4 qualities that all good guys secretly want in a woman

Love is an experience that every guy wants and that he seeks to achieve in his life. Each of us has a burning need to share our lives with someone who understands and loves us.

We know how much better life would be if we woke up every day next to someone who completes us and gives us feelings that we didn’t know we could experience.

Many relationships start off hot. We explore our partner mentally, physically and emotionally. We experience moments of absolute pleasure while having fun during the honeymoon phase of our relationship.

But at some point, reality takes over in a relationship.

Maintaining a relationship can be even more difficult than entering into a relationship.

As the relationship progresses, there are certain qualities men want in a woman and look for as they build their life with someone they love.

These are things you don’t hear us talk about, but believe me when I say they are important to us as men.

1. A partner who has her own identity

One thing that happens in a relationship is that the partners get used to each other.

This is good for many reasons, but there is also a negative aspect of getting used to each other: you lose your identity as an individual.

It can happen that you identify yourself and what you want in life through the relationship and no longer as a person.

The goals, dreams, and ambitions you once had are being lost because you want to do what you think will improve the relationship.

A strong relationship takes sacrifice, but you must never lose sight of who you are and what you want. Men want a partner who never loses sight of themselves as an individual.

You want a partner who is committed to the relationship but also to being the best version of yourself.

2. A self-motivated partner

When problems arise in a relationship, it is often because a partner lets go. This can relate to weight, habits, work, ambition, or a variety of other areas in a relationship.

They have lost their self-motivation and are relying on their partner to maintain their strength.

In the beginning, this is cute and flattering. However, after a while, having to be someone else’s inspiration and strength all the time becomes exhausting.

Life is difficult enough, and if you then have to motivate your partner, it can lead to displeasure.

You can only rely on yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Yes, there will be things you do as a couple – like exercising together or healthy eating habits – but your main source of strength needs to be beyond the relationship.

3. A partner who shares your goals and dreams

When you start a relationship, you are okay with the things your partner tells you about what they want in life.

At some point you reach a level of wellbeing where you can tell him what’s on your mind. What is on your mind can destroy your partner’s dreams and goals.

Every man wants a partner who is real from the start so we don’t waste our time. We want a partner who supports us and dreams with us.

We want a partner who is not satisfied with living a good enough life. Of course, this assumes that the goals and dreams are reasonably realistic.

4. A partner who is willing to make an effort

Relationships are hard work if you want to keep them going. They take our time, energy and a deeper immersion. To grow, we need to choose love rather than how we sometimes feel.

Men want a partner who understands this and is willing to do the hard work with us.

We want someone who tries to understand us. Someone trying to get a feel for our moods and understand what we are going through.

I’m not saying we want someone to put us on a pedestal because we understand that relationships are a two-way road. But we want to know if you’re ready to put in as much work as we are.

Love is one of the greatest feelings and experiences in life.

Every man and woman should experience a love that is so strong that you know it can only end very well or turn into a train wreck. This kind of love will help you grow as a person one way or another.

When you find the person you love with all your heart, make a commitment to do the hard work but never lose sight of who you are.

Stay motivated and don’t let yourself go so far as to give up on yourself. And that goes for men too. Never stop showing your love like you did before you were tight together.


4 qualities that all good guys secretly want in a woman

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