How To Know If That Sign Wants Something Serious With You Or Just Wants To Pass The Time

How To Know If That Sign Wants Something Serious With You Or Just Wants To Pass The Time

Sometimes, the serious relationship in which exclusivity, honesty, loyalty is essential, is only in our imagination. We want to believe that the other also wants the same, because it is not easy to give up your heart and not value it. That’s when we blindfold ourselves, go into denial, and enter into a bond that wears us down. The signs of the zodiac make it clear, we just don’t pay attention to the signs that he just wants to hang out. Someone had to tell you and maybe this will help you understand many things. How do you know if that sign wants something serious with you or just wants to hang out?


Aries is one of the most genuine signs, when you want a serious relationship, you put time ahead, speak to the future, you want a long-term bond. Aries works very hard to make the other person feel comfortable and motivated. He is not afraid to express his emotions and declare to his circle of people that he adores you. However,when he just wants to hang out, he just opens up a sudden slot in his schedule, it isyou who must adapt to his plans. They don’t want to involve feelings and they let all the attention focus on what’s going on under the covers. Aries is an expert at diverting attention, he does not want to hurt you, but he is not ready for something else.


How do you know if that sign wants something serious with you or just wants to hang out? Well, when Taurus wants something serious with you, he makes it clear, he likes to put the cards on the tables and talk with pros and cons about the relationship. Taurus puts commitment ahead, so much so that he not only talks about emotions, but also money, stability, meeting his distant family. However, when he just wants to hang out it’s all about the present, he always emphasizes that there is no telling what will happen tomorrow. He keeps his visits only with you and does not resist talking in depth about his family. He is even very reserved when sharing his hobbies or something similar.


When Geminis fall in love, they do it from the gut, they want something deep, mental and emotional. At the moment that confirms the formality in the relationship, it is when he becomes obsessed with knowing everything about his partner, he wants to know his family, his hobbies, his sadness, his fears, everything. How do you know if that sign wants something serious with you or just wants to hang out? Geminis even talk about what they will look like when they are a couple of seniors. But if Geminis are not interested in something serious, they do not get involved, it is a very superficial bond in which kisses, caresses, hugs are shared, but nothing else. They don’t really know anything about each other.


Cancer is the soul that surrenders to love, when it finds the right person it does so in a very pure way, it wants to make it clear that exclusivity and loyalty is something it seeks. Cancer enjoys stability and wants his partner to become his companion on adventures,outings with friends, with family. Cancer wants her love to fit into her world. But when you don’t want something serious it is also noticeable, it is not sticky and many times it also involves feelings, but it is somewhat less intense. It shows when he wants to be discreet, when he resists his acquaintances knowing about his partner.


Leo is the type of sign that puts aside its egocentric part to give itself completely to the person it loves. How do you know if that sign wants something serious with you or just wants to hang out? When Leo wants something formal, he begins to worry about his well-being, he wants everyone to know him, he is proud to hold his hand and somehow he loves that both of them impress together. However, when he does not want something serious, he returns the bond as something social, a bit shy because he is really involved. They are just having fun and emphasizing that they value their independence and do not want anything to change about it.


Virgo is one of the signs that when it comes to serious relationships is committed like nobody else, really likes to give their place to the other person and seeks stability. He is very meticulous in choosing a heart, so if he starts to involve you in his day to day, it is a good sign . Virgo does not open up emotionally with just anyone, there he is telling you everything. However, when he does not want something serious, he marks a huge barrier between feelings and the physical, he has no interest in talking to you about what hurts him, what scares him or what he dreams about, it is body-to-body contact and nothing else.


If there is a sign that is diplomatic when it comes to love, without a doubt, we are talking about Libra . And it is that he is the one who adds passion, intensity and friendship, he wants a being with whom he can simply let himself go, with whom to share his dreams. If Libra opens that door of his life for you, it is because he thinks you are the one. However, when they don’t want anything serious they set certain limits, they don’t let you call or visit at any time you want. They resist going out with you all the time and make it clear that they are fine on their own. If Libra tells you that they are feeling pressured, just forget about it.


Scorpio is the one who gives himself as if there is no tomorrow when it comes to loving. It is synonymous with energy, intensity, the opportunity that life gives you to share your emotions. Scorpio shares with you on all levels, he wants you to know his world, his dark side and still lets you know that he wants you to walk by his side. How do you know if that sign wants something serious with you or just wants to hang out? Scorpio when he just wants to hang out , he does not waste time sharing his private things , he becomes very mysterious, because he does not really trust the other person and it is rare when he gives him his full attention.


Boy, it is difficult to determine when Sagittarius is ready or not, for the commitment. And they have the gift of connecting with anyone around them. Sagittarius is the optimistic, playful soul that comes into your life to show you the many adventures they can have. He wants something formal when he includes you in your crazy things, when he talks about you in the future and when he shows you off. But when it is only for a while, he avoids talking about long-term issues, he simply focuses everything on something casual, talks little and is distracted by everything that comes his way.


Capricorn is the one who does not give up when it comes to love, he wants something serious when he tells you directly, he is very persistent during courtship and they are experts in being victorious. He doesn’t beat around the bush and will do anything to steal even a second of your attention. However, when they just want to hang out, theymake excuses for you not to be a part of their days, like work, little time, or anything else. They don’t want you to meet their friends, family, they just need more time to know whether or not you are the right person.


Aquarius is the type of person who when he wants something serious begins to share his interests, on an intellectual level he steals anyone’s attention, but when his stories include emotions things change. Aquarius enjoys his solitude, so if he includes you in his life it is because he really cares about you . He is breaking with his own ideals to be with you. However, when he just wants to hang out he is a bit distant, does not like to talk a lot or go out to crowded places. Let’s say that you maintain the bond as something relaxed, you are the one who appears and disappears out of nowhere.


When Pisces loves, they do it in a special way, full of affection, dedication, and attention. It is a very empathetic sign, so it will look for the most beautiful way to fit in your thoughts. He is very kind and dedicates time and energyto you. Pisces wants to know everything about you and makes it clear that he loves spending time with you. However, when he just wants to hang out, he becomes more indecisive, it is tender, but not enough, there is something that prevents him from connecting deeply and if he feels that everything is getting intense, he prefers to leave because he does not want to hurt anyone.


How To Know If That Sign Wants Something Serious With You Or Just Wants To Pass The Time

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