Why Each Sign Prefers To Stay Single Until They Find Something Real

Why Each Sign Prefers To Stay Single Until They Find Something Real

Around there I heard that being single is not knowing anything about love. But … in reality it is knowing more, it is understanding that not everyone is ready to have a healthy bond, so many times it is better to wait. Singles decide to love each other rather than lose themselves in a relationship that only becomes exhausting. They say that the train is going to leave me, the truth is that it doesn’t worry me, I always liked airplanes more . Why does each sign prefer to stay single until they find something real? 


Life has taught you that you cannot go around sharing your wounds, because there are those who instead of caressing and respecting them, are waiting for you to distract yourself for a moment to tear them to pieces . Why does each sign prefer to stay single until they find something real? Aries, you prefer being single because you have learned to love yourself like never before, because you value the life transition you are in. Because you have clear goals, you are working hard, and you want peace of mind. At the moment you don’t need anything else.


Taurus you are so stupid that it is difficult for you to open the doors to love again. Deep down you know that there must be a soul that is willing to truly give itself, someone who is not afraid of commitment. However,you have decided to pause because you know that you have ghosts from the past that do not let you move forward. You are at a stage where the priority is you, it has been a long time since you paid so much attention to yourself. So if you’re going to jump into the ring, it may be because someone real comes along.


Love and love … for a long time the idea of ​​the couple had tormented you, as if something in you was not right. And it is that you are so changeable, that it is difficult for you to maintain your attention during the relationship. You are a dreamer, your mind never stops and you dream big, you have many goals to accomplish before losing yourself in someone’s arms . Why does each sign prefer to stay single until they find something real? Gemini, now you care about what you love, your family, your friends, your job and everything that makes your heart stir. You know that sooner or later it will come, but you’re not in a hurry.


The past has taught you great lessons, the kind that made your tears roll, the kind that made your stomach ache and knots your throat. You have learned that not everyone deserves your attention, that no matter how much love you give someone, it will never be enough if that someone does not love each other. Now you have decided to pause the love affair, because you want to recover. Because you let your dignity get trampled on and you just started embracing your self-love.


For a long time your brightness was dull, you got used to the fact that loves come in passing, that they promised you the Moon and the stars, and then left without saying anything. Now you understand that you are much more, that you deserve something incredible and not crumbs. You don’t have to settle for someone who isn’t willing to give it their all. For half-hearted love you better stay with your loneliness. At least there you have learned to reflect, to give yourself your place and now you do not think to take a step back.


Between work, worries, your goals, your dreams, life suddenly screams at you that it is necessary to stop. Why does each sign prefer to stay single until they find something real? Virgo, you have so many things on your mind that just thinking about love makes you nervous. And it is that not everyone is ready to keep up with you, you are the one who loves perfection, who does not give up until things turn out the same as planned. You don’t want someone to come and interfere with your stability. You have more important things to attend to at the moment.


Sometimes, you are the one who comes up with a lot of ideas that don’t exist in your head. And there is a part of you that panics when they talk to you about love. You want to but you can’t, because you don’t want to end up with your heartbroken . In addition, you have gotten used to your loneliness, your space, your times, if someone is not ready to respect that, it is better for them to move on. Although it would not be bad if you give the opportunity to someone who has been trying to make you smile for a long time.


Scorpio can lose himself in the intensity of his thoughts, he can start with 5 minutes of analyzing and falls into a strong emotional shock, so much so that it is better that you stay away. It is a sign that struggles with the duality of its emotions, on the one hand, the strong part and on the other the vulnerable part. You are not ready to give your heart to just anyone, you need to feel confident that this person is the one, that you are not going to minimize your emotions and that you are not afraid of commitment.


A deep breath for all the times you’ve tried. It is not easy to give up such a fragile part of yourself again, you are terrified of ending up in the wrong arms again. Therefore, you prefer to travel than fall in love, because that way you stay safe. And it is that in reality your heart is not ready yet, it needs more time alone. You need to suture each wound to get back to new arms. Do not pressure yourself, that is when you really feel ready, but above all loved and respected.


Behind a courageous, consistent soul that always has everything under control, hides someone who is afraid of making the same mistake again. Capricorn enters into conflict when he is wrong, he begins to feel guilty and that is why he has stayed away from new loves. Somehow, you have not completely overcome the bad streak of the past, you need to let go and understand that not all are the same and that the moment you stop being so closed, it is possible that the real person knocks on your door.


Give everything for someone? Aquarius is the one who struggles with his distant way of seeing love, but after he gave everything up and got hurt, things get worse. Being more complicated becomes, because he puts up a huge barrier, he does not want his feelings to be shattered and for that reason he has decided that it is much better to invest his time in something that is worthwhile, in his dreams, in what accelerates his soul and in what keeps him away from a lot of tears.


It’s simple, everyone talks about real love, everyone longs for it, but there are few who dare to honor it. Pisces has decided to stay alone not because he is not ready to love, it is because he has not found someone who is willing to do the same. He got tired of loves for a while, of betrayals, of instability. He got tired of the drama and now he prefers to sink into the shelter of loneliness. At least there you feel comfortable, at least there you don’t have to wonder over and over again if that person is seeing your face.


Why Each Sign Prefers To Stay Single Until They Find Something Real

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