According to psychologists: 2 strange reasons why a man suddenly stops texting you.

According to psychologists: 2 strange reasons why a man suddenly stops texting you.

There’s a guy you met recently. You seem completely blinded by him. His body, his smile, everything about him just knocks you out. You’re on the same wavelength and you keep finding that you like the same things. And if there is something that you disagree on, it just turns into an interesting conversation. You can talk for hours anyway and if you have to, you just stay up all night.

So he’s perfect!

Well almost … Because there is one thing that is totally annoying. And he just doesn’t write back anymore. You have no idea why he’s doing this. Why are some men like that?

There is almost nothing that is more frustrating. You get to know someone who is just great and you think there’s a lot of interest on both sides. But then you realize that this acquaintance had no intentions and simply breaks off contact.

But one thing is worse than that – when this guy is actually your boyfriend already. Because when we’re single, we play a few games every now and then. That’s pretty crap, but it’s kind of normal. Because in the first phase you woo each other and only show yourself from the best side. Of course, you don’t want to be weak and make yourself scarce. And it’s kind of fun too. But sometimes it can also be quite exhausting.

After this phase, you go into the relationship and this should end this phase of the thrill. That means there should be no more drama. But unfortunately, not all men seem to go into this phase. In real life, it is very often very different.

Maybe his battery is just dead. Or something serious happened. Could be, right? Of course, all of these things could be true. 

But for the most part, it is like this: the guy receives your message and chooses not to reply to you – at least not right away. Sure, you don’t always have to answer immediately. Sometimes you are busy. But part of a relationship is also being there for and supporting one another. As a couple, you sometimes want to spend time together and exchange ideas. 

So let’s be clear: There are actually only two reasons why men stop writing to their partner or to a woman in general:

1. He is no longer interested in meeting you.

With him, there is radio silence and you know that his health is fine? He wasn’t in a car accident? He just doesn’t answer anymore? That could mean that he wants to break up and just disappear from your life.

He’s actually a coward and can’t tell you to your face. This behavior is simply a sign of immaturity, and you definitely deserve better. But that doesn’t change what you’re going through.

Some men are like that. You can’t say it out loud, but you just want to end it. You avoid telling the woman or even writing it. You just want to get out of it with no drama or bad feelings. 

Now you’re probably wondering why he put you off so long in the first place. The truth is, he found you interesting in the beginning. But he probably doesn’t like you the way he thought at first. Of course, this is crap because he wasted your time and hurt you. But at least he’s not wasting your time anymore.

Maybe the time with you was just not as breathtakingly beautiful for him as it was for you. Some men also stay with a woman and then never call back. They have achieved what they wanted and then leave the field – as hard as it may sound. This guy might just want romance with you.

2. He cannot open up to you and tell you what is on his mind.

But there’s another reason a man won’t text you back anymore. In fact, he doesn’t really know how to talk to you. He cannot open up to you and just knows no other way than to break off contact with you. 

It could be that he is attracted to someone else and doesn’t want to tell you. He’s afraid of your reaction and would rather put you on hold than be open with you. Another reason could be that you seem a little needy to men and they feel pressured. They don’t want to tell you in the face because they don’t want to hurt you. Also, they may not know you that well and think that’s not their job. 

Of course, this behavior also shows immaturity. A man mature enough will get back to you and tell you that he is sorry. He will explain to you what happened and it will make sense. But a man who, after weeks of silence on the radio, simply gets back to you and pretends that nothing has been just immature. 

The truth is, you deserve a man to be open and honest with you. Sometimes you just may not want to talk to someone. But the person on the other end deserves to know why they have been ignored. His behavior simply shows you that he is not ready to do anything serious with you. Maybe he’s not ready for something solid yet and has yet to experience something in his life, party for a while, or just hang out with his people. This is completely right. But you don’t deserve to be left in this ignorance.

So, both of these reasons listed above indicate that you are dealing with an immature man. And you should think twice about whether you want such a man by your side. A man who has a really serious interest in you won’t let you down. He will do everything to make you feel safe with him and he will make you feel that you can trust him. He will be ready to communicate with you and be open and honest.


According to psychologists: 2 strange reasons why a man suddenly stops texting you.

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