Why You Push Away The People You Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Push Away The People You Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

At some point, we all pushed someone we love, or maybe someone who loves us, away from us. Maybe we did this as a defense or out of fear of getting close to him and getting hurt. On purpose or not, the truth is we did it. Sometimes we have no idea why we’re pushing people away from us, but we keep doing it anyway.

Our zodiac sign can impart more truth to our behavior than we are aware of. In fact, each zodiac sign is characterized by these specific properties and characteristics. 

Find out why you push away the people you love according to your zodiac sign:

Capricorn – You don’t think anyone is on your side

Capricorn will push people away when they feel like they are not on the same page as them. Capricorn is a sign that is very confident. You know what he wants in life and he will work hard to make sure he is successful.

No matter how much he loves someone, he will push that person away. This is especially true if he sees that this person does not support them or has other ambitions that are not up to the level of Capricorn. 

Aquarius – You feel like you are not understood

You love to go on adventures and have a good time. Aquarius only pushes people away if he feels that these people do not understand him. In fact, Aquarius will also push people he loves away if they don’t understand him.

These signs know they have their quirks and they fully accept that. But Aquarius also wants to be accepted by others for who he is.

Pisces – you are afraid of being hurt and rejected

Like all watermarks, fish can be very delicate. That being said, Pisces are possibly the most delicate in the entire zodiac. Because of this, Pisces are afraid of being hurt or rejected, knowing how badly they will feel the pain.

Because of this, fish quickly crowd these out once things get a little problematic. Instead of exposing themselves to potential injury, Pisces will convince themselves that things are just not meant to be and distance themselves from the situation and the people involved.

Aries – you don’t love this person enough

Aries naturally tend to be impulsive. That means they often act before they think. But that’s not always bad. It means they follow their heart.

As much as you think you love someone, if your hearts are really not fully engaged, then Aries will push other people away. However, it may take a while for their heads to catch up with their hearts in this scenario. 

Taurus – You have a hard time welcoming others into your life

The Taurus is extremely stubborn and stuck. Apart from that, he feels very comfortable with his routine in everyday life. It takes time for him to be ready to open up with all his heart.

Most of the time, Taurus needs to feel safe in all aspects of their life first. That being said, he can drive people away for fear that his life will change. 

Gemini – you don’t want to lose what you have

Geminis want to avoid the pain of losing a friendship or romantic relationship by creating distance between themselves and the other person. Your intention is to avoid hurting, not hurting another person.

Perhaps they are hoping that they can save some of their relationships by pushing away those they love. Whatever the mindset that drives this action, Gemini pushes people away so as not to get hurt.

Cancer – you are afraid of your emotions

Cancer feels everything deeply, and although this is generally one of the positive characteristics of this sign, it can also lead to conflict.

Sometimes he can be overwhelmed by his own emotions. When a Cancer pushes someone they love away, it’s not because they’re afraid of how the other person is feeling, but because they can’t handle their own emotions. 

Leo – you are afraid to settle down

When a Leo pushes someone they love away, they are doing so out of their own fears and insecurities. If your sign is Leo then you are afraid of being rejected and you often push people away before they can first do it.

You can also be extremely picky about dating. While there’s nothing wrong with having standards, you often use them to convince yourself to break away from someone. 

Virgo – You are afraid that you will ruin the relationship

Virgo tends to push away people she loves because she is afraid of hurting them. The last thing a Virgo wants to do is hurt someone, especially someone they care about.

If Virgo is comfortable in the relationship she has with someone, she will always be afraid of losing it. In her attempts to prevent the loss of a relationship, Virgo can inadvertently push away the people she loves.

Libra – You want to focus on yourself first

Libra will do anything for any friend or partner. Through thick and thin, whatever you need, Libra will be there for you. So it’s hard to imagine that this sign would actually push someone away.

As surprising as it may seem, Libra has a tendency to push people away when they feel like they need to work on themselves. She needs a strong sense of self to move forward in relationships. She often puts others in front of herself, but sometimes she just needs to take a break and work on herself.

Scorpio – Your trust issues are keeping you from getting close to anyone

The only thing Scorpio really struggles with is trust. This sign can be extremely trusting, loyal, and devotional without a second thought.

However, if you betray him, lie to him, or give him a reason to doubt you, the Scorpio will attack you very quickly. This sign does not want to be betrayed. And this can inadvertently cause people to be pushed away from him. 

Sagittarius – You put others on a pedestal too quickly

Sagittarius often put people on a pedestal too quickly. They only see the good in someone and have unrealistic ideas about them.

But sooner or later reality hits and you see these people for who they really are. When this happens, Sagittarius will push her away because he has to figure out whether or not the real version of someone will fit into their life.


Why You Push Away The People You Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

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