The 5 Signs That Most Make The Victim

The 5 Signs That Most Make The Victim

Surely you have ever met someone who has that gift to victimize, these people think that everything bad happens to them and best of all is that they never take responsibility for those “problems”. That attitude he has of “poor me” affects all aspects of his life, even endangering all his relationships, because let’s face it, everyone ends up getting tired sometimes.

Some people think that their mission in this life is to encourage all those people who have a victim mentality, to make them see that life is worth living from another perspective, but the reality is very different, it is more likely that in the end the person victim ends up dragging and knocking the other person down instead of getting up.

Here we show the 5 signs that most make the victim (and that nobody gets pissed off): 


Cancer is constantly trying to do things for others, and when they don’t get that flattery they think they are entitled to or are so eagerly awaiting, they can develop quite a powerful victim attitude. The more their bitterness grows, the more they believe that everyone except them is selfish morons. In part, all of this is the fault of the insecurity that they have towards others, they do not trust too much since for one thing or another they end up being betrayed.

Cancer may not be aware that it may be the negative energy that they are emitting or that this bad luck they are having has something to do with them.

On the other hand, his sensitivity causes him to suffer more than the rest of the signs, by feeling everything in a more intense way, this causes him to end up being a victim inadvertently. Cancer wants to learn to channel this part that always ends up bringing bad experiences, but it is difficult for it to end up controlling it.

Cancer should not worry because that sensitivity they have, which brings them down the path of bitterness, is also their strong point, few are as sensitive as they.


When bad things happen around his life, Pisces is always the first to emphasize that it is not his fault, he was only trying to help. And most likely it is and maybe they did not stop to think or gave another chance to someone who really did not deserve it, but Pisces is so oblivious in these matters that they will never realize that.

On the other hand, Pisces has no need to appropriate anything because, as she/he claims, it had nothing to do with the problem, they were just unlucky enough to be the target. . What bad luck!

Everything can come from the sensitivity that characterizes Pisces, he gets so involved in the problems of others that when he is already too involved in the matter, he is scared by what may happen and ends up playing the victim so as not to take responsibility for his actions.

There is no need to worry, it is just one of the defects of Pisces, but it has thousands of virtues, it is full of love and affection, it has so much that it almost gives it away.


If Libra feels used or resentful, they will suppress all those feelings that they have until they flare up. They will let you know how everything they do for others is not appreciated, sacrificing their time, money, and energy, emphasizing that in exchange for all the effort they make they do not even receive thanks.

Perhaps that is it, Libra ends up being a victim, but it is not his fault, he wants the appreciation and affection of others and when he does not receive it, he feels frustrated. In addition, he is tired of begging and begging to be recognized, and in part, it is understandable, with the delicacy of Libra and his calm personality and that fight for injustices that characterizes him, it is incomprehensible that others do not want to praise him.

It is possible that Libra believes that what it does is correct and sufficient, but perhaps for others it is not like that and that is why Libra enters that loop from which it is so difficult to get out.

Libra must wake up at once and start looking for himself.


Geminis are known to be too vindictive, but probably no one has ever wondered where that desire to give what each one deserves comes from, and that revenge comes from their victim attitude. They are tired of being bad about themselves and they begin to blame others and as a result of this they begin to plot all their plans to carry out that revenge. Geminis and their mania of not thinking about the why of things, they just act.

In addition, Geminis feel very misunderstood and that is why they end up being victims of the entire universe, their mind that travels at a thousand per hour, does not stop to think that maybe all the problems that are around them have an origin, origin that is impossible for a Gemini to see.

That “bipolarity” that characterizes Geminis, in this aspect plays a point in their favor, since they may be feeling how everything is going wrong and after five minutes they feel that everything is going smoothly. Actually, Gemini’s bipolarity is a defense mechanism.


Leos are usually people who believe the navel of the world, it is possible that wanting to appear better than others leads them to do things that they really do not want to do and this makes their childish side come to light and they have a victimizing attitude.

Despite the fact that Leos are usually very self-confident people, inside they have a series of insecurities and fears, this leads Leo to play the victim wanting to attract the attention of others. So that they are aware of her/him and put themselves in their place feeling what they feel inside. Sometimes it is just a claim of love, affection, support …

In reality, Leo does not want to feel sorry, he just wants to be listened to, to look at him and to be aware of everything he does. Simply the victimhood of Leo is a signal to attract your attention.


The 5 Signs That Most Make The Victim

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