Dear Sign: Do Not Trust Who Has Already Deceived You Once

Deceived You Once

Dear Sign: Do Not Trust Who Has Already Deceived You Once

One of the things that hurts the most in life is understanding that there are times when no matter how much you love a person, it is not enough to make them feel the same as you. However, it is not wrong to give everything, what is wrong is to do it with the wrong person. I do not recommend forgiving infidelity, it becomes a ghost that hurts, it sows that eternal insecurity in you and it will never be the same againDear sign: do not trust who has already deceived you once. 


When they betray you, the pain is indescribable, something so strong that it also hurts physically. Suddenly, anguish presses against your chest and you feel how each tear slides slowly, forming new cracks in your heart. That person called you crazy, and dramatic and then dares to return to ask for forgiveness so that you pretend nothing is wrong and return to his arms. Tell me, are you willing to experience so much suffering again? 


It was your everything, you imagined the beautiful story, an exemplary courtship, and walking down the aisle. However, overnight everything fell apart, and your mental, emotional, and physical stability went down the drain. Remembering yourself, in front of the mirror, so broken and fragile, is the worst, you don’t want to experience something similar again. Trusting someone so cynical again is an offense to you, don’t expose yourself, believe me, there are people who really know how to love. 


How do you dare? That is the question that floods your heart after suffering a betrayal from the person who looked you in the eye every day and told you that he loved you. It was hard to live in such deep sadness, you felt like the worst of people, you believed that you did the wrong things and you justified their lack of affective responsibility. No, Gemini, you are much more than that, do not let your guard down with someone who did not respect you from the beginning. 


Tell me, what would you do if you found out that a person from your close circle was betrayed? Surely, anger would run through your body and you would advise him not to continue with that relationship. So, feel free to do the same for yourself. It is not healthy for you to force yourself to stay with a person just because you cannot say no. Keep in mind that someone who cheats is capable of anything to set up a scenario in their favor, don’t fall for it. 


Look at yourself, you are a beautiful being from the side that they see you, you do not need to be living in hell in which jealousy and distrust are the main motors. Love yourself, take care of yourself, and fall in love, but with someone who reciprocates you with the same intensity that you give yourself. Continuing with a person who betrayed you is closing the doors to new loves, don’t feel selfish for choosing your peace of mind, that will never be a mistake. 


Your heart is noble, you really have a lot of love to give, do not allow the lack of loyalty of someone who supposedly claims to love you to sink you, because it is not your responsibility to bear that. That person made you feel so confused, you prayed it was a nightmare, but no, the anguish was real and you felt like your heart had been ripped out of your chest. You have the power, close the doors in his face, and don’t let him humiliate you again. 


You know very well that disappointment is the worst because once it happens you never see that person with the same eyes again. He already cheated on you, now don’t try to cheat yourself, you know that if you stay by his side your mind won’t stop, and you’ll wonder again and again if he’s doing it again. That’s not loving, that’s settling, living through an ordeal is what you least deserve. Forgive if you want, but don’t stay. 


Please, love yourself, but really, so much so that when a treacherous person comes into your life and treats you badly, you put yourself as a priority and walk away forever. I know that your hurt part cannot stay calm, you need to externalize every last drop of your pain and that’s fine, but don’t get hooked. There are many loves that are worth it, do not hurt them and take care of your emotions instead of breaking them, someone this loyal is the one who should hold your hand. 


Trust Sagittarius, but not in that person, trust that better moments will come, better love, care, and hugs. In life, you can’t always avoid pain, but keep the lesson, don’t let it be an excuse to close your heart. In the end, each piece falls under its own weight. Don’t waste time giving him his own medicine, let him drown in his shortcomings and work on you, love yourself, and don’t stay with crumbs. 


Believe me, when I tell you that magical people exist because there are those who come into your life to really shelter you, they surround you with their love and respect, and that is the type of company you need. Do not give in to the blackmail of someone who betrayed you, because he is capable of using all his tricks so that your compassionate side forgives him. Loving is not that they make you feel bad Capricorn, never forget that. 


It is time to let things flow, things do not happen by chance and although it is painful to live with a betrayal, perhaps it was what you needed to open your eyes. You are a very deep sign when you propose it and that person did not value it. He did not think of your weaknesses when meeting other lips. It’s going to hurt to say goodbye, but you’re going to grow twice as much and you’ll keep moving forward, you just have to trust, but in yourself. 


There is nothing more beautiful than finding a person who hugs you, cares for you, and understands you, so much so that they would be unable to use your fragility to their advantage. A person who truly has values ​​respects the relationship, no matter what. It must be clear to you that you did not do something to make him betray you, he decided to do it and now he has to pay the consequences. Honestly, he deserves all your indifference, doesn’t feel like a bad person for setting limits, and always embraces your emotional stability. 

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