Although Capricorns are known to be cautious and careful, they seem to have a sixth sense as to when they should mix things up a bit and try their luck. Capricorns study people and can tell the difference between someone who claims to be nice and those who are really nice. Capricorns tend to have a nasty sense of humour and need it from a partner. They want someone who will support them and be by their side in times of crisis, but who can also make them laugh and have a good time. When Capricorn chooses someone, they choose wisely.


Romance and love are at the top of the Pisces list of what they want in life. Fortunately, they have a great instinct to know who will bring them love and romance. This zodiac sign is intuitive and has the ability to see beyond the surface. It would be too “woo woo” to say that Pisces can see someone’s true self or heart, but they certainly have a great sense of people. When Pisces really pay attention to what their inner voice is telling them, they tend to end up with the best partners. It is when they ignore their own instincts and listen to the advice of others that things do not end well.


Virgos have a fantastic taste for partners and relationships, but it’s not because they were lucky to be born with it. No, Virgo worked on their abilities to find the best person for them. They are sensitive, intelligent, and learn from their own mistakes. Virgos follow their hearts and not only know the facts, but they can see the red flags that others might miss. Someone dating a Virgo may not know that their relationship is on a trial basis, but it is. They will not commit until they know for sure that their potential partner is everything they want.


Taurus has a lot of taste in its partners – they tend to have a lot of taste in everything! They have an instinct about someone from the first impression made; after that, Taurus will consider all the positive and negative points before they even leave for this first date. Taurus do not do things lightly, and when they commit to someone, they are very sure that it is she. Taurus wants the whole package, but they’re not looking for perfection, and their method of verifying someone seems to work because their partners tend to be wonderful.


Love and family mean everything to cancer, so they’re not going to get involved with someone who doesn’t cut it. They depend on their intuition to direct them to the right person. Cancer partners must be compassionate, creative and loving. They are not going to waste their time with someone who is not incredible, so even their ex are great and Cancer often stays in contact with them. When this zodiac sign is in a couple, they give their all.


Aquarians may not be the most emotional of signs, but they are one of the most intelligent and they tend to end up with very good partners. Some Aquarians meet their partner and start a committed relationship soon after. Their partners tend to be universally great – funny, kind, interesting, creative and thoughtful. Knowing Aquarius, they have probably found their own formula for finding a great partner.


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