Ranking Of The Most Emotional Signs

Ranking Of The Most Emotional Signs

Sometimes you need to have those outburst-filled pauses. In which you do not even know where you are standing, it is uncertainty who rules your world and it is impossible for tears not to be present. Suddenly, your emotions get out of control and you are either wanting to laugh out loud or eager to express all the accumulated anger. There are zodiac signs who don’t mind shouting from the rooftops how they feel. They do not care about the opinion of the rest, because they are not here to please the rest. This is the ranking of the most emotional signs, it makes it more than clear that we all live an internal war that we do not talk about with anyone:

1.- Pisces 

Yes, you are broken, but who is not? It is your sensitivity that keeps you on your feet, but also what makes you fall deeper and just when you think you have the balance, something comes that shakes you and destabilizes you in the blink of an eye. You are in the first place, because your heart is full of kindness, compassion, and it is also guided by intuition. You have a hard time seeing the pain around you and putting a blindfold on it. You don’t want to become a hero, you just want others to see what you see and understand that putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is the key to a better world. Although, the crying is present.

2.- Cancer 

If someone could describe you, they would surely start by saying that you are ablaze, one of the implacable ones, the kind that fill with luminosity, warmth, love and home. But also the ones who give everything for you, the ones who are capable of putting themselves at risk in order to save the one they love. Your emotions are a snowball traveling an infinite mountain, you never know when to stop, you just act in a visceral way and are always ready for the challenge. Yes, there may be times when you end up crying over a movie, but few have witnessed the courage you maintain when pain comes to your days. You are different, you are emotional and it is okay.

3.- Libra 

How ironic is life, the sign that clings to peace, balance, the scale that has become the pillar for many? Libra’s advice is carried in the pores, in every walk and in the way it has lifted many. But who shakes hands with Libra? It is not as strong as it seems. Behind that beautiful personality, that resplendent physique, that desire to move on, there is also a fragile, sensitive, insecure being that takes a lot of trouble to make a simple decision. Libra often breaks down, swallows swords, and then smiles. However, he carries pain in secret, because he hates to become a hindrance.

4.- Gemini 

Yes, it has a bad reputation. The truth is that Gemini has long decided to let people say what they want. It is easier for them to classify you as someone cruel because that way no one imagines if you are going through a bad time. Geminis can smile, change environments overnight and pretend nothing is wrong. However, he is very sentimental, there are things that tear his soul and he does not say anything because he feels that no one will understand him. It is easier to pretend than to face reality than to accept that life overwhelms you, makes you wonder over and over again if everything is okay. It’s easier than telling the truth, that you feel guilty about many things, but you do nothing. Because in the end the least you want is to bother others with your problems.

5.- Virgo  

It’s funny because most people believe that Virgo has every last detail under control. In theory, it is true, he tries twice as hard to make everything perfect, but that implies meticulous work, in which time, mental, emotional, physical health is invested, so there comes a point where he can no longer do it. Virgos are too aware of what is happening around them and that, in turn, makes them very fragile, any wrong move causes their castle to crumble. Virgo cries many times, in silence, because there is so much pressure that he feels to be the example person, that he does not dare to say that sometimes he just wants a hug.

6.- Scorpio 

The strong, the impetuous, the one who is able to make you beg on your knees just for revenge. Only Scorpio knows that this is not the case, that for him to decide to hurt someone it is because he really cannot take it anymore and because they were hurt in an unforgivable way. However, what is certain is that Scorpio is very emotional, that rather than putting desire or passion first, he listens to his intuition, to what his heart tells him and the way in which the vibes of someone else makes it feel. It is a sign that is everything but perfect and that also has to fight against its insecurities, the same ones that make it believe that it does not deserve all the beautiful things that happen to it in life.

7.- Taurus 

If there is something that Taurus hates, it is being labeled as someone weak, he does not like it, it is a very decisive sign and when he proposes something he fulfills it, it does not matter if he has to fight through thick and thin . Taurus prefers a thousand times to put the logical part ahead of the sensitivity and that has helped him to maintain a balance in his life, because he does not fall easily before provocations. In addition, he has learned that there are those who come only for convenience and that is when he becomes a master when it comes to setting limits. However, Taurus are very empathetic and compassionate, but selective. Sorry, but Taurus opens doors for only a few.

8.- Capricorn 

We are entering the part of the less emotional, those who have the gift of maintaining good sense in the most complicated moments of their life. Capricorn is a very goal-focused sign, it detests unnecessary distractions and therefore it is difficult for it to connect with its present, it is always one step ahead and there are times when it has to stop for the love of its loved ones. That does not mean that Capricorns do not have a heart, they are considerate and also capable of love, but they cannot put aside their whole world to enter someone else’s. Usually, when Capricorn appears in your life, you learn that order also brings you many good things.

9.- Leo 

The point is that Leo is always against the clock, he likes to do one activity after another and he enjoys it a lot. Hence, when they break their hearts, something goes wrong or simply sadness wants to be present, they do not give themselves much of the opportunity. They are experts at turning the page and focusing on the positive. Leo is very special, he does not want to give himself up just because, he wants those who know his vulnerable side to be people who are worthwhile, who have shown him to be through thick and thin. It is a sign that seeks depth, but at a slow pace, do not push it, when it is ready it will show you what it is to really love.

10.- Sagittarius 

Let’s say the Sagittarius personality is so laid-back that it doesn’t waste time on emotional matters. Perhaps for some, he is the oldest person in the world, but the truth is that his busy life has taught him that there are not many moments to let go. Sometimes, there is no more, you have to take the bull by the horns and think with your brain, not with your heart. The downside is that Sagittarians find it easier to let go of issues that others take a long time and that’s when they can be a bit reckless making jokes. Sagittarius laughs at life, even after being made to cry out loud.

11.- Aries 

The one who has the audacity to leave cracks in Aries’s heart is the only one who has been able to see it shattered. Believe me, they are counted, because it is a sign that is not allowed to fall, even in the worst moments. Its resilient capacity exceeds that of the rest. Aries always finds a way to move on and doesn’t get caught up in a lot of promises. He is the one who looks for facts, does not get lost in fantasies and therefore has the courage to confront his emotions and control them. The only time he can lose his balance is when his impulsive side appears, but it is only for moments, then he returns to be like nothing.

12.- Aquarius 

Aquarius closing the ranking with a flourish. This is not synonymous with the fact that he is a bad person or that he does not have the ability to give his heart, as many reports. It’s just that you have the maturity to separate the emotional from the reality. It is a sign that cannot pretend love, it really needs a sincere bond to let go. It is like a feather in the wind, you never know where it will end up, but it keeps moving forward and although it may last a while somewhere, it always wants more. He’s empathetic in his own way, and a lot of people aren’t ready for such transparency. So they prefer to describe him as unstable, without respecting his true way of being.


Ranking Of The Most Emotional Signs

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