According To Your Zodiac Sign What Kind Of Single Are You?

Kind Of Single Are You

According To Your Zodiac Sign What Kind Of Single Are You?

Sometimes, people assume because they don’t know even half of the stories that the heart has lived. They judge singleness, because it comes from self-love, from those times in which the person decides to put their mental, physical, and emotional health, before complying with what society expects. Being alone is fine, it feels nice to flourish without having to depend on anyone. It is the opportunity to turn on the most disastrous and also the calmest part that everyone has inside. But what kind of single are you based on your zodiac sign? 


A minute of silence for all those adventures you carry on your lips, but they will never come out of there. You are a daring being, you love strong emotions and you find it funny when provocation becomes the key part of the game. The adrenaline fills you with life and sometimes you put your heart to the test. It’s not always something lasting, but you only live once and while you’re single you don’t miss opportunities. 


In short, Taurus, you feel very comfortable in a relationship, and you like to form healthy bonds, especially with those people who share your way of seeing life and who do not accept what the rest say. You tend to be very stubborn, if someone attracts you, you jump in, and it doesn’t matter if he hasn’t given you signs. As a bachelor, you prefer to dare than stay with the desire. Something serious will come, meanwhile to enjoy. 


Messages are your weakness, you love that they give you attention, but… as long as they don’t tell you that they want something formal, you don’t owe loyalty to anyone. This is so, you cannot believe the first person who speaks nicely to you, you need to verify that it fits with your way of life and if you do not prefer to continue alone. Anyway, you already saw that a broken heart does not bring you down. 


There are times when being single becomes your enemy, because it invites you to spend time alone with your thoughts and that’s when you can fall into weakness, that is, return to what you lived in the past. This does not mean that you are going to call your ex, but tears will probably accompany you when you remember a mistake. Cancer, life is very beautiful, you still have a lot to enjoy, don’t get curved on someone who isn’t worth it. 


There is no doubt that being single is not synonymous with being alone. You are a Leo, you love attention and you give in to some love because you need to determine if they are worth it. As they say, out there, you let yourself be loved, they send you details, they take you to new places, and they write you nice things. There is no rush, the right person will arrive. 


For you, being single is a strong test, it is accepting that your happiness depends on no one and that it is also very pleasant to enjoy without having to be held accountable. You like that they respect your space, the moment you feel that they want to rule you, you know that you have to stop. Without a doubt, where they do not love you as you expect, you do not stay long. But, the lived, nobody takes it away from you. 


Usually, it is difficult for you to establish long-term ties, because you are not willing to put up with mistreatment. If that person does not treat you with respect and does not provoke you in every way, he has nothing to do by your side. They say that you have become an expert in running away from love, but I would say that now you are so clear about your worth, that you do not plan to share your energy with just anyone. Singleness for you is the breath that your heart demands


Your strength is unstoppable, in truth when you propose something your stubborn part does not stop until you see the fruits of what you have reaped. You know how to be alone and that is why it is not difficult for you to end unhealthy relationships, but… that does not mean that you throw away what you have experienced, you analyze meticulously before making a decision. You are intense, but you are not willing to suffer again for love, so you prefer to wait. 


For you, being single is synonymous with calm, the time you need to listen to yourself, put your hobbies first, and not allow anyone to decide for you. You are adventurous, Sagi, it is gratifying to embrace your freedom, you do not change that for anything, and even when you are in a relationship you need that time. However, that does not mean that you go jumping from bed to bed, you go slowly, but surely, you do not have to run. 


You know that it is very possible that there will come a day when that person tells you that they no longer love you and that is why you are prepared for the worst. The hands of life do not stop if love does not work, on the contrary, it is the opportunity to strengthen self-esteem and empowerment. You know it, that’s why being single doesn’t knock you down, it repairs you. 


Sad about being single? Not at all, you see life the same, as if you had a partner, that is, you fulfill your obligations, you focus on what you love and you also give yourself time. Romanticizing the couple is not your thing, you know that it is nice to build a healthy relationship, but it is not everything. If something is no longer working as at the beginning it’s time to end, you don’t force yourself to stay where there is no love anymore. 


Being thorough on an emotional level is your thing and when you are single that does not go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter if that person is just passing through, you need to know in detail about his intentions and his feelings. It is impossible for you to relate to someone who lacks empathy, you will never allow them to treat you like another object. For that, you better continue alone. 

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