According To Your Sign, What Are Your Complexes?

What Are Your Complexes?

According To Your Sign, What Are Your Complexes?

The traits that the signs of the Zodiac give us are very varied. Both give us positive and negative characteristics and our physical or emotional complexes are one of them. So that we can feel better about ourselves, we want to talk to you about what your complexes are according to your zodiac sign. In this way, we will not only have a little more knowledge about ourselves, but we will also be able to see what we can do to overcome these complexes and feel better. 


Hair is one of the biggest physical complexes of the natives of this sign. The truth is that they are people who always want to make a good impression and, therefore, they know that hair is essential. They always want to keep it well groomed and use all available treatments in order to take care of it as much as possible. 


Any aesthetic alteration: this is the biggest problem of the Taurus and it is that they are not only obsessed with one thing but there are many of them that worry them. In fact, they are one of those people who are always looking to see if they are in their weight, if their hair is well groomed if they wear makeup, etc. Therefore, we could say that their own appearance is the biggest physical complex they have. 


The natives of the Gemini sign are people who like to take care of themselves and what worries them most about their appearance are their teeth. These can end up spending large sums of money each year at the dentist. They can’t stand having a single cavity and, in addition, they like to have healthy and white enamel. Therefore, it is not difficult to see them with whitening treatments often. 


When we talk about Cancer complexes, we are not talking about people with great physical complexes and they are usually happy with their bodies. However, like everyone, they have their complexes. In his case, we are not talking about complexes that can be seen with the naked eye. They often have complexes with tattoos they regret or a toenail that doesn’t line up with the others. For this reason, they are usually people who take great care of their image and hide well what they do not like. 


The nose is the most notable complex of the natives of the Leo sign. They love to always make a good impression and they know that their face is their letter of introduction. Therefore, the nose and mouth are its biggest complexes. It is not difficult to see Leo undergo surgery to fix the shape of the nose. They also tend to use makeup to hide these little flaws that we all have on our facial skin.


The great complex of the natives of this sign is not making a good impression. They cannot bear that others think badly of them and, furthermore, they care a lot about the opinion that people may have of them. This is a trait that dominates them a lot in life and, therefore, they should overcome this complex. The truth is that making a good impression does depend on them, but only at certain times. It is for this reason that Virgo natives tend to value themselves very little every time that others do not.


If there is something that gives the natives of this sign a complex, it is their legs. They can’t stand when women are out of shape, so it’s not hard to see them in the gym working on their muscles. In this way, they know that they can remove fat from this area and that they can grow muscle. However, they also have their limits: they don’t like to have big, muscular legs; That is why they spend their lives trying to find a balance. 


It cannot be said that Scorpio natives have many complexes, let alone physical ones. They are the most secure people and accept themselves as they are. However, despite knowing how to hide it very well, the natives of this sign are people who are very annoyed by their tone of voice. For this reason, they always try to maintain a neutral tone and hate talking on the phone, since it is where the voice is most distorted. They do not support voice notes and try to avoid all verbal communication at a distance. 


Ears and lips are what make Sagittarius self-conscious. They are people who do give a lot of importance to their physique and feel very self-conscious if their ears are pointed if they are large, or if they are small. The truth is that more than a complex, it is an area that they do not like at all and, therefore, it is the one with which they are most critical. 


Your smile. The natives of the sign of Capricorn are people who feel self-conscious every time they have to smile and, therefore, hate photos. Although they may have a very pretty smile, they don’t see it that way. It is not surprising to see them at the dentist with treatments to align their teeth or whiten them, in the same way, that it is not difficult to see them as serious in all the photos in which they appear.  


If there is something that really gives Aquarians a complex, it is their weight and, therefore, they are always aware of it. They don’t usually go on diets unless it’s necessary, but if they see that they’ve gained a single gram, they won’t doubt it for a moment. Furthermore, the diets they may adopt may not be the healthiest for them. 


Body odor is the weak point of those born under this sign. They can’t stand body odors and, even less, yours. For this reason, they are most obsessed with cleanliness, always looking for products that guarantee good smells or avoid them. 

Now, you know what gives you the most complex according to your zodiac sign. We encourage you to see things from another point of view and learn to live with your body. You are special and instead of looking at the flaws, you should look at the good in you.

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