According To Your Sign, Why Do You Feel You Cannot Continue?

Why Do You Feel You Cannot Continue?

According To Your Sign, Why Do You Feel You Cannot Continue?

Sometimes, as much as you want everything to go well, something prevents it. Suddenly, it seems that life is determined to teach you one lesson after another and it’s okay that you can’t anymore. Taking time for yourself and clearing yourself of so much emotional dirt is very valid. You have the right to say that you can’t take it anymore, because you are tired, annoyed, or simply because you need a mental break. But what is it that leads you to it? Why do you feel like you can’t continue based on your zodiac sign? 


There are also times when your world falls apart and you can’t do much. In which you wanted to flee from reality and return to your childhood, where you hid from bad times. However, today is not so simple, life catches up with you and you feel that you can no longer continue because you are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Every time you go one step forward, you go back two more. That makes you feel insufficient, sad, and hopeless. But you don’t say anything. 


There is no doubt that you have a stubborn side, if some madness takes over your mind there is nothing to make you give up. However, there are many times when you feel that the pressure is not letting you move forward and the only thing you want is to let go of the load of responsibilities that others have left you. You are brave and disciplined, but people often take advantage of that and that’s when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. You would like to help and at the same time free yourself. Which becomes constant stress. 


Your heart is like that, active, crazy, and curious, it is the one that does not allow itself to be easily wrapped up, but it does enjoy learning from everyone who comes its way. You love to enjoy the moment, however, that does not mean that you always have a smile on your face. There are many things that make you cry, but you don’t want to see yourself as the poor thing in the story. What you hate most is being looked at with pity. That’s why you prefer to pretend that everything in you is fine, but inside you ask for help. 


Your sensitivity is capable of breaking a wall if you want it to. It is your soul that is full of kindness, transparency, and much love. You like to give your best because you expect the same from others. However, there are very cruel people, they say they love you and when you least expect it they treat you in a hurtful way. That’s what makes your emotions drop brutally because you feel like everything you’ve given doesn’t make sense. In the end, nobody values ​​it and that breaks your soul into little pieces. 


You’re the kind of person who keeps working the same way, no matter how hard your heart gets pounded. The last thing you want is to hook up with someone who doesn’t dare to love you pretty, just the way you deserve it. However, behind closed doors things change. That’s when all your energy falls apart and you blame yourself for trusting someone who has no idea what honesty is. That is what hurts you the most because your pride shakes you. 


People may be swayed by appearances, Virgo, but you’re no fool. You are a very sweet, kind person and when it comes to helping those who need it most, you don’t doubt it for a second. However, it hurts when you realize that the other person doesn’t care what you do for them. That causes your stress and anxiety levels to double and that’s when you just have to accept that there are ungrateful people and that no matter how much you want to change them, it’s like talking to the wall. 


How little they know about you for how much they think. Actually, Libra, you are a sociable, fun, loving sign. Risk doesn’t scare you, especially when it comes to saving someone you love. Your advice has the gift of warming the heart and that is why people value everything you say. The bad thing is that not everyone pays you with the same currency and that’s when you have no choice but to tear people out of your life. The best thing is to show them your reserved side, the less they know about you the better. 


You are a very strong sign, Scorpio, you have experienced so many difficult things that your heart has become an expert in avoiding disappointment, but there are times when you can’t take it anymore and you feel overwhelmed. Nobody prepares you for betrayal or dealing with the many thoughts that flood your mind. You definitely want to find a way out, but you can’t always be in control and that’s when you beg for a hand from your loved ones, but you don’t dare ask for it. 


Where to go when you can’t anymore? It is a question that steals your sleep many times. You wish it was all a nightmare, but it’s impossible to ignore things on that level. There are so many times that you have felt confused, sad, and very distressed. As much as you try to evade your soul, it is the one that ends up on the ground and that is when your body asks to disconnect from everything and simply rest to be the same again. You are not giving up, you just need to stop for a while. 


You are the type of friend, partner, or family member, who is always there, at the foot of the canyon. Over the years you got used to not complaining, working hard, and starting over if necessary. However, that has backfired on some occasions because abusive people look at you as the perfect prey to manipulate. You don’t mess around and you prefer that they say things to their faces. That is the reason why you suffer too much in a betrayal because you are governed by loyalty, and by not having the same on their part, you break so much that you no longer trust. 


When it comes to sharing secrets, Aquarius, you are an expert in putting distance, because you are very worried that the others will take you as a garbage can in which they can throw all their traumas and unhealed wounds. However, there are times when you don’t see it coming and you end up giving yourself like it was the first time. What people take in their favor and end up hurting you with their gaps. It hurts, having to isolate yourself from someone you trusted, but deep down you know it’s for the best and that one day you’ll smile the same way again. 


When you feel like you can’t go on, your deepest feelings form a lump in your throat that accompanies you for a long time. You are a positive sign, you rarely allow yourself to be enveloped by the negativity of the rest, but you are aware that there are those who just want to humiliate you and play with your noble side. That affects your dreams and your creativity, but they are not able to eliminate them. You may go out for a while, but the day you come back they won’t know what to do with so much light. 

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