He keeps calling even though he doesn’t want a relationship – what does that mean? That’s what behaviorists say.

He keeps calling even though he doesn’t want a relationship – what does that mean? That’s what behaviorists say.

He may say he doesn’t want a relationship, but he’ll keep calling you anyway. What should that? With data, a lot is about interpreting the signals correctly. It’s not always that easy! Sometimes men send contradicting signals that are difficult to interpret. Many women want a man who is willing to invest in a relationship. However, some men are more interested in a casual affair.

When men notice that the woman is looking for something stable but they are not interested in a relationship themselves, they sometimes try to delay the woman by telling her that they are not sure whether they want a partnership. 

Or a man tells you that he is, for example, a very freedom-loving and independent person. Of course, no woman wants a man to think she is in need. Because of this, it often happens that women keep in touch even though they actually long for a partner instead of a short romance. They secretly hope that the man will change his mind once he gets to know them better. 

However, if you try to clear up the fronts from the start and have already broken off the contact because he is not interested in a relationship, but he still gets in touch, then the whole thing can be quite confusing. Is he interested or not? 

And the even more important question: what to do if he still contacts you even though he doesn’t want a relationship?

Of course, you wonder what he actually wants with you. And maybe you still have the hope that he might want more from you than just romance. Perhaps he has internal fears and anxieties and is not so good at getting involved in a committed relationship? After all, you seem to be quite present in his head. Otherwise, why should he keep contacting you?

It can drive you crazy not knowing where you are with someone. The sentence: “I don’t want a relationship” has already been used, but you may somehow feel that he is interested in you and that he feels something for you. Because of this, you cannot completely give up hope yet. 

In truth, the man is trying to fish you with this behavior. He lures you by telling you that he doesn’t feel anything, but at the same time sends out completely different signals. Mostly there is an avoidant attachment behavior behind it. The man wants to provoke you so that you will try harder for him.

In principle, the only thing behind this is the hunting instinct, which is not only present in men but also in women. But there is one crucial difference: women withdraw because they want the man to bond with them. Men, on the other hand, just want to conquer women. But that doesn’t mean they want to bind them to you. With this sentence, you want to secure yourself that you don’t want a relationship. Afterward, they can still say that they communicated clearly.

So men continue to report anyway. Most of the time, of course, they just want to have a romance with the woman. Here some men are even very direct and openly address their wishes. Others like to play games and still try to get the woman around without having to make any commitments. 

On the other hand, the woman thinks that if he spends one night with her, he will fall in love with her. Nothing! A man doesn’t fall in love with a woman just because he has a romance with her. This behavior plays even the men in the cards perfectly. They get what they want and don’t have to take responsibility. For women, however, it is completely frustrating.

So how do you know if he’s really interested in you?

There are men who really struggle with attachment fears and would actually like to enter into a relationship with a woman. It could be that they have had painful experiences in the past that are now preventing them from being close to anyone. You don’t want to be hurt again at any cost and therefore prefer to keep your distance. 

Other men just can’t make up their minds and so women try to keep warm in case they end up wanting her. Such men often have many partners at the same time. What this means for you is that you are an option for him, but not a priority in his life. Maybe he thinks you are good, but secretly he thinks that maybe he could find someone better.

Clear signs that you are his number one include:

  • He keeps his promises and won’t let you down.
  • Every now and then he plans joint activities with you, which he also implements in the end.
  • He doesn’t just answer out of boredom, but because he wants to tell you something from his life or wants to learn more about you.
  • He responds to your wishes.
  • He doesn’t meet with others.
  • He looks forward to your meeting and initiates dates with you.
  • He makes sure that you feel comfortable when you are with him or write to him. 

If a man tells you that he absolutely doesn’t want a relationship right now, then you can really believe him. You shouldn’t try to change his mind. Don’t get your hopes up, there is a good chance you will just end up disappointed.


He keeps calling even though he doesn't want a relationship - what does that mean? That's what behaviorists say.

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