5 Signs That Can Hurt You Without Remorse

There are those who regret it, but for not having shown their cruel side much earlier. And there are people who come into your life to hurt you, to make fun of your effort and to remind you of the kind of people you don’t want in your life. That’s when your cruel side awakens, the one that doesn’t understand reasons. There are 5 signs that can hurt you without any remorse .

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Call them ruthless, but these Zodiac signs gave a thousand chances. They are not one of those who attack just because, patience is on their side, but there are times when they can’t take it anymore. Until that moment is when they regret having gotten in their way, because no one would like to be one of their victims.

5 signs that can hurt you without remorse

The point in their favor is that they master the art of manipulation, they know very well how and what cards to move to get what they want. When someone attacks them they don’t sit idly by and find it easy to keep their empathetic side and dress coldly. They are the ones who can cause you more than emotional chaos, so avoid getting involved are the following signs:

1. Scorpio 

If you want to really know what cruelty means, then try making Scorpio cry . It is a sign that your heart is not touched when someone blows it up and your bad side can trample anyone who gets in the way . It is one of the people who make you feel so guilty that you think you can’t take it anymore. They cannot stand hypocrisy, people with bad intentions, much less pretending to be good and behind their backs, they talk about the worst. Scorpio does not pretend to hurt you, it marks your wound.

2. Cancer  

The sign that protects the Moon, the one that has emotional ups and downs, which sometimes they themselves do not understand and, although they are noble and sympathetic souls. But when his cruel side is present it is better that you stay away, because he is not one of those who threatens, he arrives at the moment you least expect. They are the type of person who knows where to give you so that you end up writhing in pain and they do not need to use force, they give you in your sensitivity. Cancer may be scared of what they are capable of when their temperament is upset, because they react in the worst way.

3. Capricorn  

Capricorn is a person who likes to follow the rules, the straighter everything he does, the better. However, when his cruel part is present, his daily behavior is put aside, it is as if he were someone else. When someone hurts them they can enjoy the misfortune of their enemy, theytrust in the power of karma and wait to enjoy the wonderful consequences of their bad actions, yet they still do not forgive. Capricorn can look at you with a smile that hides the taste of revenge.

4. Aries 

Be very careful not to anger, sadden or lose control, an Aries sign, because they are pure fire. When they get angry their emotions are against the clock, you do not know for sure how they will react, but it will surely be in a very cruel way. Aries is so competitive that even for the best revenge, he wins. Prepare to see how from his chair he makes you regret it, he is so intelligent and charming, that he knows how to go unnoticed when he is committing the most cruel acts. 

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5. Leo 

Leo is synonymous with popularity, with love, he is the person who steals attention and was born to demonstrate each of his qualities. However, behind that humble charisma hides a dominant being, that when he feels threatened or attacked, he simply does not think twice to tear you to pieces. They are the ones who can play dirty and tear the smile off your face. Don’t underestimate the claws behind a cute and defenseless kitten, because it will show you its wildest side.



5 Signs That Can Hurt You Without Remorse

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