These 3 Zodiac Men Only Show Their True Colors After Weeks

These 3 zodiac men only show their true colors after weeks 

At the beginning everything seems to be perfect. You may have a tingling sensation in your stomach when you see it and your heart skips. You may already be planning your future together and you will see everything through rose-colored glasses. Of course you are in love!

At the beginning of a relationship, when we are newly in love, we see things extremely positively and cannot even imagine that the partner could change. Until we are then brought down to earth. 

It doesn’t always have to happen, but when you are with a certain type of man, the chances are that they will show you their real face after a few weeks or months, and maybe even shock you with it. 

Astrology can help you because it deals with the different character traits of the zodiac signs and can predict the behavior of the individual zodiac signs on this basis. Here are the 3 zodiac men who will show you their true colors after a while:

1. Taurus

When you are in a relationship with the Taurus man, it can feel very fulfilling and harmonious. That’s probably why you’re on cloud nine right now. Taurus men impress women with their faithful and reliable manner and thus cast a spell on them. Partners of Taurus men often have the impression that the relationship is characterized by harmony and contentment and therefore feel incredibly safe and secure in their husbands’ arms. 

But after a while the Taurus man shows his true colors, which probably nobody expected. It’s a whole new and different side that you’ve probably never experienced before. Your partner may suddenly seem listless and be very lazy. Taurus men also tend to invest less in the relationship after a few months, although they tried very hard to begin with. You no longer want to spend as much time as a couple and withdraw from the relationship. 

In addition, your Taurus man may be jealous and suspicious more often. It can even get to the point that every now and then he has unfounded fears that he tries to blame on you or your behavior. In public, he might try obsessively to cling to you to show that you are taken. He’s probably very afraid of losing. If you are with a Taurus man and after a while you find that he has changed and is struggling with his jealousy, it is important to make it clear to your partner that you are the only one for him.

2. Cancer

Cancer men are considered caring and warm-hearted. When you have a Cancer man by your side, you will know that you are in good hands. He will listen to you and try to put himself in your shoes because he really wants to understand you. And that’s something every woman probably wants in a man. Cancer men are also family-oriented and rely a lot on cohesion within a relationship. Because of this, your partner may have been a lovable person in your eyes from the first date. 

In addition, Cancer men exude a lot of calm and serenity in their relationships. And that gives the woman the feeling that she has something down to earth with her husband and that she can build a future with him. But appearances are deceptive at first! 

Often times, a Cancer man takes a few weeks to show his true colors in a relationship. This becomes particularly clear in disputes and conflict situations. Could it be that your partner is suddenly oversensitive in discussions? Then it may well be because he is a Cancer and is now showing his true personality. In addition, it can happen that your partner suddenly becomes possessive and wants to share less with you. It is important that you resolve this disharmony quickly so that it does not build up. Clear and empathetic communication can help here.

3. Gemini

Geminis are known for their liveliness and variety. These two things are especially valuable in relationships. Because they prevent the partnership from falling asleep and the couple from getting bored. Gemini men are curious and want to understand things. That is why they often show great interest in different things, but also in their partner. They also find it easy to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations. This is why women fall in love with twins very quickly and see their partner as the perfect man. 

After a while, however, he often shows what he’s really made of and that comes as a surprise to the partner. Your twin husband may have been optimistic and relaxed in the beginning. But suddenly he seems restless and dissatisfied in the relationship. You may not even know why, or you may blame yourself for his behavior. He can also be eerily moody and it might seem like a roller coaster ride. You may feel like you have to tiptoe around him, paying attention to what you say with every word. 

If his behavior bothers you, you always have to address it immediately. Even if you are afraid of his reaction, don’t hesitate. It’s important that you don’t become unhappy because you build up your anger in order to allay it. Things may get worse at first, but in time he will realize that he cannot dump his emotional junk on you and he will realize that he needs to work on himself.


These 3 Zodiac Men Only Show Their True Colors After Weeks

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