These 8 signs predict a breakup, according to science

These 8 signs predict a breakup, according to science

Do you have the feeling that it could be over soon between you and your partner? Do you want to know how to tell when a relationship is likely to end soon? Then you should read on now. 

It has been found that certain signs, some of which may seem completely harmless at first, can help predict whether your relationship is likely to end anytime soon.

According to science, these 8 things predict separation:

1. You get too upset when you argue

John Gottman is a well-known psychologist and examined, among other things, conflict situations among couples. In his research, he paid close attention to how couples resolve conflict situations. According to him, the likelihood of a long-term relationship is significantly reduced if at least one of the partners is often overwhelmed by his emotions during the argument so that he can no longer control himself. In this case, the heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute, and blood pressure increases significantly. According to Gottman, this problem will most likely keep a couple apart in the long run.

2. You almost never quarreled

If the couple doesn’t argue at all or never tries to resolve their differences, the relationship won’t last long either. At least that’s what science says. A survey found that couples who regularly talk to each other are much happier than those who keep silent about their problems. If a problem is postponed again and again, a gap will eventually grow between the couple that will one day lead to an unhappy and utter misunderstanding between the two. Harmonious relationships cannot be maintained if there is no communication. And healthy conflicts are part of every relationship.

3. The wedding ring was too expensive

A 2014 study at Emory University found that people who spent a lot of money on the wedding rings were more likely to get divorced again. It is believed that this may be related to how the couple goes through financial difficulties in the future. When partners spend more money than they can actually afford to make their wedding perfect, it usually doesn’t happen just once. Such behaviors will usually repeat themselves in similar episodes. Maybe afterward they buy a property that is far too expensive or a trip that is beyond the family budget.

And after that, there may be a financial hole that will be difficult to get out of. Not every couple can endure this lifestyle. What could not be explained, however, was that even those who earn enough to buy expensive wedding rings also had a tendency to separate again later, although there were no financial difficulties.

4. There is constant trouble with the household

The division of chores may sound simple and therefore disputes may seem like a trivial matter, but in fact, it is not. According to a 2016 Harvard University study, differences in household issues are the number one reason for divorce for one in four couples. If the couple cannot peacefully divide up simple household chores, there is practically no prospect of their relationship developing.

5. Education throws a spell on you

Researchers also found that nearly 80 percent of women with a college degree can expect their marriage to last at least 20 years. For women with only a secondary school qualification, the proportion drops to 40 percent. These findings are believed to be related to the financial security studies that showed that women with a college degree generally felt more financially secure than women without a college degree. As a result, they are less stressed about money and can therefore put more energy into their relationships.

6. At the beginning of the relationship you were very drawn to each other

The partners who are extremely passionate and extremely drawn to each other at the beginning of the relationship are likely to break up again soon. Because when couples show their feelings too intensely, it usually compensates for the things that are really lacking in their relationship. Of course, there is nothing wrong with showing affection for your partner when it is sincere outbursts of emotion. However, it is important that one not try to ignore the problems in the relationship in this way.

The passion will wane over time in any relationship because it is a natural process. Usually, this is not a dramatic ending but a natural stage. But if your relationship was too intense at the beginning, it seems like everything will end very abruptly. So the couple then goes from one extreme to the other and it might feel like the air is out quickly.

7. You believe that things should fit naturally

Of course, your partner should be a match for you, and it’s really great when you’ve found someone you have a lot in common with. But according to studies, people who believe that their affection partner is their destiny or soul mate are much more likely to be disappointed in relationships in the future. Especially when couples believe that romantic compatibility must be natural by nature. Couples who, in turn, believe in romantic growth, recognize that affection life, and relationships in general, require constant work. 

8. Genetics separate you from one another

A Swedish study showed that genetics play an important role in romantic relationships. In this 2017 study, foster children were interviewed and their divorce histories compared with the adoptive and birth parents. The researchers wanted to determine whether the test subjects’ separations were related to the environment in which they grew up or to genes. They found that the tendency to divorce is genetic and is likely to be passed down from generation to generation.


These 8 signs predict a breakup, according to science

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