The Signs That Take You Up To The Moon Just Feeling Its Breath

The Signs That Take You Up To The Moon Just Feeling Its Breath

There are loves that are more than the meeting of two bodies. Loves that invite you to embrace your fears, that are not scared when your hobbies are present. They are the ones who take you by the hand, the ones who do not judge you, and the ones who invite you to discover the best version of yourself. That’s when you touch the glory… These are the signs that take you to the moon just by feeling your breath.

1.- Gemini 

You are the one who has love in your eyes, in the phrases you say in your ear, in the desire you have to break with everything in your path. You are the one who honors sensitivity, you have the gift of touching the depths of another’s heart. There is a part of you that breaks with the conventional, that invites the other person to vibrate and discover things about himself that he did not even imagine. You are synonymous with seduction, creativity, and dedication. With you, the talks are endless and unfiltered, because you give your partner the confidence to really say what they feel without fear of being judged. Every experience by your side is unforgettable and that, in turn, makes it addictive. You know very well what it is to embrace the Moon. Yes, Gemini is one of the signs that take you to the moon just by feeling your breath.

2.- Scorpio 

A sign that invites you to the forbidden, tell him what scares you so that Scorpio will shout it from the rooftops. He is the one with whom you can let your shadow free, he is not afraid of your darkest side, on the contrary, he respects it and is capable of falling in love in such an intense way, that it makes your past loves to stay there. Spending time with Scorpio is synonymous with discovering a lot of sensations, he is the one who awakens your passionate side, that which you have kept hidden for a long time, but were afraid of being judged. Scorpio takes you to the Moon and from there you don’t want to go down, he is the type of person you want to walk by your side for the rest of your days. He has it all, but few discover it.

3.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is the kind of love that dives into your secrets and doesn’t even push you. He makes you feel so comfortable that when you least expect it you end up telling him your whole life. It is the kind of love with which you can watch movies, go for a walk, travel, accelerate your heart with a lot of adrenaline, but… it is also the one who invites you to meet you in a very peculiar way, inspires you and wants to see you fly. He has an insatiable side that prevents you from getting bored on his side, he is the perfect lover who breaks the monotony, but when it comes to fighting for a dream he is the first to discipline. They are the teachers that life presents to you and the only thing that makes you want to is to stay in their life.

4.- Libra

Libra has a facility to love that scares you, because it gives itself in a very real way, the one that does not criticize, that only comes into your life to infect you with its good vibes. Her qualities surround you and make you feel special and comfortable, which is what matters most. Few have the courage to recognize the flaws in the other and still decide to be by their side every day. Libra wants her partner to show the best of himself, she is the one who motivates you in every way and that is the reason why she invites you to embrace your self-esteem. That’s when you feel like you touch the sky when the satisfaction that you lack nothing gives you peace. Libra is one of the few loves that sees you without filters and she continues to choose you.

5.- Cancer 

The accommodating, detailed, dedicated lover, the one who does not understand reasons when it comes to giving the heart, simply honors unconditionality. Cancer teaches you what you can want from your roots and without fear of commitment. He is so dedicated that he helps you discover things that you didn’t even know about yourself. He motivates you to dare and let yourself go in every way. He is always ready to please you, to feel him close is to live on the Moon, a fantasy that smells of reality. He doesn’t let you go, he wants to see you succeed, eager to applaud your victories and shake your hand in the worst moments. Cancer is the love that you will remember for the rest of your days, even if the relationship ends.


The Signs That Take You Up To The Moon Just Feeling Its Breath

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