Your Lana Del Rey song based on your zodiac sign

There is hardly anyone who is immune to the depth and beauty of Lana Del Rey’s songs.

Her music is about a time we have never experienced, but which we long for when we listen to the melodies and sweet lyrics that she composes.

The motifs of her songs are beauty, love, sadness and something familiar in which we feel comfortable.

Verily, seldom does anyone describe as well as she all of the beauty worth living for.

In keeping with her music, she amazes with her elegant, seductive and absolutely feminine charisma, which is reminiscent of the femininity of the 60s.

The old romantic and glamorous days of Hollywood are her greatest source of inspiration.

So many of their songs have this incredible glamor and fragments of bygone times.

Usually summer is the main season she sings about in her songs, and many also wear an exotic and lustful tonality.

It is easy for a woman to feel completely empowered and feminine while listening to her songs and wearing her favorite dress.

The beauty of women is also at the center of many of their songs, so every woman of the zodiac is particularly drawn to one of their songs.

Be it a song about a past love or a good time that has passed, each zodiac sign has its own personal song of it.

After all, Lana Del Rey is a Cancer and therefore one of the most beautiful and feminine women there is.

1. Aries – Carmen

Carmen is a song about a beautiful woman who has problems with an addiction.

While this is the case, she is still trying to gain fame and achieve success.

This song is really representative of Aries because no matter how beautiful and strong, many are emotionally fragile.

It is almost as if this song is singing about their divine beauty and the pain many of them bear.

I like to say that Aries is one of the strongest yet fragile people, which many don’t understand.

These people always work hard and independently on their goals and often have little or no support.

As a result, they often experience pain or become misunderstood, leading to a type of addiction.

2. Taurus – Off to the Races

Off the races is a song about a woman who is in love with an older man.

This man is rich and offers her an exciting life full of luxury and beautiful things.

She feels empowered by the possibilities that he offers her, but also dependent on him.

In many ways, this song is representative of Taurus, because they love luxury and men of high status.

Usually they even prefer older men because they are more generous and dependable.

This earth sign loves stability and considers money to be very important.

So the hedonistic aspects of this song suit the bulls in every way.

3. Twins – She’s Not Me

The song “She is not me” is quite suitable for twins.

In the song, we listen to a woman obsessed with her ex-partner and his new girlfriend.

The woman sings about how better she is than the new woman and that he still loves her and all that she’s done.

In her opinion, everything reminds him of her and he chose worse.

Geminis also have this type of opinion when their partner leaves them for someone of lesser quality.

They have this amazing confidence, but most of all, leaving them is also a mistake.

4. Cancer – Summertime Sadness

The song “Summertime Sadness” is very personal for Krebse as it is about grief and the loss of something.

Cancers are very emotional people who experience the loss of something as incomprehensible.

Throughout this masterpiece, we hear her sing about someone she loved very much.

That person is no longer there and all that remains are their memories and sadness.

Just as Cancer lives with a deep sadness, so does it while missing that person forever.

Nevertheless, she will keep this wonderful and precious person in her memory forever.

5. Leo – National Anthem

The song “National Anthem” tells the tragic story of the Kennedys in a new way.

In the song, the singer sings about a man who gives his wife a lavish lifestyle and whom she loves very much.

In many ways, the two live the life that suits a Leo, full of parties, luxury, and money.

They enjoy every aspect of it and their love until it tragically ends.

While the zodiac sign Leo may find the elements of this song appealing, it also reminds them of something important.

Life is a wonderful gift, especially when you are fine, but we are all human and everything can end tragically, so we should cherish every day.

6. Virgin – Cherry

The song “Cherry” is a love song that many virgins can identify with.

Because Virgos expect and long for the perfect kind of love, when things turn out differently, they feel distress.

The love she sings about in this song is not perfect, she has difficulties.

She loves the man she sings about, but she feels like she wasted her youth.

Many Virgos fall in love in anticipation of perfect love only to later feel like they are falling apart.

The deep sadness of loving someone even when things are difficult is very understandable to Virgos.

7. Libra – West Coast

West Cost is a psychedelic soft rock title all for Libra.

Libra are social butterflies and in the verses of the song she sings about herself and her friends.

These stanzas describe her real life that she spends on the beach with her friends.

While the chorus represents their dreams and longings.

This is also representative of Libra as they are very ambitious and passionate people.

While the song may seem like a romantic song, in reality it has a different meaning that connects to one’s dreams and desires.

8. Scorpio – Ultraviolence

The song Ultraviolence is about a woman who is with a toxic partner.

She’s a relationship starved for love, but she’s addicted to him nonetheless.

No matter how badly he treats her, she accepts anything to be with him.

In many ways, the man she describes is representative of a Scorpio.

Just like her, he’s dark, addicting, but also destructive to others.

And as she describes in the song, loving him was never enough.

9. Sagittarius – Ride

The song Ride is the ultimate anthem of freedom.

The woman in this song desperately wants to be free and feel alive.

She has no home, no family, or a place to belong.

Her home is the street and the people she meets along the way.

Similar to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, she has a zest for life and a desire to enjoy life to the fullest.

This includes a journey that is uncertain and ultimately leads to freedom.

A song that definitely plays the music of the Sagittarius heart.

10. Capricorn – Gods & Monsters

The song Gods and Monsters goes very well with Capricorn because it describes the rise to fame.

She uses the title as a metaphor for Hollywood and the way people get corrupted there.

Because in Hollywood angels can also get angry and lose their innocence.

Capricorns are often so focused on money and wealth that they lose sight of the things that matter.

In this song, the woman who was as good as an angel is seduced by the dark side of fame.

In doing so, she loses herself, as many Capricorns do when they lose their moral values.

11. Aquarius – Shades of cool

Shades of cool is a song that perfectly suits Aquarius.

The woman in the song sings to a man who lives in grief.

He’s aloof, depressed, sad, or maybe even addicted to something.

Either way, he’s incorrigible, but she loves him deeply.

Just as the text describes, she cannot break through his world, just as many cannot break through an Aquarius.

Many people born under this zodiac sign are distant or alienated from others, just like the man she sings about in this song.

12. Fish – High by the beach

The song “High by the beach” is about the escapism that many fish give in to.

The woman in the song wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

She wants to put it on an exotic beach, where she can indulge in the joys of life.

Pisces are known to be easily overwhelmed by a stressful lifestyle and therefore have a tendency to escape reality.

High by the beach is a symbol of traveling to exotic, non-real world locations to forget about “real” life.

A song that goes particularly well with people born under the Pisces zodiac sign.


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