According To Your Birth Month How You Hurt Your Partner

Hurt Your Partner

According To Your Birth Month How You Hurt Your Partner

Of course, nobody is perfect, there are times when your negative character speaks for you and makes you look like the cruelest person in this world, even if it is not true. Worst of all, you don’t always realize it and you end up breaking the hearts of the people you love. Your partner may be tolerant, but it doesn’t justify treating them badly. How do you hurt your partner according to your birth month? 


You have a crazy mania for keeping yourself at bay in a matter of feelings because you don’t want to see yourself as the one you love the most. If your partner really loves you, they will respect your timing, but don’t run away from sensitivity. Keep in mind that telling him how much you care can doubly improve your relationship. Allow your heart to take control. 


The omission hurts, sometimes the same or more than lying. If you don’t feel comfortable enough with your partner to tell them how you feel without filters, then you should consider the pros and cons of being in that relationship. Do not force yourself to go through a difficult situation alone, your pain also deserves to be shared.


Let’s see, the fact that you are intense and attentive and that you do not take love lightly does not mean that you are going to be an extension of your partner. That means you must defend your individuality above all else. You can love so much and not become his world. Never give up your hobbies for anyone else. 


I know that there are times when your stubbornness doesn’t understand reasons and that can make you the most closed person in this world, but not everything has to be to your liking. Relationships are about finding a balance, it’s giving in sometimes. If you want to keep the flame burning that’s fine, but don’t try to manipulate their decisions. 


You have already experienced so many things that there is no justification for you to hide in maturity. I understand that relationships are synonymous with a team, but that does not mean that you put your responsibilities on his shoulders, even when he accepts. He may not tell you, but he’s more stressed about figuring out your life than his. 


Hypocrisy has never been your favorite saint. In fact, when you notice that someone isn’t being entirely genuine, you’d rather cut the tie than lie to yourself. However, there are ways to say things, without falling into brutality. You shouldn’t be so harsh with your partner, because they only try to understand you and end up hurt. 


The worst thing you can add to a relationship is falsehood, once you do that, trust is broken and nothing is ever the same. You hurt your partner every time you pretend that nothing is wrong, you prefer to run away from the confrontation and that ends up causing a huge tower of lies to form that ends everything. 


I tell you honestly, it is useless for you to want to change your partner, if something does not fill you with it, what are you doing there? She is not your puppet and if she decides to change something, it has to be for herself. You hurt her every time you tell her that everything she doesn’t live up to your expectations. It seems that you are waiting for her to make the mistake to say goodbye. 


There is no doubt that your character is not moldable, much less if your partner’s intention is for you to adapt to their wishes. Perhaps it is your pride that does not allow you to let yourself go completely, but that is leading you to lie when he is with you. Believe me, that’s not healthy, don’t forget, that both accepting their flaws is true love. 


Your partner can listen to you, accompany you, and advise you, but that doesn’t mean they have to become your savior. Let’s see, if instead of choosing it, you need it, definitely, you are not doing something right. You are an independent being with great qualities and capabilities, do not become your shadow by decision. 


How long are you going to hurt yourself so much? You’ve been going back to the past for a lifetime, and you don’t even know if you’re living in the present. Mistakes can no longer be changed, it is time for you to turn the page because you are destroying your partner’s self-esteem. Ghosts will never let you be happy if you keep clinging. 


It is very normal for you to get carried away at the moment, your intense side insists on lowering the whole world to that person, but please, do not walk out of reality. Sometimes, you promise and promise, things that your partner doesn’t even ask for, but by proposing them and not having a word when it comes to fulfilling them, you disappoint. 

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