The 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs For The Weekend Of August 28th And 29th

Among the 12 zodiac signs, 3 will have the best weekend. Which are you reading in our horoscope!

Which zodiac signs are lucky on the weekend?

We start the last weekend in August full of energy! Three zodiac signs should now be read along very carefully because the stars will look really good for them in the coming days. Would you like to know whether your sign is one of the lucky zodiac signs? Then stay tuned and click your way through the picture gallery!

These zodiac signs have a happy weekend

Libra: Libra-born can look forward to a fantastic weekend. Venus is in her sign and gives you a good load of luck in love. So how about a date with a loved one? Now is the perfect time to do it. If you want to find out more, read here which zodiac signs could fall in love with Venus Libra.

Virgo: Virgo-born people can also look forward to good luck on the weekend. You’re currently on a real run! Sure, after all, the sun, Mercury, and Mars are in their sign. How about a weekend activity? Grab your loved ones and go on an adventure. This is guaranteed to be fun!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius has had a bit of a down phase lately. Somehow, many things did not work out … how good that the coming weekend now gives hope for better times. You will notice the surge of energy immediately and feel like getting active. Go out and meet your friends. This is the best way to enjoy the weekend!

We wish you a great weekend with a lot of luck! 🙂


The 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs For The Weekend Of August 28th And 29th

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