Dear Cancer Everything Will Be Good

Dear Cancer Everything Will Be Good

Dear Cancer, everything will be fine. Don’t let anyone ever look down on you, EVER. You have a huge heart and you have to assert yourself right now.

That sensitivity that you have makes you fall in love with Cancer, the problem is that, unfortunately, that sensitivity that you have often hurts you a lot. Horrible damage.

Your life is changing but you haven’t gotten used to it yet. Phases are coming and then, those phases are repeated again, constantly. You should learn that nothing happens, that being bad today will make you stronger tomorrow, that you will come out much more mature from all those suits … You follow each and every one of your passions, you shine in the dark, and you are someone of great help for the rest. Etch it on your head Cancer.

And yes, even if you are a contradiction in almost every aspect of your life, think that all the most wonderful things in the world happen. It lasts on the outside, but with an incredible softness inside. Sometimes, you are afraid to think that all your feelings can hurt you Crab, but they are there for a reason, you are curious, and deep down your mind is constantly reinventing itself, and it wants to evolve … Well, let Cancer evolve, let her walk forward and don’t try to stop her, let her walk, let her change places, don’t be afraid of changes, don’t be afraid to be versatile, to change love, to change cities, to change jobs. It’s okay to reinvent yourself, it’s not bad, and you don’t have to be scared of what’s coming. It always flows.


Dear Cancer Everything Will Be Good

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