Signs That They Ignore You And Will Continue To Do So Even If You Beg For Attention

Beg For Attention

Signs That They Ignore You And Will Continue To Do So Even If You Beg For Attention

There are signs that burn with the ice that is in your soul, that set limits with your eyes, just look at them a little to start feeling inferior. Their goal is not to make the person next to you feel bad, but they show the insensitive part that makes you tremble. This is how they behave with those who broke their hearts, they are not here to give second chances to anyone and their best revenge is indifference. They are signs that ignore you and will continue to do so even if you beg for attention. 

5. Cancer

Cancer is as sweet as it is cruel, I do not recommend that you test his negative side, because when someone disappoints him, betrays, or simply hurts someone he loves, it is better that he goes his way and not expect Cancer to return to his life as if nothing. In this case, Cancer forgets the kind part of him, the one that he is always willing to protect, and becomes what he wears. Someone who has the courage to ignore you even if he has to see you for the rest of his life, it’s as if you didn’t exist, since he turns the page, he doesn’t think to waste a word on you, now you are nothing in his life. 

4. Capricorn 

Capricorns are a sign that is always focused on their new goals, they don’t have time to waste their energy on people who aren’t worth it, they have the gift of frivolity, nobody teaches them to ignore, and they are masters when it comes to doing it. At the moment that Capricorn makes the decision, no matter how much you beg him, he is very patient and persistent, so with the passage of time he will show you that the worst thing you could do is hurt his emotions and then pretend that nothing happens. Capricorn is very proud, he does not get along with reconciliations, and he prefers to remove the distractions from his life. 

3. Aquarius 

Aquarius is also one of the signs that ignore you and will continue to do so even if you beg for attention. Do you seriously want to spend time begging an Aquarius? I recommend you take a seat because you have no idea how cold it can be when you don’t care about someone in your life anymore. In general, Aquarius is very distant, so he is used to putting limits on his life and not allowing anyone to interfere with the way he lives. If you have problems, better go elsewhere, because he will not be the one to solve your life, after you broke his life to pieces. Let’s say that Aquarius doesn’t waste time on revenge, he just lets everything flow and karma do its thing but don’t expect him to let his guard down even if you beg for his attention. 

2. Virgo 

I’m sorry, but Virgo puts intelligence first and when there is intelligence there is no time for absurd discussions. It is a sign that flees from drama, he already has enough of what is in his head, so he does not intend to deal with someone else’s emotional state. Virgo is a practical person, if you failed him, there is no more, he turns the page and does not have time to get hooked. You don’t have to worry, because he doesn’t like to hold a grudge, that he forgives you, he will. However, from there to expecting that everything will go back to the way it was before, you are wrong, he will not trust someone who hurt him again. 

1. Gemini 

Do you want to know someone’s indifference after you attack him from behind? Then Gemini is your best option, a sign that what is creative about him is cruel to people who hurt him. It’s pretty emotional, but when it comes to firing people from your life, resilience is the one who takes control. It is not difficult for him to eliminate bad vibes, he stays with the people who contribute to him and he does not have time for drama. Geminis can ignore you even if you are talking to him from a centimeter away and there are more people, do not confuse his education with the final point. Because he is going to ignore you, being a hypocrite is not his thing. 

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