When Aquarius Shows You His Love

When Aquarius Shows You His Love

Aquarius is not known for his great gestures of love, nor for his great displays of affection, quite the opposite. The fame that Aquarius has is for being someone rather cold, who has a hard time talking about his feelings. Many of the people who say that Aquarius is someone could say it because he does not really know him and because he is simply judging by appearances. It may not be the most affectionate sign of the Zodiac, but we must not forget that Aquarius can feel a lot when he falls in love with the right person. Aquarius will not show his love in the typical traditional ways… You will rarely hear an ‘I love you come out of his mouth, but Aquarius will make sure that you know that you really have a place in his heart in other ways. Here are the 6 ways Aquarius is going to show you that he loves him every day of his life:

  1. Always share your private life with you

Aquarius is a very reserved person, they don’t like to tell their things, their problems, their fears to others. For him/her, being emotional means being much more vulnerable and letting others know your most sensitive side. If Aquarius really trusts you, little by little he will let you know every corner of his heart. He is a person who only shares the most affectionate parts of his life with the people he really trusts and who he really loves. If he takes the time to talk to you about his concerns, really listen to him. For Aquarius, that means a lot and it is actually a true sign of love.

  1. Make time for yourself, no matter what

It can seem sometimes that Aquarius only has time for himself. But when someone matters to him, when someone is in his heart, Aquarius is able to be there for anything, no matter what time of day it is. For his time he is very selective and spending part of his day talking to you, sending you a simple message to ask how you are doing, preparing a small detail for you, can mean more than saying ‘I love you. If Aquarius is always by your side, it is because he really loves you.

  1. Change ‘I love you too ‘Are you okay?’

For Aquarius, saying ‘I love you is a sign of vulnerability and is too common and unoriginal for such a creative sign. It is something too basic for a person with such a rich and complex inner world. For this reason, Aquarius will look for other ways to say ‘I love you through words. It depends a lot on each Aquarius and their special way of communicating, but it will be easy to know when they are trying to show you that they love you. For example, if he tells you: ‘let me know when you get home, it is because there is real love.

  1. You will feel like the most pampered person in the universe

When Aquarius loves you, he is capable of doing anything for you. And not things that you ask of him, but things that come directly from his heart. For him/her, his priority is to take care of you and also make you happy. You will realize that you are special to Aquarius because he prepares your favorite dish for you because he begins to listen to the music that you listen to because he gives you small gifts even if it is not your birthday or Christmas. Aquarius is not like that with everyone. This only happens when he is really comfortable with you and when you are a very special person for him/her.

  1. He will be your friend above anything

For Aquarius, a relationship means nothing if it doesn’t start with a friendship. Before a partner, Aquarius wants a best friend. It’s much easier to gain their trust and commitment if you’ve first earned their friendship. For Aquarius, friendship is super important, much more even than love. And if in addition to calling you a partner, he also calls you his best friend, he is making it very clear that he wants to have you by his side throughout his life.

  1. It will make you feel special at all times

For Aquarius, love is much more than two words. He doesn’t need to open his mouth to show you that he loves you. He will take care of getting her feelings out through acts, compliments, and admiration towards you. If Aquarius praises your strengths, he congratulates you when you achieve your achievements, if he is by your side in the most difficult moments, if he makes you feel as if you were on top of the world, it is because he loves you and not just a little. For Aquarius, showing his love is making you feel the most special and most valuable person in the Universe.


When Aquarius Shows You His Love

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