Ranking Of The Most Resilient Signs Of The Zodiac

Ranking Of The Most Resilient Signs Of The Zodiac

Resilience is the ability we have to confront problems and overcome them, leave them as stronger people. Resilient people do not sink in the face of adversity, but they bring out the best in themselves and take advantage of them to grow internally. The learning that these painful experiences bring them helps them face life with more optimism and find happiness despite difficulties, and they also inspire many people who are not having a good time either. These people understand that life is not always easy, and they accept that there are times when they must stop to think about the best way to act, endure the bad time, and come out of it stronger than ever. There are some signs for which resilience is more natural, it seems that they carry it in their blood, if you want to know what they are, then we bring you the ranking of the most resilient signs of the Zodiac: 💪

12. Leo

Even if Leo is in the last position of the ranking, it does not mean that he does not learn from his mistakes or cannot successfully overcome difficulties. What happens with Leo is that it is difficult for him to accept that he has been wrong, and his pride often prevents him from making a profound change within himself. Also, if something has hurt a lot, it will drag on for years. For Leo, if something negative has happened to him, it is something bad and period, there can be no other way to look at it. You’re left with that feeling that it’s something you can’t get over, just live with it.

Of course, for others, it does not follow the same pattern. Leo forgives and forgets, for example, offenses, as soon as the other person shows him that he has changed. Leo, if you see that other people can change and learn from mistakes or difficulties, why not allow yourself?

11. Taurus

Taurus is a very resistant sign, but it is difficult for them to change the way they do things, so it takes longer to transform problems into opportunities and to make sense of these changes. Taurus has the patience to have good resilience, but you must give yourself the opportunity to make changes and see the meaning that it can have in the long term. For Taurus, a failure is something very hard, his pride weighs on him when accepting that he did something wrong, so he takes time to learn from the situation. And if life brings you something painful, you need more time than other signs to get going, get over it, and have some initiative. But if you are calm, you can find the necessary optimism to begin to build your resilience little by little.

10. Aquarius

To Aquarius is difficult for him to forget and move forward, although he has great ideas that will allow him to completely change his way of life, he clings to what has always gone well for him. That is why he does not always learn all that he could learn from the difficulties that come his way. Also, sometimes your lack of optimism leads you to think that there is no possible way out. Aquarius is a sign with very innovative qualities that can mark very big changes in society, and if he applied this to his personal life it would be wonderful. But when something affects him personally, he becomes blocked, he does not always know how to deal with that situation and ends up closing himself in on himself for a season, but without getting over what happened. The best thing you could do is use your ability to see things from above so that you can have a perspective that helps you find a way out of the problem, and understands what you can learn from the situation. If you learn what is necessary, you would not have to repeat yourself, and you could trust again in life and the new it can bring you.

9. Pisces

When Pisces is faced with something traumatic they tend to want to close their eyes and look the other way. Pisces can be a resilient sign, as long as you want to realize that you are facing a very painful problem and dare to look it in the face. Once this happens, your ability to connect with the universe will help you heal all the pain and find meaning, as well as something to go out into the world and better understand what your life’s mission is. But the big problem is that once the big problem or adversity arrives, Pisces refuses to accept it, to see it, and to take control of their life. You can spend years doing nothing, without even accepting what has happened. But once you do, inside you is everything you need to be a resilient person.

8. Cancer

Cancer is a sign that experiences thousands of emotions and some very contradictory. Therefore, if resilience is the way to get out of problems as a different, stronger, and more evolved person, with Cancer we can sometimes get confused. Cancer is a worker and gets ahead no matter how much he suffers, but it is true that many times he gets stuck in his past, and there is a part of him that he never gets over. When you are faced with something big and painful, sooner or later you break out and you have a hard time forgetting the damage you have suffered. For Cancer to accept that it must turn the page, it has to see the meaning of that pain, understand the learning that it has been able to bring, and trust that after living that, it is a different and much more mature person.

7. Libra

Libra is one of the signs that having qualities for resilience, often does not reach it. Sometimes you don’t want to experience the pain, you don’t want to accept the imbalance it has caused in your life and you just look away and pretend nothing is wrong. But when Libra is able to feel what is happening and looks for a way to overcome the trauma by giving it enough space, it will be able to learn what is necessary from the situation and find the way to move forward as a stronger and wiser person. Libra has enough capacity to take the initiative and build something out of the traumatic situation. You can look from above and understand what has happened, to turn your life around.

6. Aries

Aries can be a resilient sign, as long as you act smart. Aries is a very strong sign that knows what it wants and does not give up on anything. When there comes a painful, traumatic moment or a problem that you can’t get out of, you tend to explore and forcefully search for a solution. If you can master that first impulse, and think coldly about a smarter way to approach the problem, this is the moment when you really learn, when the situation changes you and makes you a much more mature person. Plus, if you make sense of that problem, you’ll feel even closer to your goal. Aries is never going to give up in the face of adversity, it is always prepared to fight and get ahead. You just have to put the light of intelligence and trust in life, in all the good that it is going to bring you.

5. Virgo

For Virgo, resilience is something very necessary because it is the way they find a new order after a problem or adversity. Although Virgo is a sign that finds it difficult to admit its own mistakes, it has the ability to adapt very well to changes. In addition, Virgo is very aware of everything that happens around him, so there is no one like him to organize the best strategy to help him overcome everything that happens to him, without leaving any loose ends. Virgo will be much more resilient if he does it out of duty, that is, if, for example, he has people in charge for whom he has to get ahead or an important goal. This will be what will give you the strength to get going and not let anything get you down. With your effort and perfection in painful situations, you will be a great example for other people.

4. Gemini

Gemini is quite a resilient sign. His way of thinking always finds a way to get ahead, to find a way out, no matter how bad things are. It is very difficult for him to drop his energy level and abandon himself. When the difficulty arises, all possible scenarios appear in Gemini’s head and he quickly devises a strategy to get ahead, even if it is something very painful. Sometimes you don’t even do it consciously, being resilient is in your nature. He learns from every situation and gets excited about any little progress. What makes him come out stronger and become a much more mature new person. Geminis never give up, but face everything with their peculiar intelligence.

3. Capricorn

The third in the ranking, is our earth sign, Capri. He knows how to analyze the situation and stay cool to find the best strategy that will get him out of the problem stronger and with more resources. Although he is not characterized by being an optimistic person, he never stops fighting for what he wants, despite the greatest difficulties. A Capri learns from his mistakes and does not commit them again, in addition, he is not influenced by circumstances. He knows that in life everything happens and that things are not achieved overnight. So hold the pull without taking your eyes out of his way. Resilience is a very necessary tool for success, and at the end of his life, when he is at the top, Capri is proud of everything he has been through and does not deny anything, in addition to being a great example and inspiration to others,

2. Sagittarius

The second place in the ranking of the most resilient signs is for Sagittarius. The sign ruled by Jupiter carries optimism in the genes, therefore, in the face of difficulties, it always finds a way out and a learning curve. Sagittarius is one of those who think that what does not kill you makes you stronger and that the sun always rises after the storm, even if it lasts for months … For Sagi, the whole life is a school, an apprenticeship, and dedicating a moment To think about what is happening to you is very important. That is why it is good at finding solutions and having faith that everything will be better because life is cyclical and we can always learn something from each situation. In addition, you tend to see everything from a very bright perspective, from a crystal of light, which tells you that despite everything, things are never completely lost,

1. Scorpio

The number one position for the most resilient sign goes, without a doubt, for Scorpio. The sign ruled by Pluto undergoes many dramatic transformations throughout its life and comes out of each one stronger and wiser. The intensity of the life of this sign is so great that others would fall apart just living one of its dramas, but Scorpio learns to get the best of himself and to use difficulties for his own benefit. It is a very mysterious sign, which reminds us of a phoenix rising from its ashes. Scorpio has the sixth sense that tells him that everything will pass and teaches him the best way to overcome the problem. When you meet a Scorpio after a long time, you are impressed by everything that has happened and how it has changed. Scorpio, when he uses his power of resilience, serves as an inspiration to other people, and becomes a teacher of life.


Ranking Of The Most Resilient Signs Of The Zodiac

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