Things The Signs Won’t Stand In 2022

Things The Signs Won’t Stand In 2022

Just as we all have in our minds a list of things that we want for 2022, we also have a list of what we will not allow from now on. We all have something that makes us lose peace of mind and sanity and even more so in this crazy year. 2021 has taught us how fragile life can be and how quickly time passes. It has also shown us that it is possible to hate (although it is not the most beautiful feeling of all) because there are things that do not change and continue to bother us. These are the things the signs are not going to put up within 2022:


Shall we start? Well, let the others prepare, because in 2022 you will have very little patience, especially at work and in love. You are not going to put up with ineptitude in the world of work, your inner leader no longer allows it. You are also not going to deal with the slowness and lack of desire to learn from some people. In love, you will not miss one more. You’re fed up with having your loyalty questioned, your blood boils when you’re accused of it. In 2022 there are many things that you are going to change, first of all, because you are going to put yourself ahead, and whoever really loves you will follow you…


In 2022 you are going to get your act together Taurus, you want to make the most of your time because you have seen how quickly it passes. Today we are here, but what about tomorrow? No one can guarantee us anything and less at this time. That is why you want to live to the fullest and what you will not bear is that they try to stop you in some way. You are not a great lover of very sudden changes, but why not try it in 2022? You would like to open your mind and find new things. You find it hard to believe that you have already known everything, you want to live more, breathe in other places, travel, learn about cultures and not stop…


You are always saying that you are going to take control of your life like never before, that you are going to be free, and that you are not going to let anything stop you. But when are you going to do it for real? 2022 is the perfect opportunity, Gemini, don’t you dare let them shut you up. Deep down you know what you deserve. You know perfectly well what you should not endure anymore, you know it and you will have to make an effort so that everything is in order. You’re not going to put up with the toxicity of people who don’t have a good heart. You should no longer be around people who don’t make you feel good. Allow yourself to dance without shame Gemini, 2022 is your big show…


First of all? No more emotional blackmail, do not allow blackmail of any kind. That’s right Cancer, people know that you have a very soft heart and the most toxic know what to do in those moments. Don’t put up with anything like crab, bitter people have no power over you. Enough already, stop being aware of their comments, do not lose your head for people who actually envy you more than hate you. In 2022 things are going to change a lot, and they are going to change because you are going to make greater efforts. You have to love yourself and take care of yourself more Cancer.


What you are clear about is that love is going to reign in your life and in that of the people you care about the most. You will not bear that hate reigns again close to you. You do not want to have anything to do with the people who have hurt you during the 2021, period. You are not going to allow negativity to destroy what you have achieved with your own effort, not anymore. In 2022 you are going to take your role as a protective beast more seriously and you are going to put an end to injustice in a matter of seconds. And you are going to do it because you have seen how they have played with your heart and people have to know what they are playing when they play with you. No more no less.


At first, you will stop being for those who are not for you. If there are calls that don’t come back in 2021 or promises made to you that haven’t been kept, why waste your time with those same people in 2022? Act as you know Virgo, intelligently and with a cool mind. You won’t let a single lie pass you by either. Who really loves you, tell you the truth. No more no less. You cannot with people who are not what they say they are, so you are going to organize your contact list and do a good cleaning. It’s time for you to take charge of your life, Virgo,


You have to make an incredible effort to learn to defend yourself properly. Do not bear a single contempt anymore, Libra, your best does not have to be trampled on in 2022. In love, you do not have to accept the conditions that are imposed on you, remember that your element is air and that you are freer than you think At work and in life in general you have to make yourself respected more. When you feel that you do not paint anything, act at the moment and do it with intelligence. If you don’t give yourself the value you have, who will do it for you? People think that you’re stupid, but you know how scary you can be when you’re very serious about what you set out to do.


You have never put up with ghost people who think they do everything right and know everything. Well, to the list of things you can’t stand, you’re going to have to add a new fact: manipulative people. That’s right Scorpio, you can’t stand that kind of being and you’ll have to be careful in 2022, sometimes not all that glitters is gold. You prefer sincere people, those who go straight to their messy character with their heads held high, because you like people with courage. What you can’t stand is hypocritical, ballsy, and conceited people. Those kinds of people who go everywhere with their hypocrisy are prohibited from entering your life.


The truth is that you focus more on what you want to achieve, that’s how you are, your vision is always positive or at least that’s what you try to do. You don’t like to think about the things you can’t stand because it’s quite hard for you to hate. It is the truth, you are a very positive sign and you always go your own way. But Sagittarius, it is important that you reflect on the things that you are not going to allow in 2022. You want more freedom in many ways, you want to know more cultures, always go to sleep with something new learned. You want to discover the world and what you will not bear is that nothing and no one prevents you from making your wish come true…


You will not allow a single lie more. You are not going to carry a weight that does not belong to you, Capricorn, in 2022 you are going to free yourself in many ways. From now on, things are going to change a lot. Somehow or another your heart has felt very swindled by someone you seem to no longer know, so take the reins and sail at full speed to get a grand entrance into 2022. Your happiness is what really matters now same. You deserve a year of entry free from liars and hypocrites and harmful people. You deserve to start the year free from negativity.


First of all? No more having to put up with people you don’t like just for pure politeness. You hate falsehood, more and more, that’s why you won’t stand a single bit of it. You want your social circle to be full of fun plans, good vibes, and positive energy. You’re sick of seeing how people cry before they get to work, yes of course. So much rubbing against such immature people hasn’t done you any good, that’s why you should do a good contact cleaning in 2022, Aquarius. Enduring a lot of negativity in excess ends up affecting you in some way, it’s for your own good…


Things you can’t stand right now? That they question your life as if nothing, that they make you feel like someone very small because of their useless comments. Being told that you are the drama in person and not taking into account what you feel. Those kinds of things are what really hurt you, that’s why you’re going to do something for and for yourself. You are not going to allow or endure even a single minimal lack of education from someone towards you. If you have to visit your dark side to make yourself respected, do it Pisces, they have to know what you are capable of. You hate evil and anything to do with it, it’s true, but you know how to defend yourself, so do it.


Things The Signs Won't Stand In 2022

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