When The Signs Realized That Person Was Not Worth It

When The Signs Realized That Person Was Not Worth It

That person who dares to say that people do not change overnight, clearly, has not had to leave a place where they put leftovers on the table. You may get used to that bad life for a while, but there comes a time when you look at yourself and realize that you don’t like yourself one bit. So you have to take your dignity and go back into the ring. Because your respect is not a game, you value yourself enough to stay by the side of someone who manipulates and humiliates you. When the signs realized that this person was not worth it:


It even seems incredible the person you were for a long time. You remember yourself there, without self-love and begging for attention. You were one more option, you were never his priority and it took you a long duel to accept it. You’re an easy sign to love, but if you hang on to being with the wrong person, all you’re going to get is drama. That’s not love, you know, that’s why you promised yourself never to enjoy the crumbs again. 


Of course, you don’t take your emotions for granted. However, you are excessively patient when you are in love. You stayed next to a person who from the beginning shouted red flags at you, but you didn’t want to see it. You thought that in time his disinterest would not exist, but it got worse and worse. For a long time, moments of happiness did not exist in your life, however, that is over. 


What hurts you the most is that you were so dependent on that relationship, that the person made fun of you that you couldn’t take a step back, you always came back, and that only increased the level of his ego. What he did not imagine is that the time would come when you would regain your confidence and self-esteem, to choose yourself above all else. Opening your heart was complicated, but repairing it has been worse, although not impossible. 


It is enough to shake the memories of your mind, to see you there, so fragile, hopeful, and with a broken soul. You are sad to accept that you became his emotional garbage bag, he took advantage of the goodness in your heart and that’s when she gave you all the lack of her. Her bad love was felt in the cold of her kisses, in the forced hugs, and in the way she looked down. Until you said ‘Not anymore. 


Definitely, for you to decide to put an end to it, it’s because you flat out can’t find any future in the relationship. Leo, your love is too good, to allow someone so cruel to wrap you up in that way, in which they make you feel like they are doing you a favor by loving you, there is nothing more devastating than realizing that the person you love pities you. That’s enough to pick up your dignity and move on. 


You still remember that moment when you broke up with your shyness in order to be part of that person’s life. You became the ideal partner, the one who was always willing to give the best of herself. It was confusing because it seemed like every time you tried to get closer, it moved away. It’s ridiculous to think the way you let your guard down for someone who’s not worth it. Now, you have it clear and you do not think to get dirty in that way again. 


It may cost you twice as much as everyone on this list because you are an extremely loyal sign, you do not beat around the bush when it comes to sharing your emotions and commitment is not something that scares you. In other words, you love unconditionally, and breaking that bond overnight is synonymous with hugging yourself very tightly to get out of a place where bitterness is the only thing that accompanies you, but you choose yourself above all else. 


Scorpio, the worst thing they can do to you is that they put you at the bottom of their list of priorities, you are a sign that does not let anyone manipulate you and that is why it frustrates you that in the name of love they want to play with your naivety. Although it sounds old-fashioned when you fall in love you are one of those who do believe in a bond for life. But you will never justify mistreatment by clinging to the idea. 


With so much information regarding unhealthy relationships, it would be foolish of you to stick with someone who is the epitome of emotional instability. Sagi, you know that it has not been easy to put your essence first, because there are few who are prepared for unlimited love. You will not force yourself to continue there, where they cut your wings and make you feel worthless. 


You are too intelligent a sign to allow a bad love to sink you. Capri, you are very clear that relationships are not about paper hearts, they imply dedication, commitment, and trust. So the moment you feel like you have to wear a mask to be with someone you love, you know that’s not it. It hurts, but it hurts twice as much if you stay.


It is a complete irony, Aquarius, you are the sign that is against injustice and you despair when what is involved is your own heart. It is hard work to assimilate that the fairy tale that once passed through your mind does not exist. That is the reason why falling in love is a double-edged sword, you should never let yourself be enveloped by appearances. Now you know, but it cost you a scar. 


You no longer want to be with the person who tells you that he loves you, but does not move a single finger. Love is not about building castles in the air, it is something more genuine. It has its ups and downs, of course, you don’t want it to be perfect, but you’re also not going to stay with someone who makes you justify their mistreatment all the time. You want someone to help you be the best version of yourself, not make it worse. 

When The Signs Realized That Person Was Not Worth It

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