What You Need From A Life Partner To Feel Loved

What You Need From A Life Partner To Feel Loved

True love is a combo, you shouldn’t settle for just one part. Sometimes we get the idea that self-love is not saying what you like, because you don’t want to appear dependent. It is dangerous because we can fall into relationships in which we are not happy, but we stay out of habit. It is not worth it, a life partner should make you feel loved, respected, and with the confidence to complain if necessary. This is what every sign of the zodiac needs, but they rarely dare to say it. What you need in a life partner to feel loved:


Your spirit is independent, the least you want is a partner who steals the breath of your dreams. What you need is someone who has the guts to walk by your side, no matter that there are days when you can’t even stand it. Your steps are very impulsive, but they are worth it. You deserve someone who looks at you with everything and your dark side and feels lucky to be with you. A partner who supports you to be better, who is not intimidated by your brilliance. Here we all have the opportunity to succeed and when the couple is the right one they can conquer the world.


You are very special and you know it. The problem is that you don’t always show it, because there is a part of you that has a hard time being cruel. Taurus, read well, the fact that you put the cards on the table and demand that they respect your way of seeing life, does not make you a bad partner. On the contrary, honesty is a pillar in any relationship, it is useless to show yourself as something that you are not because sooner or later the masks fall off. What you need in a life partner is a love that cares about your well-being. Come on, you don’t want them to do the work for you, but it’s okay for them to show you that you matter. You deserve to be taken care of, listened to, and put on their priority list.


The thing about you, Gemini, is that you hide your off button. You are so used to always having a smile on your face and being able to do everything, that you even find it embarrassing to stop a bit and pay attention to your emotions. What you need is someone who understands that you can’t always be the life of the party and that there are times when the last thing you want is to socialize. You have your quiet side, the one that only wants to contemplate the way life passes while you take refuge in the right arms. You are changeable, but that is not an argument for you to stay next to someone who loves you only at times, you are no longer there for that, do not give in, because hearts like that are not worth it.


How crazy is the one who dares to say that he knows you because you evolve with each breath? Your emotions are really a mystery, sometimes at the top and other times on the floor. It’s hard to deal with such a compassionate heart, not everyone who comes out and sings things in your ear is going to understand the moments when the lows take over. You are loved, you spend it putting yourself in the place of others, but … giving too much can lead you to use the role of savior when you should not wear yourself out at that level. You deserve a love that is willing to listen to you with an open heart, without judging you or making you less. You are not here to beg anyone with Cancer, much less to try to buy their affection by doing things that wear you out. You are strong, but it is not good that you make yourself small to enter the soul of anyone.


Leo, you are enough, you are not perfect, that is known, but you are not about to put your dignity on the ground just to receive the approval of a love that is not even willing to give you what you deserve. You’re used to long hours of work, struggling to meet your goals, and turning the page when something doesn’t suit you. The problem is that there are people who are not ready for a genuine relationship, where there is something more than passion. What you need is someone to listen to you, hug you and enjoy your company. It is terrible to realize that there are times when your own partner envies you, does not admire you, and even feels that they are competing with you. That’s not healthy, please get out of there.


You know that you are a beautiful sign outside and inside. Your intelligence is never in doubt and that makes you a very valuable person. The fact that you do not go through life being an open book does not mean that you do not deserve the affection of a partner. Your way of loving is very genuine, you hate to fake something you don’t feel any loyalty to you is not even at stake. That is why you need a love that shows itself in a deep way, that motivates you, and makes you feel appreciated. An unconditional love in which there are no demands, but a lot of solidarity and empathy. Enough with your critical side, to still deal with someone who has no idea what it means to love and who only unloads his immaturity on you. Make sure you don’t allow it.


To be honest, there are times when your mind doesn’t stop, it becomes worse than a hiss in your ear and makes you doubt your every action. That’s where your indecision comes from and the way you stress yourself all the time. It is not fair that in those moments you are next to someone who humiliates you, calls you exaggerated, or makes fun of your emotions. You deserve a person to take care of you, forgive you, lift you up and inspire you. What you need is a calm love, that does not seek all the time to be in conflict and that does not feel insecure because of the way you live in the hearts of many. You are a being so sweet and full of life that it is impossible that you do not win the soul of others. Don’t stay with someone who suffocates you and gives you more worries than you already have.


Cry, scream, discharge your anger, your despair, or your joy. Do whatever comes your way, but please don’t let anyone minimize your Scorpio feeling. What you deserve the least is to be treated with the tip of the foot and then asked what is wrong with you. It is a nightmare to fall into such a codependent and toxic relationship, you do not deserve to stay next to someone who kisses you with desire, but humiliates you with the same intensity. What you need is more than just an accumulation of passion. You know that relationships cannot be honey on flakes and that they will not always get along wonderfully, but do not stay defending the indefensible when the red flags are more than clear. Yes, you are strong, but you also need love, someone who makes you feel safe, wipes your tears, and tries to understand your pain.


You know that there are times when you have been silent, when in reality what you want is to scream because you dare to put the welfare of the other above your own. Sagittarius is not worth it, you are not here to make the other happy, you first have to be happy and love. When you find the right person, everything flows, you do not have to force him to give you the attention you deserve because it comes naturally. That is why you need someone who can adapt to your changing side, who does not panic when you feel like breaking the routine. Do not stay with whoever wants to be your life partner, but at the same time imposes and hates to see you fly. You are a big Sagittarius, do not settle.


Do you know what life wants? That you realize that you should not settle for such a mediocre love, someone who is not for you and that because of your mania to find something good in her, you stay. Staying next to someone who does not meet your expectations is synonymous with bitterness and you know it. Relationships are supportive, that confidant who is with you through thick and thin, they shouldn’t become an eternal headache. What you need from a life partner to feel loved is to illuminate each step and help you to be better. It is good that it is someone who motivates you to get out of your comfort zone but does not confuse it with the one who sought to change you in everything. You are not anyone’s Capricorn doll.


Why stick with a ‘hopefully’? Do not let life go away in pure fairy tales that only live in your Aquarius mind. A part of you has been so disappointed in love that you feel like it is impossible to find someone who can understand the way you love. Nothing scares you, you are used to your emotions being a seesaw, but you don’t like to show it. Don’t stand by someone who judges you to be an emotional cold, when they haven’t even tried to step into your shoes for a moment. What you need is someone to encourage you, to become the pillar that helps you face your fears. Someone who knows that your feelings are very messy, but who wants to immerse themselves in what you do not tell anyone to understand you. Don’t be starting your life in the wrong place.


Threats, blackmail, control, jealousy. At what point did you let someone sell you the idea that this is Pisces love? It does not go with your essence, you deserve a love in which respect embraces the relationship and you do not have to go begging. The soul mate is not the one they paint in the movies, where drama and passion have a sick bond that makes those involved unable to let go, although they know that deep down the only thing they do is harm. What you need is someone to give you balance, not trouble. A love that makes you feel valued, that nurtures you in all possible areas. That company that, after a bad day, fills you with smiles and understands that when your world falls apart, the only thing you wait for is someone to lend you their shoulder to cry on.


What You Need From A Life Partner To Feel Loved

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