In These Moments, Your Zodiac Sign Breaks Internally

In These Moments, Your Zodiac Sign Breaks Internally

Every zodiac sign has a weak point at which it breaks internally at certain moments. In which moments does it tear your zodiac sign and how does it behave when it breaks inside? Find out!


Capricorns always do something, whether for themselves or for others. You can’t sit still and do nothing. Capricorns are torn apart when they realize that all of their work has been in vain. When Capricorns are broken, they lose motivation to do something. They are then just a shell of the busy person they used to be.


Aquarius is the one who needs the most time to understand everything that is going on in their life. Aquarians think very scientifically and seek understanding in their outside world. When these signs are broken, they are instantly lost. They don’t understand what is happening to them and they try to fix what is broken inside them. But they do not realize that there is no one out there who understands what they long for. You have to take it up for yourself or you will break forever on it.


When a fish is broken, it loses its imagination. He no longer wonders about the magic of his future but trudges through the day hoping that he will make it through life for a while. He is then no longer enthusiastic about all the possibilities that lie ahead of him. So what broke him so? The worst thing for a fish is to be despised or excluded from the society in which it lives. So this is a moment when he breaks inside.


An Aries is a strong-willed, determined personality. He usually does not allow anything to be prescribed, and certainly, nothing to be forbidden. The only thing Aries isn’t good at is ending something. It is only when Aries has given everything in his power that he finally gives up. He is so exhausted from everything that burdens him so much that the stubborn spirit in him only says: “It’s over!” This is the moment when he breaks inside.


Taurus just wants to be loved. They look for love everywhere. When a Taurus is broken, you can almost hear the crack of its heart. Taurus is meek and warm, and a broken heart makes them helpless and angry. They apologize when anger persuades them, even for the things over which they have no control. They often apologize for everything they have ever done to others through their internal anger in the past. When you hear a Taurus say this, you know it is tearing them apart inside.


Geminis are not calm personalities. If they’re enthusiastic and happy, they’ll tell you about it right away. They rely on their words to connect with people. So if they are silent, something is wrong with them. It’s not that they can’t connect with you anymore, they just don’t want to. This is a sign that a Gemini’s heart is broken. Oftentimes, twins break inside when they realize that others are better than them. Then they get incredibly jealous and want to hide it.


Cancer is one of the softest and most kindhearted signs. Cancers have no idea how to break someone’s heart if they had to try. But when they are sad it can bring out the worst parts in this sign. They let off steam by projecting their anger onto others. You will lose the cute charm and will bring out the unsightly side in them. This is rarely seen, and only when they are so sad that they can no longer control themselves.


The broken heart of Leo projects itself not on others, but on themselves. They hate themselves when life is the most difficult. They blame themselves for the harshness that life brings against them and, unfortunately, they cannot recover quickly from it in these moments. Unlike a Cancer, a Leo is more likely to project anger onto themselves than onto those around them. It will slowly break down further and further.


Virgos are caring signs. They put their heart and soul into everything they do and all the people they love. They do not know how to take minimal care of something, because they always give everything. When a Virgo loses interest in the things she once loved, it’s not hard to see that she has lost a piece of herself along the way. A Virgo needs love most when she has lost this zeal for life because it breaks her inside.


Libra works best when they are surrounded by people they love. Libras don’t work well on their own and prefer people around to be alive and happy. However, when a scale is broken, it will seek time to itself. The people around her will only wear her down even more, and she will long for a bit of rest. Scales break inside when they get the feeling that they are inadequate. Then they withdraw.


Scorpios are greatly overwhelmed by their grief in sad states. They find it difficult to regulate these emotions, so they quickly lose control. They’re looking for a way to unleash these emotions, and it usually takes an eternity. When Scorpios find themselves in such a moment, they break internally. Because they hate it when they lose control, and especially when it is control over their own emotional world. 


Sagittarius are signs that work best when busy. They always have something to do and can become irritable if their schedule is not fully planned. They love the adventure world and let their inner energy drive them. When Sagittarius is sad because they did something wrong themselves, they lose that energy. He is then no longer able to do tasks that he once could do with his eyes closed, and he just doesn’t care. 


In These Moments Your Zodiac Sign Breaks Internally

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