6 Signs That Do Not Open Their Heart To Anyone Who Talks Nicely To Them

6 Signs That Do Not Open Their Heart To Anyone Who Talks Nicely To Them

Delivering the heart is one of the most uncertain challenges we will face in this life. In the end, you never know if that person will tear you apart or have the courage to embrace your wounds. There are signs of the zodiac that think twice, there are 6 signs that do not open their hearts to anyone who speaks nicely to them. We are talking about the person who will know our fears, joys, sadness, manias, bitterness, it is not easy.

The bad thing is that there are those who are just waiting, waiting for you to take the wrong step to take advantage of your weaknesses. That is the reason why these signs do not give the opportunity to just anyone, because they learned, matured, and grew. They are no longer for insane love, manipulation, or games. They are signs that have rebuilt themselves so strongly that now few have the courage to try to play with their hearts. These are the 6 signs that do not open their hearts to anyone who speaks nicely to them. Who are they?

6.- Virgo  

Virgo finds it difficult to open his heart because the time he showed the best of himself, difficulties were present. Virgo is meticulous, he is afraid of messing up anything, so he takes things slowly. He can’t stand the bonds in which he fakes kisses and hugs, he is part of every day. A sign that prefers formalities, so he does not tolerate couples who do not decide if they want to be with them or not.

5.- Scorpio 

Without a doubt, one of the signs of the zodiac that most think they know, due to its intense side and strong character. However, Scorpio does not allow himself to be sweetened with pretty words, he got tired of so much talk and now he prefers people who really demonstrate facts. One of his biggest concerns is showing his vulnerable side to someone who isn’t worth it. For this reason, Scorpio is skeptical, he needs something more than a thousand roses or a soap opera outing. Scorpio wants loyalty. 

4.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is not afraid of the unknown, adventure is part of his being, but he is afraid of getting involved with the wrong soul. He is a person who has many things to say, but few will understand him, so he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. He only shows himself as an open book, with that person who shows him commitment, love, and a great desire to know about his life. Aquarius does not beat around the bush when it comes to love, they are extremely deep.

3.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is distrustful, because his perfectionist side prevents him from seeing the potential of the people around him at first, and it’s not that he feels superior, it’s just that he likes to do everything on his own. Capricorn does not choose a partner to solve his life, he wants a partner who follows his lead and who is willing to give himself body and soul. Capricorn thinks so much that it is possible that he has been in a relationship for months and has not yet opened his heart.

2.- Taurus 

It is clear that Taurus was born to fill everything around them with love and light, they cannot help it. However, being affectionate is not the same as opening your heart, it is difficult for him to trust at first. Taurus is looking for someone with whom to feel comfortable, he does not want them to come and turn his world upside down, he wants someone to accompany him to travel the world like this, without hurry and with a great desire to achieve success. Taurus is shy when he doesn’t feel safe, but when he dares he is one of the best lovers.

1.- Gemini 

Fearsome? Before using labels like cold and distant, you should put yourself in the place of a Gemini once, because they are signs of the zodiac that have not done well in terms of relationships and, exclusively, of love. That is the reason why although they are very talkative people, there are few who know their feelings at a deep level. Gemini enjoys small talk until dawn, but he won’t tell you anything private until you show him how much you care. 


6 Signs That Do Not Open Their Heart To Anyone Who Talks Nicely To Them

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