According To Your Birth Month How You Shut Up Your Haters

Shut Up Your Haters

According To Your Birth Month How You Shut Up Your Haters

This is so, even if you try to please everyone, there are always some of your attitudes that will not fit with their thoughts and that’s okay. The bad thing is when you obsess over having his approval, that’s when your mental health can be affected. There are people who will hate you for the simple fact that you exist. How do you shut up your haters according to your birth month?


Nobody is going to humiliate you, if you have to lower someone from the cloud who is only determined to annoy you, you defend yourself by talking about your successes and boy are there many. If that person wants to make you feel less than you, it is better to think about it because he will end up feeling jealous of everything you do. You are proud and you do not leave anyone, it is not convenient for them to have you as an enemy. 


In short, when it comes to shutting up mouths, you do it like the greats, the more direct your words are, the better. That sweetening of what comes out of your heart is not your thing. You are not afraid to be yourself and you are an expert in detecting weaknesses in others, so you are not going to hesitate to use them to your advantage. You better not be underestimated, because you love to win. 


One point in your favor is that you have always known how to scratch yourself with your own nails, depending on people is not your thing and if someone becomes a nuisance, you know how to get them out of your life in the blink of an eye. Although, there are times when their attitudes make you so lazy that the best thing you can do is get out of there as soon as possible. 


It is no secret that you like to acknowledge everything you have achieved and that is fine because it has been the sweat of your brow that has given you so much joy, after the sacrifice. You are always on the move and you will not stop for someone who is not capable of respecting your life. Their bad energy is of no use to you, the best they can do is not get in your way. 


If it is about intimidating for you, no one is a competition and that does not mean that you are someone bad, you simply know how to set limits. It took a lot of work for you to recognize what you are made of and now you are not going to risk getting involved with people who only show how much they envy you. If they are going to release poison, let them consume it themselves. 


After so many lessons lived, it is impossible for you to lose your sanity for people who do not even respect themselves. Your best way to defend yourself is through indifference, you will not fall for provocations, because your peace of mind is much more important. The drama already makes you lazy, you have enough with yours, why do you want more? 


The truth is that arguing is not your thing, much less with close people who all do is damage your reputation. Let them say what they want, you already understood that you should not give explanations to anyone, and those who know you know very well what you are worth. But if they look for you, they will know your leading side, you know how to make them feel little by just talking about the good things in your life. 


Honestly, you don’t beat around the bush, for a long time you were the person who left everyone behind, the one who looked down and accepted the requests of the rest, but not anymore. Now, if it’s about confronting the haters, you do it without fear of the consequences, practically, whatever happens. You are not going to allow them to harm you in any way, period. 


You have no idea how you do it, but you earn the love of people, you are much more than the life of the party, often the hope for many. So, it is your popularity that helps you to shut up the haters, it is not convenient for them to fight with someone who is so protected and loved. They will lose out, better not even try. 


There is a very sophisticated way that you can put a stop to people who want to make you look bad and it has nothing to do with force. You are not going to lose your essence for anyone, it is your intellect that defends you. You tend to be very calculating when you put your mind to it and you know how to knock down everyone who wants to see you fall, in the end, they are the ones who writhe with anger. 


Thanks to life that gave you a very sweet character, the kind that adapts to any situation. For you no one is better than anyone, on the contrary, you find a teacher in those who knock on your door. But you know that there are people who are very bad and just want to embitter your happiness. If they want to hate you, go ahead, and let them do it, you won’t get your hands dirty. 


Immediacy is what you like, when a person is having a rude and unsympathetic attitude toward you, you know that it is time to activate your determined part and tell them that this is not for you. You’re a fighter by nature, but you’re not going to risk being seen as the bad guy, you don’t like it. It is best to give them their side and get out of the way as quickly as you can. 

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