Love horoscope for the Christmas season: these zodiac signs are falling in love now

We have taken a look at the stars for you and tell you in our love horoscope for the Christmas season which zodiac signs will fall in love now.

Only 7 weeks until Christmas – not that much can happen anymore, you think? Oh but! You are very wrong … because for three zodiac signs the stars are extremely favorable in terms of love in the near future. So cheap that they’ll soon fall in love. Would you like to know which zodiac signs will be blessed with lucky love? Read on here!

These zodiac signs fall in love around Christmas time

Click your way through the picture gallery and find out which zodiac signs will fall head over heels in love during the Christmas season.


Ibex can look forward to a wonderful Advent. Together with their loved ones, they will – despite Corona – make themselves comfortable and make the best of the situation. All of the recent stress will fall away from you and you will be enveloped in a deep, relaxed aura. They are incredibly attractive and strong – of course, that also affects the admirer front! Capricorns can look forward to romantic online flirts during the Christmas season and as soon as the lockdown is over, they will go out and get to know the love of their lives. Uff … sounds almost too good to be true! 


All who were born in Taurus can be excited. Because she expects real fireworks of emotions in the weeks leading up to Christmas. A hitherto unknown person will come into your life by a sudden coincidence and turn everything upside down. Just in time for Christmas, the thing is scratched and the bulls in love are firmly forgiven. Wow! Who would have thought that?


Love horoscope for the Christmas season: these zodiac signs are falling in love now


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