These 5 zodiac signs argue most often, are you one of them?

There is almost no person who has not argued with another person at least once to the point of excess.

The process of verbal argument is as old as humanity itself and nothing that we are not aware of.

However, there is one question that comes up again and again when arguing: is arguing an expression of superiority or of helplessness?

What is certain is that some people argue because of deep-seated emotions and experienced traumas, while others do because they are easily irritable.

On the other hand, arguing can be a direct means of manipulation and abuse and a clear distinction should be made between simple arguing and verbal abuse.

Nobody has the right to influence you with their mean and degrading words and one should always avoid these types of people.

Still, there are some people who are prone to the more harmless kind of quarrels simply out of their temperament and emotional complexity.

Some zodiac signs love to fight because that’s part of their personality.

In our list we have also arranged the most contentious signs of the zodiac, are you one of them?

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Many would deny that Taurus is a quarrel-prone person, and that’s true, for the most part.

Taurus would never argue with their friends, and they would never attack out of nowhere or when they are feeling bad.

They don’t use others as whipping boys when they’re sad or angry, but the situation becomes different when they’re frustrated.

If someone in the family, friends or partner makes them feel bad or unloved, they strike back immediately.

The worst that can happen to them is that their feelings are not reciprocated and their efforts are neglected.

All they need is to be loved and appreciated, and if someone doesn’t even bother to let them know via a message, they’ll freak out.

They will point out every time someone did not appreciate their efforts, and also when they were cruel and mean to them.

Taurus may never start an argument, but they will once there is a good reason to do so.

They really are the most wonderful people to meet, but you don’t want to get on their bad side.

After all, while Taurus is an earth sign, they have horns to stab you with.

4. Virgo

If this is your first time meeting a Virgo then you would definitely think that they are the loveliest and gentlest of individuals, but that is far from the truth.

Virgos are total control freaks who want everything to be done their own way, the only right way.

They are extremely upset with easygoing and sloppy people who don’t think much about details.

Another thing that annoys them are messy people who forget to take off their shoes when they walk in, or who don’t wash their plates immediately after eating.

They have their own little perfect way of life, and if someone does not follow their path they will smother them with arguments.

Not only are Virgos very strict when it comes to cleanliness, but they also get annoyed when someone does something illogical.

So should the muesli package get opened the wrong way, they’ll mess with you and make you feel like the most idiotic person in the world.

They don’t tolerate stupidity or tearful people, and these are all good reasons to start an argument.

Sometimes Virgos even start an argument just so they can feel better when they are nervous or frustrated.

Either way, their reason for arguing is also for someone’s own good, after all, they never try to change someone, they try to improve them.

3. Twins


Geminis are very unpredictable and prone to arguments, especially when someone tries to manipulate them.

These people are very sure of themselves and will not be fooled by anyone.

Sometimes the arguments that Gemini begin can also be a direct result of frustration.

Because they have a high opinion of themselves, they will argue with anyone who doesn’t think so.

They are also very sensitive to injustice and may find a reason to argue in the fact that others got more than they did even though they worked harder for something.

Gemini also like to argue if they disagree with a statement.

They are the type of people who think they know everything and even if they are wrong they will defend their opinion until the end.

Sometimes it makes them look worse than they really are, but the reality is that they have a hard time admitting that they are wrong.

They always check all the facts so that if they are wrong they will feel less competent.

Their argumentative side is less noticeable even on good days, but one should always be on guard because they change their mood quickly.

2. Aries

People born under the Aries zodiac sign are the most conflict-prone individuals you will ever meet.

They are very hot-tempered and see any action that does not agree with their views as a direct threat.

Even if the opposite point of view should not be taken as an insult or disrespect, but as the opinion of the other individual, they still get angry and make a whole scene.

Aries will make a whole statement about protecting their ideals and will find it difficult to accept anything that goes against their nature.

Even if the subject of the argument is something that attacks them personally, then there will definitely be harsh words.

Sometimes it takes the slightest cause for them to break out, but the most common is when they feel offended or attacked.

Because of this, they will defend themselves with all their might, because if you upset him, what should an Aries do but attack you.

Fortunately, their anger helps them never fall into the victim trap, but this leaves them with many personal conflicts with others.

Even in love, they do not like to be dominated in any way, and they regularly claim dominance over the relationship with explosive arguments.

Still, they are such great and exciting lovers that their temperament can be tolerated, and deep down they are the most lovable people anyway.

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the most combative and argumentative people out there.

They never like to admit that they are wrong and it is imperative that their opinion be accepted, whether it is right or wrong.

Much like Aries, they are very opinionated and like to claim dominance, but in a different way.

Aries defends his point of view out of emotions, but Sagittarius out of the need to be the elder, the chief.

Their opinion should be the one that matters most and they don’t like being told otherwise.

Sometimes, like Aries, they argue because they disagree with certain points of view, but here too they try to assert their dominance.

They are a fire sign and do not want to be treated disrespectfully, which is why arguments can easily end in combat.

Sagittarius also start quarrels out of boredom, because too much positivity is too boring for them.

If you happen to know someone with this zodiac sign, then you may agree that at times they have a tendency to bring in negative energy.

They do this to upset the balance that makes life monotonous, which can be a childish motive at times.


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