What Capital Sin Would You Be According To Your Sign

What Capital Sin Would You Be According To Your Sign

Let the one who is free from sin cast the first stoneIt is very easy to judge the next person, because few are those who have the courage to see beyond, to try at least for an instant to walk in his shoes. Every day there are millions of us who wake up with hope, wanting to fight, to overcome all those bad thoughts and simply focus on our dreams. However, we have a dark side … What capital sin would you be according to your sign? Although the signs work against it, at least I think appears:


If there is something that Aries is as clear as water, it is that he was born to be a leader, he loves when he is in control, but … when things do not go his way, his bad part can be present. That’s exactly when anger clouds your charisma when you feel the tension in the environment and all you want is to be heard in a rude way. The truth is that he does not go around hurting everyone who knocks on his door, but when he is in a temper he does not think about it for a second, he forgets about sensibilities and aims to hit you where it hurts the most. Aries knows that it is their worst part, but don’t tell them to take a deep breath or stay calm because it will get worse.


Taurus is the type of person who surrounds himself with abundance, thanks to his sophisticated personality. He likes the good things in life and works hard for the same. The moment you feel like you are restricting yourself, you just don’t feel comfortable. Enjoy the greatest pleasures, music, painting, travel, but above all good food. That’s when you have to be careful because if your stubborn part takes control there is no one to stop you. Gluttony is his worst temptation, a part of him tells him that he has to stop, but the other is eager to satisfy his needs until he is fed up. This being the case, it is no longer enjoyed the same.


A minute of silence for all those desperate souls of love that fell into the arms of a daring Gemini. The truth is that Gemini is not one of those who promise you the moon and the stars, from the first moment it shows changeable, practically shouts to the world that the commitment is not given and that when it is given it needs to be very sure of the bond. The sin with which he could be identified is desire because he prefers a thousand times to ask for forgiveness than to remain with half-hearted temptation. Gemini is very about living in the moment and if he tells you things he is not lying, it is just what he feels in that moment. But you know, everything can change overnight.


The contrast of Cancer … can be the sweetest person on this earth, the one who gives herself from the gut, the one who is willing to do anything to defend the one she loves, the one who shares her most emotional part. But … he also has a side that does not understand reasons, that when he is hurt he acts from pain and that is when anger becomes his best company. Cancer can be very hard at those times, because his intention is for the other to experience at least twice what he experienced. It’s the crab claws that take over and give you a ride through hell itself. Do not trust yourself, because it will hurt you when you least think about it.


Yes, nobody said that Leo is perfect, it is a question that is repeated every day so as not to forget his humble side. However, when things go as planned, he loves to party. Leo knows that it has been difficult for him to reach the top, but there are times when pride takes control and there is no one to stop him. He has such a need to shine and be admired that he forgets everything. Leo knows that his qualities are unique and he is terrified that someone will hurt him, so he prefers to put up the barrier of pride and show his most talented side. Please, let’s face it, if he doesn’t start telling himself how fabulous he is, who will?


Work, effort, dedication. Virgo is the sign that never stops, the one who is willing to do anything to see the fruits of what he reaps every day. He is very lucky, because he is able to set rules and follow them without a single fault, it is his own impulse. However, there are times when envy becomes your shadow, you get frustrated when things are not going the way you imagined them and that is when you feel uncomfortable with the success of others. This is very dangerous, because it gives your mind room to think about what someone else is doing, rather than focusing on never repeating past mistakes.


Libra has a unique contrast that makes you wonder a thousand times if you are on the right track. It is the sign that strives to maintain stability, the one that seeks peace and runs away from conflict. But at the same time you can sink into a glass of water with your indecision because you also want a good life, you like to enjoy everything you can have at your fingertips. This can be synonymous with playing with fire, because that’s when greed becomes his most frequent visit and puts strange ideas in his head. Libra doesn’t really need much to be happy, but the urge to improve can lead you down the wrong path.


Did someone say passion? Because surely Scorpio will be placed in the first row, without a doubt, it is a sign that has fire in its veins. And if we add to that that it is tremendously emotional, things get worse. Scorpios can be attracted to someone and let their animal instincts take over. That’s when desire takes him by the hand and simply leads him to satisfy each of his crazy fantasies. The problem is that it can reach a point where it does not stop, it goes to the extreme and the other person is not always prepared for both. He is an intense lover, who if he is not cautious can become very aggressive. Control!


Sagittarius is the soul that wants to devour the world in one bite, it has aspirations to heaven and the truth is that there is no one to stop it. He is the goalkeeper, who is here to stay and make a change in everything around him. The problem is that so much optimism can change to the other side of the coin, become gluttony. It is a sign that is so focused on having it all that it forgets about the present. He clings to an uncertain future and plans and plans, touring every corner of the world and savoring all kinds of food and drink, as if there is no tomorrow. Quiet! You can just enjoy the scenery.


Capricorn is determined, he rarely mulls over an issue. For the same reason, he wants everything direct, to start working on it as soon as possible. You don’t get hooked on anything that prevents you from achieving your dreams. However, such ambition can be a double-edged sword, because it fills up with a lot of activities and there comes a point where it cannot handle them and that is when it goes to the opposite. The moment you start to plunge into chaos you can fall into laziness, you are so saturated that you leave everything for later and that is how what started with a few pieces ends in a huge pyramid. What you need is a respite and let go of what no longer has a solution.


Most of the time Aquarius is in his own world, does not lose energy in the opinion of others and does not intend to please anyone. However, there comes a point where people become very annoying, it seems that even their silence bothers them. That is when Aquarius can show his worst version, he does not intend to hurt anyone, but he wants to mark a huge limit, build a wall so that the rest think twice before inquiring into his life. Aquarius anger is unstoppable, it is the most expert sign in separating emotions from everyone else and simply opening sores that you did not even know. So please avoid going where they don’t call you.


The sign that honors sensitivity, the one that is carried away by your thoughts, which is why your emotions scream at you. Few have the courage to enter their hearts, most prefer to judge and that is when Pisces walks away, when they prefer to create their own reality, in which they do not have to deal with the cruelty of the rest. The problem is that spending a lot of time with your dreams is not always healthy, because you can get lost in a fantasy world, where you want to do everything, but in the end, you do nothing. Then laziness comes and sinks him more and more. Pisces can lose himself in a false spirituality and from there only he can be saved.


What Capital Sin Would You Be According To Your Sign

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