temper explodes and itcan tell you things so hurtful that you will remember them until the last day of your life. Sometimes time passes but Leo does not forgive someone who has made him cry, sooner or later he will make you pay.


Virgo has cunning in his eyes, he is the person who pays attention to everything before attacking. It is not like the rest, when someone hurts you you can become so indifferent that it makes your skin crawl. He is the one who applies the law of ice to you, he pretends you have never been part of his life, he knows that there is nothing more frustrating and painful than wanting to cause conflict and being ignored, so he uses it as his best weapon. Virgo is one of those who can take revenge in the future.


Without a doubt, Libra is someone who makes an impact when his worst side comes out. He is one of the people who draw more than tears, because he has the gift of words and knows very well how to hit you at your most vulnerable point. Libra can smile at you while planning a way to make you pay for the damage you did to him. However, he does not waste time on grudges, he takes revenge by putting himself in the first place, becoming someone better and presumes that you no longer fit in his life.


Scorpio is the most intense sign, so when it comes to showing its worst side, you better disappear from their sight for your sake. It is the sign that has no problem removing the wound over and over again, when it gets into its evil role, it is the best protagonist of any story. He doesn’t go around scaring and manipulating, but there are people he can’t deal with and he doesn’t hesitate to put them in their place. His gift is to persuade, so you yourself will end up being the author of the damage that you will receive.


Sagittarius is much more than an adventurous and fun soul, he has a terrible side that makes him the most harmful being on the planet. The point in their favor is that they have the gift of efficiency, when you are just thinking about how to hurt him, he already planned two revenges. They are the type of person who prefers peace, but if you seek them you will find yourself with the hardest lesson of your life. They don’t get angry quickly, so sit back if you want another chance.


Capricorn is the one who does not beat around the bush, when he takes a step he makes it so firm that it is heard for miles. He is the type of person who when someone hurts him, he pays for it, they do not forget and can make you ask for forgiveness on your knees, just not to forgive you. It’s such a busy sign that you don’t even have time in your schedule for revenge, but when you least think about it, the first warning will come to you. They are the kind that explode in your face.


The sign that doesn’t care a bit about your opinion. Aquarius focuses on his own, but when someone interferes with his peace, he will not jokingly remain with his arms crossed. It can be as bad as the kindness it wastes, it is too cautious to do harm. The type of person who takes you out of his life, you become a zero to the left, but if you keep bothering, get ready because he will touch your most sensitive part so that you do not want to get back into his life.


The sweetest, sympathetic and charming face you can ever find. Pisces is a beautiful soul, as long as you show loyalty, love and dedication. People who just want to hurt you know your evil side. And I know that makes you ask heaven for a favor to stop. He is a very intelligent person, he does not need blows to make you reconsider, but even if you do, he will not love you again in his life. Once you close the door there is no going back.

The Cruelest Side Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac



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