How To Know If A Sign Dies Of Jealous And Even If It Doesn’t Say It

How To Know If A Sign Dies Of Jealous And Even If It Doesn’t Say It

It is not what we see, it is what we imagine. The mind is so powerful that it invites our insecurities and makes us feel inferior in everything. However, we are not always able to express it, it is difficult for us to accept that jealousy is present. Although, there are certain behaviors that say it all. How do you know if a sign is dying of jealousy even if it doesn’t say so? Emotions can be hidden, at least we try, but there comes a point where we are very obvious. When we feel that we can lose something we become other, but our zodiac sign gives us away.


You have the ability to pretend that everything is calm and even you end up believing it. However, when something moves you so deeply, your emotions give you away and you go from serenity to a frightening instability. It is your fear that governs you and it is practically impossible for you to cover the sun with one finger. You become curter, you don’t feel like continuing the conversation, much less going out to have fun. Also, you want to know where your partner is. You may not say it, but inside you are that you burn. Your temper kicks in with every detail and ends up in a tremendous discussion. It’s your desperate jealousy.


As they say, out there, the good times are good, but … the bad times be very careful. Taurus does what he can to give his partner space, he has never been the type of squeamish person, he likes that both of them strive to fulfill their dreams and that they do not leave their individuality aside. It is a very patient sign, it cares about the well-being of those it loves and therefore does not cross the line. However, when you start to notice misplaced attitudes, turn on the alert button. Taurus is not stupid at all and if your intention is to see his face, you are with the wrong person. As much as he tries to hide it when he is jealous he forgets his affectionate part, he will not be sweet with someone who betrays him. If he is distant, it is because he has already found something and is rarely wrong.


The irony of life, Gemini can be the most reckless person when it comes to saying something upfront, they do not think about it much and they are not interested in having the approval of most people, they do not care, the important thing is not to keep it back. What do you feel? However, when it comes to jealousy things change. There, his introverted part struggles with all those thoughts that prevent him from trusting someone. He is not going to get angry, but he is going to feel sad, the opposite happens to him, from being the life of the party he becomes a shadow. Quiet jealousy, even when your partner asks you. If Gemini stops glowing as before, it is because it is slowly fading. He may not say it, but he is living an internal duel and when you least think about it he is going to leave.


A very bad combination. It is very clear that jealousy and Cancer do not get along at all. It is such an emotional sign that adding one more stripe to the tiger could be synonymous with the bomb exploding at any moment. If you have a relationship with Cancer, it is for you to respect it, dedicate time to it and make an effort to do things together so that everything works. You are too lazy to deal with someone who does not commit and who does not understand the term of exclusivity. It is not to share the love with anyone. At the moment he can swallow his jealousy because he is not entirely sure. However, with the first test, it is more than enough to become distant. He’s confused, he wants to know if it’s worth staying with you, and he’s just testing how interested you are in that it works.


I tell you sincerely if Leo is jealous, it is better that you do not move him, because you can flatly find his worst face. You can see his jealousy, his impulsive and explosive side speak for themselves. It is very demanding in relationships, when you start to feel that something strange is happening, you do not take your finger off the line. Not only is he extremely smart when it comes to connecting the dots, but he also listens to his intuition. Rarely will he set up a scene without sufficient evidence, if he confronts you it is because he already knows what is happening. Do not expect him to treat you with the same happiness as always, there he forgets his love part, what he wants is to know the whole truth and he will not sit idly by pretending that nothing is wrong, when inside he is burning. Do yourself a favor and get out of his life before you betray him because if you do you will regret it.


It is very difficult for Virgo to manage their emotions, they always try to have everything under control and when a piece ends up in the wrong place their anxiety takes over. For the same reason, try not to mess with unfair people. It is a very busy sign, who does not mind being single, if he is with you it is because he really likes you, but that does not mean that he will tolerate that they see his face. When he is jealous, he does anything to hide it, he does not want to give the other the pleasure of seeing him defeated. However, he becomes more distracted, he spends his time thinking about how to fix the situation, and he is no longer as attentive as ever. He is analyzing meticulously because he does not want to be wrong, if he claims you it is because he already knows the truth. So, don’t waste time wanting to hide it, or make Virgo lose it.


There is a part of Libra that prevents you from screaming from the rooftops when you are burning with jealousy. He wants to keep up appearances and not feel like things are getting out of hand. If we add to that that he is an expert in finding something good for everyone, things get worse. It’s such an empathetic sign that you can’t see the red flags quickly. However, his intuition never leaves him alone, he does whatever it takes to figure out that feeling of unease in the relationship. The bad thing is that their insecurities can make them believe that it is their fault, that there is something wrong in their way of loving and that is why they do not respect them. Libra, you have two sides when you are jealous, you may try to be more attentive and sweet to get your partner back. Or, he ends up paying you with the same currency. You know which one you prefer.


Do you want to know if Scorpio is jealous? There is not much science, it does not matter to him receiving a thousand looks, if at the moment you make him feel bad for no reason, expect him to remain silent. His reactions are noticeable, but that does not mean that he is one of those who put on a tremendous scene just for the sake of it. The moment you minimize his emotions, you do not give him his place and also, you have the nerve to laugh at his face, there you will know his firm and angry side. Scorpio is not here to be the second table dish, he does not want to live with the worry that his partner may end up in other arms when he least thinks about it. At first, he will get angry and will tell you things without mincing words. But then he calms down and puts the relationship on a scale, there are people who are not worth it and it is better to let go.


There is something that Sagittarius hates with all their soul, it is nothing less than feeling insecure for the love of their partner. He is a person who finds it difficult to take the step towards commitment, so when he does, the least he wants is to deal with half-hearted love. It is not healthy to be in a relationship where heartbreak is an everyday occurrence. When Sagittarius is jealous it shows in every pore, he does not put the same emotion in things and he finds the bad side of everything. The jokes disappear and he begins to make plans on his own, much more than before. In some way, he’s telling you that he doesn’t feel respected and doesn’t want to spend time with someone who doesn’t value his company. Fortunately, for your partner it is a sign that you flee from tragedy, so you will not waste time arguing, especially in front of people. But be careful because if he leaves he won’t come back.


The truth is that one of the most difficult things for Capricorn is to accept that they are jealous. His logical side makes him think that it is silly to invest time in something like that, but he also has a heart and things do not always go as planned. There are times when Capri takes a deep breath and pretends everything is fine, but inside she is in pieces. It is very to swallow your emotions, you feel undervalued and that is when the negativity is present. Perhaps he does not tell you that he is jealous, however, he will stop doing things for you, you will no longer be on his priority list and little by little he will take you out of his life. It is a sign that when things go wrong, he takes refuge in work, his hobbies, and everything that makes him forget about his bad relationship. It is not for that if someone does not want to commit to leaving.


If Aquarius notices that he begins to feel jealous in a relationship, he knows perfectly well that it is time to put an end to it. And it is that he is used to freeing ties, at least, that is his goal. You do not want to get entangled in an insane bond, in which you have to take care of your cell phone, the messages you send, and even what you post on social networks. However, when you feel insecure and jealousy appears it is very discreet, you do not realize at first that you are having a bad time. If you want him to admit his jealousy, you’re going to have to sit and wait, because he won’t. In addition, he is not one of those who clings to the subject, not feeling comfortable he puts a stop and walks away. Aquarius does not disappear just for the sake of it. When he does, it is because he has been confused for a long time and does not intend to tolerate it anymore.


The first thing that should be clear is that Pisces is not exaggerated, the fact that you do not feel the same as he does not mean that he is wrong. Your sensitivity does not lie and when something tells you that things are wrong it is real. He has a very bad time because there is a part that tells him that he is not doing things well and he is not trying hard enough, he blames himself for everything and is very hard doing it. You try to convince yourself that it is not worth it, but once you open your eyes you will talk to your partner to really find out what is going on. The trouble is that you can come to believe something that is not true and suffer in vain. The important thing is that your partner values ​​your emotions and does not make them less.


How To Know If A Sign Dies Of Jealous And Even If It Doesn't Say It

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