According To His Sign Why Your Ex Behaves Like An Imbecile

Your Ex Behaves Like An Imbecile

According To His Sign Why Your Ex Behaves Like An Imbecile

The end of a relationship can be the beginning of a state of uncertainty that drives some people crazy. So, you go from being someone’s “partner” to carrying the stigmatized title of the “ex”. The response spectrum is wide. There are those who accept their new marital status with maturity and restraint, but there are also those who bring out their most toxic side when they change roles. There are the proud who believe that the breakup was the best thing that could have happened to them in life; or the victims, who think that everything has been the fault of the other. There are the impulsive ones who, after leaving, speak ill of who their partner was, or those who shout to the four winds that they are over it. Anyway, there are exes who are idiots, so here’s why your ex is acting like an idiot according to his sign:


If you were with Aries, you will already know about his passion, impulsiveness, and energy. His attitude is frank and direct, without caring too much about the feelings of others. Don’t be surprised that thanks to his competitive and ambitious nature, he sees the breakup as an opportunity to focus on his personal goals. You can move on quickly and without looking back. However, despite your apparent indifference, you may experience great emotional pain when a relationship comes to an end. As a good Aries, your ex may have a devilish temper that, in some cases, he hides very well. If when you were together he did not have patience, imagine now that he is racking his brains listing everything you did wrong to justify that the best decision was to separate. If he tries to maintain communication with you, Maybe at some point he will say things that can hurt you. Your ex is incredibly impulsive and honestly, they will be one of those people who will continually change their minds about you and whether or not they should get back together. That’s over and it’s better that he assume the consequences of his outbursts. 


If your ex is a Taurus, you probably had to put up with an extremely possessive, stubborn, and stubborn person. Most likely, one of the reasons they broke up was their chronic jealousy. He would get angry when you were out with your friends, and from time to time they would check your phone on the sly. An ex-Taurus keep their feelings and emotions secret, but if they feel hurt or betrayed, they may resent and take revenge. As a good Taurus, conservative and attached to relationships, your ex may cling on even after the relationship is over. He wants to stay in communication and is looking to rekindle the relationship, so don’t be surprised that now that you’re not together he calls and texts you from time to time. Ignore it and move on.


If your ex is a Gemini, you had a very indecisive, unstable, and changeable person close to you. One of those types of people who one day want one thing and the next day want another. It confused you to the extreme. The truth is that he made you a bit dizzy but now that he’s not with you he has a lot of doubts in his head (more than he had before). It is very likely that he wants to keep in touch and be your friend, even if this is uncomfortable for you. Do not trust yourself, his taste for gossip will lead him to talk about you with his friends and will make sure to spread the rumor that he no longer cares about you. As a good Gemini, his sociable character will lead him to seek the company of other people, so it is possible that he will be quickly distracted after a breakup. Of course, at the moment in which he feels alone, it will be when he asks you to return as it is. Your ex-Gemini doesn’t even know what he wants.


Your ex Cancer is a spiteful, manipulative, and insecure person. While you were together, he tried to control your movements and was wary of you all the time. In fact, he still does it today. He won’t get over the breakup that quickly and he’ll be obsessed with you for a while, reminiscing and reminiscing about moments from the past that you’re honestly over a long time ago. He’s likely to try to fix things despite your lack of interest, which may seem overwhelming. He may also need time to get over feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, and in the process, expect him to send you thoughts of revenge. Don’t worry, his drama will consume you in there in his shell. 


If your ex-partner is a Leo, you already know the level of arrogance and ego he drives. He will most likely keep his dignity and pride high after a breakup, but he can also be dramatic and overly expressive in his grief. She can’t believe that he lost and she feels horrible that his “trophy” slipped out of her hands. He is dominant and does not want to lose. Thanks to his stubbornness, he has enormous difficulty admitting that he was wrong. And don’t be surprised that because of how much he values ​​his reputation, he makes sure you know that he or she is the one who has made the decision to end the relationship. But not only will he have to realize that he has lost, but he is also making a fool of himself with so much drama. He will clearly feel hurt and betrayed after the breakup, so it may take time for him to get over it. After a while, He will challenge you with looks of those in which resentment and a bit of hatred can still be seen. You look the other way. 


If your ex is a Virgo, you know that he takes everything too seriously and rationally to the point of appearing cold and calculating. After the separation, it is likely that he tries to maintain a rational and objective approach that deep down is hammering his head because the truth is that he does not know how to live without you. However, he can be very critical of both himself and you, which is why he will have a hard time forgiving and forgetting after a breakup. If you have left him, he will not forgive you no matter how much you apologize. He will be in pain until the end of his days. Being so critical, perfectionist, and obsessive, he tends to focus on small mistakes or defects that he will remember forever. Let him sink into his own drama and fly away from there. 


When you have a Libra ex you will always get spiteful vibes. Libra is very “happy” when he/she is not the one who is messed up, much less when it is an ex. He will never look at you the same way again and if he has to talk a little bad about you to whoever asks, he will. Your ex is incredibly vain and shallow, so he’ll always tell others how great he is without you (even though on the inside he’s dying to have you). In fact, due to the great need to maintain balance and harmony in his life, after a breakup he may feel destabilized, perceiving himself as the only victim of the situation. If you want to leave him in the past, stay away from the places they frequented because he will surely be snooping around with the excuse of seeing his friends and acquaintances, but in reality it is to see if he runs into you.


Your ex-Scorpio is one of those people who will never trust you again in life. Is it possible that he ever did? Probably not. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong to him, I’m always suspicious and he thought you played from behind. After the breakup, he will probably throw the cross at you and not want to know anything else about you, but that is only if he has left you because since you have, he will do everything in his power to make you feel like a mess… You already know his level of intensity and emotionality, so in this case, it is likely that he will have a hard time letting go of you and will continue to feel a lot of intense emotions after breaking up with you. In some vengeful and spiteful way, he will let you know. In fact, thanks to his expertise in the manipulative arts, he may use emotional tactics to try to control you back to his side.


Your ex Sagittarius is super impatient: he wants everything now, here and now. He can get frustrated if he doesn’t get what he wants and tends to have angry outbursts or emotional outbursts. In his/her lower energy he is very unpredictable and unstable, becoming extremely impulsive and making reckless decisions that put him/her and you in dangerous or risky situations. And accept it, although he was sometimes optimistic and very generous during the relationship, the truth is that sometimes he is very selfish, which prevents him from considering the feelings and needs of others, including yours. In confrontations, he would become very defensive and deny any responsibility for the problems in their relationship. He has serious difficulties facing reality and accepting the consequences of his actions, and you may seek to escape your problems rather than face them directly. Still, once you’ve broken up with him/her, they probably won’t get over you for at least two or three years. No matter how many people she is with later, you will always be in her heart.


Your Capricorn ex is a know-it-all and thinks he’s always right. It is almost impossible to have a dialogue with a person who believes he is the navel of the world. He used to be quite stubborn in his behavior and take a rather distant, detached, or cold attitude towards you. And that is what made you go crazy / or, remember that at times you felt ignored / and little valued / or next to him. That was probably the reason for the breakup. No doubt his stubbornness and stubbornness made him refuse to give in or compromise in a situation. He doesn’t take changes well, so he doesn’t take well to being alone again either. This causes your ex to become quite vindictive or resentful, retaliating indirectly instead of facing the problems directly. Surely, he will send you hints on social networks all the time with writings like:


Your ex-Aquarius is an unpredictable and fickle person, making you feel insecure and confused. You know more than anyone how independent he is and how much he values ​​his freedom and autonomy above all else (committing to the relationship wasn’t that easy), so after the breakup, he most likely has emotionally withdrawn and detached. Don’t expect him to shed a tear on your face for you, and if he does, it will be out of rage. He convinces himself that the one who loses something is you. If they ended the relationship in a confrontational way, your ex-Aquarius will become distant and avoid any kind of confrontation or discussion. He can become so indifferent and insensitive to you, hurting you with his coldness and showing you that he has no interest in maintaining a friendly relationship or contact. Don’t be at all surprised if he suddenly disappears without any further explanation or contact. So don’t suffer, he will have a very bad time but not for long. It seems that he is more interested in his social life than in getting back to you.


If your ex is a Pisces, you will already know that the only victim of the breakup has been him/her according to his/her version. He may blame you for the breakup and feel like the world is against him. He will go sobbing to his friends telling them what a bad person you are and asking them how he was able to waste so much time with them. Your Pisces ex is extremely dramatic. He can become highly emotional and reactive, experiencing mood swings and behaving in erratic and unpredictable ways. The truth is that he is deeply hurt by the breakup and has a hard time dealing with his emotions, making his behavior very volatile. This attitude can create even more conflict and tension, as it can be difficult for you to understand and deal with these intense feelings. In some cases, your Pisces ex will become obsessive or stalkerish, trying to keep in constant contact with you and fighting to get the relationship back at any cost. He can be very persuasive and insist that the relationship can still work, even when you have already made the decision to move on. After some time passes, you will be glad you cut him out of your life.

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