How Each Sign Makes Strong Even Though It Is Destroyed From The Inside

How Each Sign Makes Strong Even Though It Is Destroyed From The Inside

There are sadnesses that do not warn, they permeate like humidity, they make you wonder a lot of things and at the same time nothing. It is as if you are not here, your soul leaves, your body remains emotionally exhausted. That body that only walks by inertia, but to which so many things ceased to matter a long time ago. I’m talking about that pain that makes you feel a hole in your stomach and that no matter how hard you try to fill it, it is not enough. In what way does each sign of the zodiac become strong even if it is destroyed inside?  It may not show, but you are fighting every day to win the battle against that horrible ghost.


A desperate cry, that’s what Aries demands when anger becomes his best company. He is so full of pain that he gets angry about everything, he does not know how to channel the emotions that turn to lumps in his throat. When he is dealing with something strong, he clings to his impulsive side, desperately wants to save himself and his energy becomes the best of coats. Suddenly, you see him doing a thousand things because he does not want to stop because he knows that the moment he does it, he can break, and he is terrified that he does not have enough courage to overcome it. Aries, be careful or someone who is not to blame for anything will get hurt. It is not that you are cruel, it is that you prefer to dress up your ego before giving more weapons to the other so that they can tear you to pieces. Aries, try going for a walk, screaming all you can in the open air, let all that rage go, your essence doesn’t deserve to get dirty that way.


Have you heard that where do you go when you don’t want to be anywhere? Taurus, many times he feels like this, lost as if he has a huge load on his back that does not let him breathe. His pain is so much that the tears do not appear, they have already dried, they have turned into sad, silent days and with the hope that tomorrow everything will be better. It is the sign that prefers to isolate itself because it does not want to become a burden for anyone, it has even become an expert in faking smilesOnly he who really pays attention to it in detail will realize that he is asking for help, he can no longer take it, but he is silent. It’s easier to go out with friends, forget about everything with a couple of drinks. That is better than saying that he can no longer handle so many cracks, that he needs help because his mornings weigh on him, the afternoons seem eternal and the nights have become perfect for insomnia to do its thing.


What bothers Gemini the most is that people tell them that they are sorry in such a banal way. It is desperate that they say it because they have not been in their place and many dare to minimize what happens to them. It is a sign that finds it difficult to embrace the pain because he feels the pressure of the other because he is supposed to smile, it should be an aimless accumulation of energy, the person who always knows what to do and if he does not look for a way to break the routine. Sounds magical right? I wish Geminis had that ability, I wish they didn’t have to secretly cry and keep quiet about everything that pities them. Sometimes he seeks relief in music, in the words of his favorite song, in painting, in dancing, in anything that helps him break with the routine and restore his faith. His mind is cruel, it leads him to imagine a lot of scenarios in which everything goes wrong and that is when he feels frustrated, restless, wanting to throw in the towel, but does not say anything until the moment comes when the glass spills the last drop.


Yes, Cancer has good feelings, he can forgive you, but something that he will not give in is when that person knew it was going to hurt and ended up doing it anyway. It is a sign that knows perfectly the art of hiding when it does not want them to discover its sadness. It is a sign that you trust that the next morning you will feel better, so you prefer to cry yourself to sleep and pretend nothing happened. That is Cancer, he closes himself in his emotions, he plays strong and as time goes on his life is filled with responsibilities that do not correspond to him. It may be more broken than ever, but it does not stop helping the other. Perhaps, it is a desperate way of saying that you can’t take it anymore. In fact, he feels a lot, everything affects him, and many times he would like to be the person who is lifted and not the one who is always there to lift others. It is powerful, but it has cracks that few know and that is when your sensitivity can sink you, hiding so much pain behind a smile.


There are days when everything gets out of hand for Leo when he doesn’t recognize himself, feels sad, tired, and desperate. That’s when your emotions can explode, because you save so much, that there comes a point where all you want is to take a deep breath and run away from it all. The bad thing is that they don’t say it, on the contrary, they keep busy not to think so much, a way to pause the pain, but sooner or later it comes back. He returns like an uncontrollable blaze, screaming that he’s collapsed, but what he does best is smile, so he’s not going to let his guard down. They say that he does not always shut up to keep quiet, sometimes, you do it for peace, because you want to feel good about yourself and try to find a solution. That is Leo, in the end, he always comes out ahead, because he is brave, intelligent, with a lot of abilities, to achieve whatever he wants in life. However, when he feels that he is losing the battle, he believes that everything is a dream, that all his goals are going to come to nothing and that is when anxiety becomes his best company.


They say loneliness is dangerous because once you make peace with it, it becomes addictive. That’s what happened to Virgo, the moment he discovered in the middle of the night that no one else would help him get through the pain. So he clung to himself, to his resilience, to his dignity, and the desire he has to get ahead. However, it is difficult to pretend that everything is fine. There comes a time when Virgo feels consumed because he is obsessed so that everything turns out perfect and in his desperation to have everything under control he forgets what is really important. Sometimes, Virgo, all you need is to look in front of the mirror and repeat that everything will be fine. He has the power to rebuild himself, he does not want anyone to come and solve his life, but it would not be bad if a real company decides to stay by his side, in what happens the storm.


Sometimes you don’t feel like talking to anyone, all you want is to find yourself again, try to get back to your midpoint, but it is very complicated. Above all, when it comes to Libra, he has a very sensitive side, so much so that when he least thinks he is already dealing with problems that do not correspond to him. It is important that you give yourself a space to get away from everyone because all that burden turns off your light, your passions, the dreams you have at your door. Libra’s sadness is the one that disguises itself as hopelessness when he begins to find the negative in everything, it is because apathy does not let him advance. It is very likely that you are influenced by the vibe that surrounds you, hence it is very important that you do not include in your circle people who are not worth it, who take much more than what you contribute. A sad Libra takes refuge in books, in music, in everything that helps him disconnect from reality. Perhaps, it is time to accept that you cannot always and that it is okay to ask for a little help.


You will never understand how many sleepless nights, tears, hopelessness, it has cost a Scorpio to move on. Because most of the people who knock on your door, stay with the image that the other creates, without even knowing it. It is a sign that has become adept at making people believe that everything is fine. Well, you have discovered that it is very simple to disguise the thorns that prevent you from moving forward with a cold and impetuous personality. Scorpio accepts that the other sees him as someone very brave, like that person who never has problems, but does have a lot of gallantry for everything that comes his way in life. They say he is manipulative and controlling, okay, let people say what they want. Because he does not intend to share his deep level of empathy with anyone, he does not have time to shut up, he prefers that his actions say it all. But just because you have that level of emotional maturity doesn’t mean you don’t have moments when you only need one hand to keep going.


People believe that because Sagittarius is a strong-willed person, they don’t have weak feelings that make them want to run away from everything. Often, she goes to threefold effort to disguise all her pain in happiness. That is one of the reasons why Sagittarius is always against the clock because it wants to keep up with one activity after another. He hides his injuries in a lot of social activities, in productive work, at parties, on travel. Sometimes an excessive and extreme Sagittarius is the saddest, the one who tries three times as much to laugh out loud, but inside his heart is darker than ever. Few are those who perceive the sadness in their eyes because they do not stop to observe that they never want to stop and that when they feel that silence is with them they do not see the way to fill everything with noise. There is a part of him that is terrified of being alone, wants to run away from his thoughts.


Yes, physical pain can turn a stone in your shoe, but emotional pain tightens your throat until you can’t take it anymore. There are times when Capricorn all wants is an opportunity, to live that breath that is capable of filling him with energy and that invites him not to give up whatever happens. Perhaps, many do not notice it, but every morning he makes an effort to continue, to smile, to continue trying, although life often weighs on him. Sometimes, Capricorn, can be very stubborn and that uses it to his advantage, to run away from what his heart is telling him, he does not stop even if sadness begs him to do so. His inspiration is work, to be better, he leaves his pains in a long day, in the exhaustion that remains and that is how he has been able to continue advancing. When in reality all you need is a word of encouragement, a hug, or just a company even if they remain silent. That would make the difference between his happiness and fall apart.


Yes, maybe he is not an open book person. Sometimes, Aquarius prefers to put on his layer of coldness and not go through life wasting love, because he knows that there are people who do not value him and that no matter how much they say they understand him, there are few who really put themselves in his place. That is why over the years he has learned to mourn in silence, swallows everything that upsets him, and flees from reality. His emotions boil to get out, but Aquarius keeps them under lock and key. So, people only know the carefree, the one who supposedly gets carried away in everything. The one who is not afraid of risks, the one who is always looking for something new and tries to find everything positive in everything. That is the Aquarius that people who do not value it deserve because they are not willing to put their sensitivity in hands that will only break it. That’s why he pretends, that’s why he doesn’t let you see beyond, and at other times he has opened the doors and it was horrible.


The truth is that Pisces no longer even remembers the many times when he stares at something and gets lost in his thoughts. His seriousness is the one that hides a lot, the one that keeps secrets that are not shared, but that tear his soul at every step. He wants to be okay, but the past comes to his mind out of nowhere and that’s when the pieces start to fall apart. Suddenly, Pisces feels in a spiral, no matter how much he tries to get out he ends up where he is, he wants something that motivates him to continue, to gain strength, to show that he still does not lose hope of achieving everything he once dreamed of. Pisces, feels that anxiety dominates him, he wants to be fine, but his mind tells him otherwise and that is when he begins to put aside important projects. That is a key sign that he is not okay, because he stops doing what he likes and walks away, he does not want to know anything about anyone. The problem is that the hard time is expected to pass, and sometimes, it is worse.


How Each Sign Makes Strong Even Though It Is Destroyed From The Inside

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