What Do You Emotionally Value About Your Partner?

What Do You Emotionally Value About Your Partner?

Relationships are complex, even when both are in mental, physical, and emotional health. It is about accepting the defects and hobbies of the other. Once you manage to see it without the need to adorn its dark side, everything changes. That’s when true love arises when you decide to stay by his side and harmonize because you know that he gives you calm and happiness. However, kisses, caresses, and hugs are not everything. It also matters how you are emotionally caressed, what do you emotionally value in your partner according to your zodiac sign? 


You don’t want the moon and the stars to go down. In fact, you got tired of those couples who came into your life to build you a castle that only existed in their imagination. What you want is for them to have the pants to stay in your life, someone who is truly committed to the relationship and works every day to improve. Aries, you know that you are not perfect and not a fallen angel from heaven, but you have never been a bad person and you deserve to be reciprocated in the same way that you give yourself. What you value the most is when they take the time to listen to you, don’t judge you, and stay by your side until the storm passes.


What you have very clear is that if you are going to be with someone it is to improve. You do not plan to stay with a partner who only takes energy away from you. That is why from the beginning you dare to put the cards on the table. You are the bull of the zodiac, you love when everything is at its center and chaos is not part of your days. However, it is very rewarding when your partner becomes your escape valve, that place you can return to after experiencing so much stress. What you value the most is when he realizes you haven’t had a good day and does everything he can to steal a smile from you. You like that they awaken your vulnerable side and feel safe in their arms.


Yes, you can be one of the freest signs of the zodiac, however, that has nothing to do with how you commit to a relationship. There are many times that you have felt unfair accusations just for not meeting the expectations of other people. However, you stand firm, you will not lower your guard because of the bitterness of others. What you value the most on an emotional level is when they worry about your ups and downs. It is a relief to realize that you are much more than that person they hold by the hand. Your partner listens to you and looks for a way to solve what happens to you. The simple fact of receiving messages asking how you are is one of the best things that can be given to you in a relationship.


They say that when someone helps you and is also having a bad time, it does not help, it is love. Cancer is precisely that person, the one who would give anything to see who he loves happy. It is a very sensitive sign, it likes to listen and to be heard. When you are in a relationship you are looking for formality, you would not dare to play with a heart that is not ready for something long-term. A Cancer always wins his home side, the desire for stability and not go jumping from love to love. What he values ​​the most is when his partner becomes his confidant, when he doesn’t have to hide anything and just shows himself as he is. For Cancer, that is synonymous with true love, the moment in which the filters are removed and they decide to hug.


The lion of the zodiac, the one who cannot be still and always looks for a way to go further. You like relationships in which they do not turn off their shine and you can have the peace of mind that whatever happens, you are not alone. Leo has an impulsive side, when he loves passion he can dominate it and lead him to the wrong path, but after so many scars he has discovered that it is best to go with breaks. Leo emotionally values ​​a partner who respects him, who is there when tears are present, who does not humiliate him, much less minimize his feelings. That is the love that does not let go, in which friendship is also invited.


You can’t help it, you need to pay careful attention to your partner’s behavior. You are very selective when it comes to involving your feelings, even after a time with him. To make you feel comfortable you need your partner to show that they are willing to jump into the ring just like you. What you hate is when they try to push, it doesn’t matter if it’s subtle, but you get stressed out that they want you to do something and you still don’t feel ready. Hence, what you value emotionally is when they respect your time and you don’t have to deal with unnecessary criticism. It is very healthy when one learns from the other without falling into prejudices.


That person who has had the opportunity to know the heart of Libra knows that there is no place for lies. It is such a genuine sign that all you want is to find the middle ground in everything, where you do not feel judged. People criticize his way of seeing life and many times even dare to say that he needs malice, but only Libra knows that despite all the damage that his heart has done, he does not give up. That is why he values ​​the company of that person who dares to try to sail on his boat. That is the couple that does not let go, the one who not only focuses on superficialities, he intends to know what hurts him and not to humiliate or manipulate, he does it to show Libra that he is not alone in this battle.


Never judge a Scorpio by the way the case looks because what it shows on the outside has nothing to do with their personality. What most see is what they themselves have created. That cold Scorpio, who does not surrender and who is capable of breaking you at the moment he sets his mind to it. However, her partner is the one who manages to go beyond the shell, the one who can discover a passionate, affectionate, and sweet side. What you value most emotionally is that your partner does not downplay when something hurts, anger, or frustrates you. Scorpio has ups and downs like everyone else, he is tired of people hoping that things do not affect him. Sometimes all you need is a little understanding, it doesn’t matter if they don’t advise it, but being listened to is soothing.


The archer of the zodiac is not trifling. It is a sign that he is used to his loneliness, he likes his company and doing everything that calms him down. If you decide to be with a partner, it is because you really find positive advantages in all aspects of your life. He does not need anyone to be happy and that has helped him when it comes to letting go because he is not the type to beg at the end of a relationship. It may seem very crazy, but deep down it has an emotional side that does not hesitate to lower its guard. He is not going to humiliate himself for anyone, yet he dares to admit his mistakes. What he values ​​most emotionally in a couple is maturity when solving a problem. He does not want discussions, he wants solutions because that gives him peace.


The worst thing they can do to you is to fill your head with lies, you hate discovering that the same person who claims to love you while hugging you, does not have the courage to say things as they are. The moment Capricorn discovers that their relationship is a false one, he simply walks away, he is not one of those who forgive such betrayals, no matter how much it hurts. That is why what you value most emotionally is when your partner says things upfront and does not have to hide to do something that he likes. Capricorn, always bets on the truth, he does not care if it includes tears, he will already know if he lets suffering turn him off. But a lie does not forgive her.


What an Aquarius wants the least when having a partner is having to force things, it is very tedious to realize that the other person is not born to be affectionate with you. That is why at the first signs he walks away, he does not care if they make him look like the villain of the story later, but he is not going to settle for half-hearted love. What he values ​​most emotionally is being with someone who is transparent, who does not feel the need to be approved all the time. Someone with whom he can talk about everything, who does not have to repress his most unhealthy behaviors, and who between the two of them find a way to improve.


If Pisces has something, it is that he will not deny that his heart is big, he is the one that is moved when tragedy, love, pain, pass before his gaze. He is not the type of person who pretends that nothing happened, he needs to contribute even a little to help the other. He is so dedicated that when someone becomes his partner, he gives him the best of himself and something more. He does not deny that romanticism is part of his nature, on the contrary, he loves to get carried away with the right person. However, what you value most emotionally is when the other allows you to connect on a deep level and you do not have to hide your dreams. That person with whom you can talk about everything and anything. Someone with whom the silences are not uncomfortable and the conversations intense.


What Do You Emotionally Value About Your Partner?

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