You Will Fall In Love When They Shelter Your Heart Like This

When They Shelter Your Heart

You Will Fall In Love When They Shelter Your Heart Like This

After so many evil spells in love, only one thing is clear to me, the pain is not forever, sooner or later, you recover. You may become more suspicious, but you keep moving forward and that’s what’s important. Sighs hurt, starting over too, but showing your vulnerable side once again is challenging. You prefer to be cautious, you will fall in love when your heart is warmed like this: 


You are already tired of reading the same story, you want someone who is able to add life to the new chapter. A love that is willing to see you grow, that supports you, inspires you and that does not run away from risk. Your plans are always charged with adrenaline and you want that person to be able to hold your hand tight and follow your rhythm. You got bored of those who run away from commitment


You don’t want someone who promises a perfect life, what you are looking for is someone who is able to live with your flaws and decides to stay anyway. Someone who makes you feel safe, who gives you their attention and appreciates your effort. It’s okay for them to want to get out of their comfort zone to improve themselves, but you don’t want a love that demands or judges you for having an established routine. 


It is very frustrating to be with a partner who does not make you feel comfortable at all. You refuse to continue pretending, you want to show yourself as you are. You have nothing to hide, your way of seeing life is like that, intense, and fun, and you love to add a touch of emotion to everything. It would be very nice for them to understand and not want to chain you. Only then are you willing to show your most hidden fears? 


You are a simple, sweet, passionate soul, Cancer. You are not willing to want one day yes and another no. It is hard to accept that there are times when you attract people who are not good, all they want is to get their fill of your light and then throw you as if you were a hindrance in their way. Therefore, now you want something more than the superficial, a heart that is compassionate, kind, detail-oriented, not a hypocrite. 


You’ve been hit so emotionally in the past, Leo, that a part of you is afraid, you want a relationship, but at the same time, you put up a lot of barriers. It’s because you haven’t found someone to warm your heart, a love that strengthens you, and lifts you up when everything goes wrong. Someone who is not scared of your brilliance, on the contrary, who is capable of keeping up with you. 


What urges you in your life is an emotional rest, there are many thoughts that make you feel the most insecure person in this world. There are times when all you want is to stop, but you can’t. Hence, you hope to relate to those who value your feelings, an honest soul, and who do not beat around the bush. Someone who really cares about you. 


You already realize that you can, that it doesn’t matter how many times people want to sink you, because in the end you always look up. You are a brave, independent being and you want someone who is willing to team up with you. You don’t want it to make you doubt, you are looking for tranquility, the feeling that that person is by your side by decision and not by obligation. You want a real love. 


It is a thousand times better for you to stay single than to be wasting time with someone who has no idea what it is to truly love. What you want is an honest relationship, where you don’t have to hide your emotions or get called exaggerated. You are a vital sign, you do not need them to come and solve your life, but it is nice when they show you that they are with you through thick and thin. 


Of course, Sagi, you are aware that life is not as it is portrayed in romantic films, there are very hard moments that exhaust you to the point that you don’t want to do anything. Relationships are to improve, that escape valve that always cheers you up. You don’t want to deal with someone who’s just stressing you out. You want long conversations, understanding, and empathy. There’s no more. 


Definitely, the links that all they want is to stop for a while in your life to unload their shortcomings and then leave. You are fed up with relationships that arise from emotional dependence or a lack of affective responsibility. Now, you want something healthy, profound, and ambitious. A relationship that fits your personality, that does not detract from you, you demand what you deserve. 


You know that relationships have to be free, you don’t want anyone to invade your privacy or manipulate you at will. However, you are no longer going to accept love lightly, if they do not have enough emotional maturity to put you on their priority list, it is better that they do not waste your time. You want to feel complete with that person, in balance, not forced to be there. 


Your heart seems fragile because it is full of compassion, charm, and solidarity. When you love you know no limits and the truth is that it is not something you regret. However, you have become more thorough and reserved, not everyone has the right to enter your emotions. You want that person to give you the feeling that you are at peace, at home, someone who understands you and does not judge you. Is it too much to ask?

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