Why Gemini Has The Scent Of An Unforgettable Love

Why Gemini Has The Scent Of An Unforgettable Love

Restless, maniac and rebellious. There are many reasons why Gemini digs deep into your emotions. She is the woman of few words, the one who has the gift of two faces. Her hidden personality becomes a challenge for anyone, she is the social butterfly of the zodiac, the one that enchants and turns your day into a unique dance. Do you want more reasons? I will tell you why Gemini has an unforgettable love scent. 

Gemini is the transformation, the one that leads, the one that invites you to think of the strangest and funniest things in this world. He has hyperactivity in his soul, he gets bored easily and so he goes against the tide all the time. She is the one who kisses with adrenaline, caresses calmly and wastes honesty in words. It is like your planet, Mercury, it has the gift of communication and is unique in expressing what it feels.

Why does Gemini have an unforgettable scent of love?

Gemini is the one who sends you unexpected messages, who surprises you with what one day you said you like and paid attention to. She is thoughtful, natural and, although the shameful side may win over her, she ends up giving in to the weaknesses of persuasion. Geminis do not shut up, when they love they scream it, when they hate too, they go through life without filters and without the need to look good with anyone.

Gemini is not the woman who seeks your approval, she is the one who will inspire you to break your fears. To show your vulnerable side, but also the dark side. He is the one who has a heavy reputation, but still falls asleep as always, he learned long ago not to pay attention to what they will say.

Gemini is the angel and the devil, who make your temperature skyrocket. He is the one who always wants more, who wants to devour every space of your skin and also wake up next to you in the morning. He is the one who makes you explode under the covers and who makes you the best coffee. He is the one who does not understand gray, who gives color to your days, who can get you up even when you don’t feel like anything.

Gemini is the one who has spontaneity in everything he does. She is fun, smart, intense. He is the one who has the gift of spicing up the days, no matter how simple your life may seem. She is honest to the bone, she won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but she does say it from the bottom of her heart. Gemini does not embellish words, they expel them as crudely as possible.

He is the one who has the aroma of unforgettable love because he teaches you the value of loyalty. What is truly surrendering in a relationship is the one who dreams of love forever, but it is also the one who, if you betray, puts an end to everything, no matter how much you beg. She is the one who cares, the one who wants you to be well and happy.

She is unforgettable because she knows how to be kind, sweet, respectful and she is an excellent listener. When Gemini falls in love, they do not tie, they want their partner to succeed, to fight for their dreams, and they are there when defeat is present. He is the one who lifts you up, that cluster of feelings that, no matter how strong it may seem, sometimes needs a hug. She is a brave woman but she melts in the arms that do value her. It is unforgettable because many times when you realize all this it is too late, it takes you out of his life. This is Gemini.


Why Gemini Has The Scent Of An Unforgettable Love

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