What Makes You Feel Terribly Unsafe

What Makes You Feel Terribly Unsafe

We all have certain cracks that when caressed again make us feel fragile. Nobody likes to be the insecure one, the one who loses control and who has to accept that they are also wrong. That’s what life is all about, ups and downs, that we have to face to become our best version. Each sign of the zodiac knows what I am talking about because many times they feel that desire to disappear so as not to face what makes their knees shake. It is very hard to feel terribly bad and the worst thing is that many times they do not say it. What makes you feel terribly insecure:


You know that you are not always that reckless soul who can deal with whatever madness his mind tells him. There are times when you feel undervalued, they don’t listen to you as you would like, and that makes you feel quite frustrated. You can’t help it, there is a part of you that I would like to hide, but your bad mood speaks for you. The irony is that at the same time that becomes your biggest insecurity. You are scared of not being able to control your negative emotions and when you feel nervous you are the cruelest being in this world. You do not touch your heart in those cases and less if the person did it with the intention of hurting you.


I wish you could keep your smile on all the time, but that only happens in fairy tales, because in real life you have to face the ups and downs. You are an intelligent person and you like to make decisions in the most rational way possible, but there are times when you feel that you are going to be alone. That is your greatest insecurity, feeling that no matter how hard you are trying to give your best version, the other person does not take it into account and ends up leaving you. It is not that you fear loneliness, but you are afraid to give yourself so deeply and that they decide to make with your time and your energy, a simple bundle of garbage. It’s not fair and it’s scary.


You know yourself and you know very well that there are times when your impulsive side takes over everything and all it wants is to win. That is what worries you the most, that in one of your changing moments you make a very wrong decision. The problem is that you can harm the people you love and because of the adrenaline of living in the moment you ignore it. You know that you do not care what they think of you and much less when it comes to people who have a place in your heart. Your biggest insecurity is not to please them, that they feel disappointed in everything you do. You understand that as long as you believe in yourself it is more than enough, but it is heavy to realize that others see you with a defeated face.


You have the gift of connecting pore to pore with others, Cancer. Your way of seeing life is so sensitive that it is impossible for you not to touch the deepest emotions of the people you love. In fact, you like to do everything in your power to help. However, there are times when you feel that you do not give what you should, as if it were your responsibility to solve the life of the other. Your greatest insecurity is losing control in those situations, because you are very emotional and empathetic, which can cause you to fall into codependent relationships. If you exaggerate with your help, people will take advantage of it Cancer and when you least think you will be one more doll in their collection.


You often become the savior, you love it when you win the admiration of people and you have no problem giving a hand to whoever needs it. However, you have your insecurities, you also feel that you are not doing things one hundred percent. You are terrified to believe that you do not deserve everything that is happening to you. And when it comes to criticizing you, nobody beats you, you can become very cruel through your thoughts and that turns into stress, anxiety, and even prolonged sadness. You are drowning in a glass of water and you don’t realize it, Leo. Don’t be the one to turn off your shine yourself. Let me tell you that you are worth a lot and you are going to make it. Please don’t stop trying.


Don’t let your desire for everything to be perfect around you become your worst enemy. There is a part of you that feels very insecure when it comes to acknowledging what you have accomplished. Stop demanding yourself to tears Virgo, that is not love, much less your own. I know you wish things were a certain way, but you can’t always, and accepting it is necessary for your well-being. Remember that there is something positive in everything, do not overshadow your walk. It’s okay to wonder, but don’t be so suspicious. There are many who admire you, receive their applause without complaining and without finding a bad point. Not all people do it for convenience, there are those who do it from the heart.


Oh Libra, I hope life gave you the opportunity to observe your entire journey from afar. That is as if it were not you so that you would realize that you have done very well and that all your thousands of insecurities want is to embitter your path. It seems that there is always someone who does it better, it is not that you envy, but it is very toxic that you compare yourself all the time. Everyone goes at their own pace, do not try to accelerate just to please others. You are not here to make people like you, it’s okay if they get angry, you can’t control other people’s emotions, but you can control yours. Please, invest your time in being well, defending your ideas, and raising your head very high. You should be proud to be just you. Try looking in the mirror right now and saying it.


What do you want enemies for, if your own emotions are more than enough? On the outside you have an imposing personality, you have no idea how many times someone has been affected by your presence and you dare to minimize everything you have done. Your greatest insecurity is distrust, not only in others but also in yourself. It is difficult for you to accept that you do it excellently. Scorpio, stop hiding as if you were doing something bad, it is not selfish to put yourself as a priority, much less feel important every time you meet a goal. The moment you start to manage your emotions, even those that you consider bad, the brightness that characterizes you will regain strength in everything. You deserve that and more, please don’t hesitate for a second.


Inside you there lives a Sagittarius who always wants to go forward, you have a lot of ideas and illusions going around your head and you do not think to give up until you achieve everything you have dreamed of. Without a doubt, you love when everything looks just as you planned, you appreciate that people recognize your steps and you don’t mind being the center of attention. The bad thing is when your greatest insecurity is present, your fear of failure. You don’t want to be the one who tried and stayed in the middle of the project. That is your greatest insecurity, becoming the protagonist of failure. Relax Sagittarius, life is not a competition and others also have many things to do, they are not always aware of the ups and downs of your life. You are an outgoing, fun and very spontaneous being, don’t forget, you can achieve anything.


You are not always calm in your chest, there are times when even breathing becomes a constant battle and you know it, Capricorn. It is hard to realize that you are not perfect, no matter how much you invest every second in making sure everything goes without errors. Your intelligence is not in doubt, but you should know that first of all you are human. Being a know-it-all is not as enjoyable as you think. There are things that do not follow any structure and that is fine. Your mind is not always right, sometimes, it lies to you and tells you that you are not going to achieve it when it is not. Also, it makes you worry about everything and nothing. Give yourself a little of the compassion that you give to others because you also deserve it and a lot. Believe in yourself Capricorn, only you know the tears and sacrifices that it has cost you to have everything. Don’t judge yourself so harshly.


It’s funny because while you are in your world nothing stops you, you ignore what is happening around you and you focus on your own goals. It’s okay to be so independent, but don’t overdo it, Aquarius. A little bit of sensitivity doesn’t hurt anyone. Your greatest insecurity is letting your repressed emotions take over. Allow them to venture a bit, it is the only way you can value being here and having the possibility to love, even when it breaks your heart. Stop putting on so many Aquarius layers, so no one can conquer your heart. Not all people have the intention of breaking you or manipulating you. Sometimes all they want is to hear what hurts you and be there to celebrate your joys.


The truth is better even if it hurts. Today I have to tell you that it is time you gave up that absurd idea of ​​wanting to solve the life of everyone who knocks on your door. Pisces, you shouldn’t be worried about anyone’s opinion, because you know how much you’ve given and how firmly you don’t give up whatever happens. It is very exhausting that you are all the time trying not to disappoint others. You have become too insecure by comments from people who most of the time do not know you. You cannot allow them to have that power over your emotions. It is time for you to hug yourself and make yourself a priority. Let people say what they want, what you should care about is the smile on your face.


What Makes You Feel Terribly Unsafe

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